Friday, March 10, 2006

Remember When???

I have loved Eros Ramazzotti for so long, and I remember listening to him over and over again. I know a lot of you don't know who he is, he's Italian, enough said LOL
Not only is he good looking but I just love his voice and his music. He is one of my brother Miguel's favorite singers, so this song goes out especially to him, hope he sees it :)

Listen to it HERE.

I thought that every friday I would do a "Remember When???". Basically it will be me telling you about something that happened long ago, either with me and my brothers, or on a vacation or whatever....just a walk down memory lane.

I remember this one time we went on vacation to Club Mykonos in South Africa. My uncle actually lived there and worked as the entertainer at one of the restaurant/clubs. So, we made it a vacation/visit to our uncle. Everything was wonderful, we had a great time and just loved being there. The trip down was long because we lived in Johannesburg and Club Mykonos was down by Cape Town, so it took us 12 hours plus driving.

It was pretty funny because my sister in law, who was just going out with my brother at the time, was in the same class as me in school. We ran into our Business Economics teacher there and she invited us to her room for cookies and tea, and I'm ashamed to say that we didn't show up. LOL We still laugh about it today but we felt so bad at the time.

Anyway, the reason why this vacations was so memorable is because the day we were leaving, we got up at 6am, got dressed, packed up the car and got in. Drove out of the resort, up the hill to the gas station, we all got out to use the bathroom because of the long trip ahead of us. BUT, when we came back to the car and got in, we all decided that we could stay a few more days, so we went back to my uncle's house. LOL
You should have seen his face when we got back, he was like "you all got up and packed and dressed just to go use the bathroom at the gas station?" Hahahahahah

What a great time we had. Sure makes me miss those days :)

Here are some more great pics of Club Mykonos.


  1. Oh I wish I was there! Good idea about remembering when. I though about doing something like that on certain days but haven't came up with an idea yet.

  2. Oh boy, that looks like paradise!
    I love your main are a good writer.
    I checked your husband's too, cool story how you guys got a good man there.
    Thanks for your quick visit in TX :) .

  3. Forgot something, we in Germany love Eros...haven't heared him in a while.

  4. Wenchy thanks for stopping by :)

    Hey Court :) I thought it was a good idea so that I don't run out of stuff to say LOL

    Just Me, thanks again for stopping by my blog. Thanks for the kind remarks about my writing, I just say what is on my mind LOL Yeah hubby and I met on the internet LOL

    Eros is just awesome, I love him, hadn't heard him in a while either, so I'm glad I found the video :)

  5. Sandy what beautiful pictures you have.. And memories too!!


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