Thursday, March 02, 2006

Youth Activities anyone????

So it's that time of the year again. Time to decide, along with your kid, what activities they'll be doing. Now, I'm one of those moms that does not believe in overloading your child with extra-curricular activites....somehow the thought of dragging Jasmine around from soccer, to dance, to taekwondo, to softball etc, does NOT appeal to me. I think she would actually hate me for it!!!

So we've narrowed it down to 2 so far. She definitely wants to do Dance, I think mostly because her Aunt Nadine is a dance teacher and her cousins, Tiffany, Taryn-Lee and Alyssa ALL do dancing. It started that there were no dancing classes for kids under 6 on base. I patiently waited until she was old enough, and now I go and call to get her signed up only to be greeted with "Oh I'm sorry, we have no dance instructor right now, we're looking for one still.". I put the phone down and think, "thanks a lot lady, now I have to tell Jasmine who's been waiting since she was 2 years old". That didn't go down too well, she wasn't impressed to say the least, so I was instructed, or more like ORDERED, to keep calling until they find her a dance teacher. LOL
YES MA'M!!!! (insert salute here).

Then she decided she wants to do Taekwondo (please don't yell if it's not spelled correctly lol). I thought, you know that would be a great idea, we could actually do a family thing. Lord knows I could use the exercise. So I find out about that, and it turns out Nicholas won't be able to do it because you have to be at least 6 years old. Well dagnabit, this is getting annoying. So if we do it it means I would have to put him in daycare for the time? Make him sit there and watch? HAH, now that I would pay to see. Oh and did I mention that the Taekwondo instructor orders you to do situps if you are not concentrating.....I bet I would have the BEST looking stomach on base. Hmmm now I REALLY want to do it LOL

Now this is what I have planned for today.

  • Call up doctor in Boise and find out if they've mailed my paperwork for INS
  • Call up Bowling Alley to book Jasmine's Birthday Party
  • Go by self help to get a carpet cleaner, I'm SO glad these are free because using one every week would definitely have us in bankruptcy.
  • Go by commissary, AGAIN, to get the dog food that I forgot, or was it, decided NOT to get yesterday while I was in a hurry to get the heck out of the store before Nicholas drove me completely insane.
  • Go by Youth Center to pick up pamphlets with all the activities available for the kids.
  • Go by Library to return movies and maybe recheck them since I didn't get a chance to watch.
  • Vacuum and mop all floors downstairs.
  • Clean bathrooms (BLEH).
  • Go by Walmart to pick up some items.

You know after writing all that I'm already tired, maybe I should skip it all and do it tomorrow. LOL
NAH, why leave for tomorrow what you can do today?!?!?! If I do all of this then I get to enjoy my friday in peace and quiet......Hmmm wow, scratch that I just got bonked on the head with a flying Buzz Lightyear, guess to remind me that the peace and quiet is really not there with a 2 year old LOL....thanks Nicholas, I love you too!

Well I'm outta here for now....I better get a move on that list of TO DO'S. Gonna finish my cup of coffee first, I need the extra energy.

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