Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Coffee and Donuts anyone???

Ahhhh, ok I was running around late today so I left the house with just a cup of coffee. By the time I sat down and realized that I was feeling really hungry, it was after 10 am, BUT I had to run to the Shoppette on base to return the movies we rented.

I go in there with Nicholas, and of course the first thing to catch my eye is my BIGGEST downfall with food. Krispi Kreme Donuts....oh come ON you sweet fluffy temptation beast. I can't just walk away, can I???
So what do I do? I pick up 2 boxes. GASP!!! I'm so ashamed. That's a whole dozen donuts and you know how expensive they are, but I figured, or at least I tried to convince myself, that I don't do this all the time, only once in a blue moon. I bring the donuts home, pour myself another cup of coffee and devour 3 donuts. YEAH I ADMIT I ATE 3 WHOLE KRISPY KREME DONUTS!!!

I feel slightly nauseous right now. BLEH!!!

So I had Jasmine's parent/teacher conference yesterday, and it lasted all of 5 minutes. Yep, just 5 minutes. I walked in and her teacher told me she is still getting all 3's, she's doing AWESOME and is more than ready to go to second grade. YAY!!! I was so happy and not surprised, and I don't mean to brag, but Jasmine really is a very good student....and the teacher just loves her and says she's an amazing student and a joy to have in her class.

After school we went by the BX to get some crayons for the kids, because as hard as it may be to believe (well not really), they lost all their crayons etc. So we go in there and get those and when we come out they have those rides for the kids, the one with the horse. It's right outside the barber so I think "you know, it's now or never, he needs a haircut".

I take him in there and he was SOOOO good. Well, maybe cause I told him that if he let me get his haircut he could go on the horsey ride again. Is that bad? Does that make me a bad mom cause I have to bribe him?
What matters is that it worked and he got a really cute haircut, which you can see right here. LOL

Of course even though Jasmine didn't get a haircut she insisted that she needed a picture taken too, so here you go.....her Royal Highness in all her glory. LOL

Well I'm outta here, I got errands to run and I need to track down a carpet cleaner, yep, it's now been almost a month that I've been trying to get one. I WILL succeed eventually LOL
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Don't blame you at all with the doughnuts I will get them for the kids then watch them eat & drool all over myself LOL! Cute haircut & Jasmine's red hair is just beautiful!

  2. Those are some cute kids. Very cute. I'm rather partial to redheads... (wonder why?)

    And YOU, who looks extra tiny, feel bad about eating three doughnuts???

    I WISH I could do that! I'm jealous! You should brag and make it a point of pride!

  3. I love the doughnut holes which we buy at Woollies.

    Your kiddies are soooooo cute.

  4. Courtney - It's so hard to watch them eat the good stuff without wanting some too LOL I usually just can't resist.

    airforcewife - Love the red hair, do you also have the temper? Jasmine has the whole fiery red head temper which makes it for a very interesting life at times LOL I ate another doughnut this morning and feel so bad, but now they're gone so is the temptation.

    Michelle - Oohhh Woollies, I used to buy sandwiches there and also these chips that tasted like pizza or something LOL It was soooo good.

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