Friday, February 10, 2006

You have GOT to see these DVD's!!!!

When my mother in law was here for the holidays, she introduced Curt and I to these wonderful DVD's by a man named Rob Bell. He is a leading pastor and breakthrough communicator in the Christian Community and these short films are about God and our Lives.

But he is no ordinary pastor because for me there is one thing that determines whether I'm going to enjoy listening to the word or not....and unfortunately if it's done in a monotonous tone, I tend to get bored easily. What I love about Rob Bell is that he uses everyday examples and explains things in such a wonderful way that keeps you captivated to the screens.

So far we have Rain and Dust and both are just extraordinary. So if you have a chance to pick these up, go ahead, I promise you will NOT be disappointed.

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  1. Thanks Sandra for mentioning my site and my new tomte. I really do appreciate you and miss you tons ..


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