Friday, February 17, 2006

Why are schools so difficult at times?

This is a pic of the kids this morning as I'm rushing them out the door. For some reason they decided they wanted their picture taken, right there and then. GO FIGURE.

So Jasmine's school has this policy about the weather and when the kids are allowed inside the building etc., which to me is just weird because I remember my days in school and we would just go into the building and wait by our classrooms and at recess we didn't HAVE to go out to the playground. I guess things change.

Now, unless it's 10 degrees F. or less, the kids are not allowed inside the school until 8:20am. Are you kidding me?!?!? Do they even realize how cold 10 degrees is?!?!?!

Then they have the same policy for recess, if it's 10 degrees or less the kids don't have recess outside, and if it's a little higher than that then they are allowed outside during intervals to get fresh air. That's all fine and dandy, BUT, the problem is that it seems they don't always follow the so called "policy".

So today I go and have lunch with Jasmine. The weather outside says 21 degrees but with the windchill it's at 13 degrees. Let me tell you, it's FREEZING. The kids are let out to have recess, they are all standing out there trying to play but with teeth chattering and some of them visibly cold. I tried to stay the whole recess but I have to admit that within 20 minutes I had to leave, I could NOT feel my face. My ears were killing me, my hands and legs were numb. Now I ask myself, if I as an adult can't even stand that cold, how are the little first graders supposed to?
Jasmine is the kind of kid that gets sick easily, the slightest temperature change and she has the sniffles and a small what do I have waiting for me this weekend? Yeah, I'm sure you've guessed it, probably a cold.

Just wish the school would pay a little more attention to these things. It's way too cold to be out there, and of course I'm sure the teachers and staff don't complain because they get to sit inside the warm school building. Absolutely Ridiculous!!!!

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