Monday, March 20, 2006

Nice Weekend!!!

I have to say that I really enjoyed this weekend. We did absolutely NOTHING. Just sat around the house and watched movies, and then yesterday we took the kids to the park and afterwards went by Burker King for some Chocolate Shakes. It was really nice to just spend time together and have fun with the kids.

Last night we decided to start playing DAOC again. It's an online game and the reason I started playing it was to spend time with Curt and Jasmine. We all get to play together and it's fun. Nicholas is not old enough yet but once he is I'm sure he will be just as eager to get in there. LOL
The reason I mention this is because we were able to catch up with some very good friends of ours. Friends who we actually met on the game about 2 years ago. You know the kind of people you meet and instantly become close to, it's like you've known forever even though you've never met, just like so many friends I've made through the internet.

So I start by sending out a HUGE congrats to Eli and Steven, their daughter is pregnant and expecting a baby girl. They are so excited and we are too. So, CONGRATS MANDI!!! :)

Today is going to be a pretty nice day, the weather is not too cold and it's the start of spring. It's only 43 degrees outside BUT since it's been so cold lately, I welcome this with open arms :)

This afternoon I have Jasmine's Parent/Teacher conference. I know that she is doing great but I love the time I get to sit down and talk to her teacher, who we absolutely love. She's such a wonderful person, she is strict but she also allows the kids to be themselves and to be, well, KIDS!!! I couldn't have picked a better teacher for Jasmine, so we are really thrilled with the results we've seen. Will let you all know how it went later.

Right now I'm headed to walmart. Got our state tax return in so that means I can actually get my speakers for the car AND still have the money for my immigration paperwork, which let me tell you, it's not cheap. Just one of the forms is over $350. YIKES!!!

So yeah I'm outta here, will check back in with everyone later. :)

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