Monday, March 20, 2006

Night Sky!!!

So one thing that Curt and I LOVE doing is using our telescopes to observe the night skies. We love astronomy and really want to get into Astrophotography. We're slowly trying to get the best telescopes and accessories so that we are able to achieve that.

We've been doing this as a hobby for about 2 or 3 years now and it's just amazing what you can see out there. The kids love looking through the telescopes too so this is a family activity we all enjoy.
I'm still trying to learn how to use all the astrophotography software out there, to edit the photos after we take them.......but I wanted to share some that we think came out really good. I have a photo album with all our astrophotography photos at our OPERA account. Be sure to check it out if you're interested.

Anyway here are some of our favorite shots. Enjoy :)

Here's Jupiter and some stars and nebulae.

Here's a shot of the moon

I love this one, we just took a shot of the night sky from our back yard and then I used Paintshop and Photoshop to edit the photo and bring out the actual colors etc.

Pretty amazing huh? It's such a cool hobby to do, so this is why we're planning on going camping this summer and see what else we can photograph.

Next time you look up at the night sky, really think about the beauty and wonder that is before your eyes :)


  1. Stunning photographs

  2. Thank you by the Link to my Blog!
    I will be a reader of your Blog.
    So long,

  3. Great pictures! All those things really amaze me. Its all so beautiful.

  4. beautiful pics!! good luck with your new hobby!

  5. Thanks all, we can't wait to get more pictures taken :) Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

  6. That last pic is especially beautiful!

  7. Sandra,
    Those photos are great! I have always loved outer space and thought of it as a mysterious exciting place. When I was younger, I'd always dream of being an astronaut and would imagine it constantly. Now whenever I see movies like Armageddon, I revert back to that stage. I'm a dork I guess. I just love learning about space. :o)

  8. Thanks everyone, I love the pics and I agree Melanie, the last one is my favorite :)

    Mystik I'm a dork too cause I love anything to do with space LOL


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