Sunday, February 26, 2006


When I was in South Africa there was this fast food/restaurant called "Nando's Chicken". I LOVED it. This morning I was surfing the net and for some odd reason I decided to look up Nando's and it was like I was instantly taken back to Johannesburg and that OH SO GOOD Peri-Peri Chicken. You have NOT tasted yummy chicken until you've had a good portuguese grilled Peri-Peri Chicken....oh Lordy, my mouth is watering just thinking about it. What I loved about Nando's too is that you can purchase their Hot sauce and other grilling sauces and what's best, you can get it HERE in the USA. Now THAT just made my day, go ahead and give them a try, I swear you won't be disappointed.

Very affordable prices and so much to choose from. I know what I'll be buying this pay day. Every payday I try to buy something that makes me feel closer to home. Last one I bought a whole bunch of products from a South African store, just items I would have known from back home, from candy bars, to cookies, to BOEREWORS a south african sausage that is delicious for BBQ's.

Portuguese food is all about the marinades, the garlic, the olive oil, wine and piri piri (chillies), the hotter the better. I can NOT wait to use my new hot sauce and marinades this summer. Will probably have to keep people away with a broom LOL

Another one of my all time favorites was Longhorn Steakhouse. Unfortunately, FOR ME, they don't have one in Idaho or the west coast.....but if you get a chance to try one where they do have one, go ahead. Here's the states where there IS a Longhorn Steakhouse.Have a great meal and think of me when you're there LOL......

Wow what a trip down memory lane, I don't know whether to cry or laugh. If there are any other South Africans out there reading my blog.....a big HOWZIT! Hoe gaan dit?
Sorry just all of a sudden got some Afrikaans stuck in my won't last long, it never did for some reason. How sad! LOL


  1. I've a "Worldmarket" in my neighborhood they sell it too.

  2. Hi there! :) Thanks for stopping by my blog. OK, you *must* read ~ she lives in South Africa, as does Melany ~ And my online friend Hannah is in love with everything South African ~ her daughter was conceived there! :)

  3. Ahhhhh Lisanne, you don't know how you've made my day LOL.....thanks for the great links, I've added you all to my blogroll, just love reading your blog and I'm sure I'll enjoy theirs too, especially since it's about South Africa hehehe

    Ohhh they sell it at Worldmarket too....I better check into that. Thanks for the tip :)

  4. Dit gaan goed dankie. Did I read right that you're in Idaho?? You lucky thing! I LOVE Sun Valley & Ketchum for Skiing. I'm a Capetonian born and raised...still here...I see Lisanne put my link in her comment - come over and say hello!

  5. Hey valkyrie, I'm in Idaho, yes. Sun Valley and Ketchum have some of the BEST Skiing. I LOVE Cape Town, my uncle used to live there so we always came to visit. Beautiful City!!!
    I'm so thrilled to meet another South African...will definitely head on over to your blog :) Thanks for stopping by. :)


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