Sunday, March 12, 2006

Royal Highness is better!!!

Her Royal Highness is feeling much better this morning, Thank GOD!!!

I on the other hand am in a bit of a pickle, so to speak. Seems that I went to bed 31 years old and woke up feeling 91. I've always had issues with my sciatica, when the weather starts acting up or changing constantly, I know I'm going to be limping around.
I wake up this morning and before I even get out of bed I feel this sharp pain in my right thigh and lower back. Uh Oh!!!
I step out of bed and I can't walk right, every step I take feels like someone is taking a knife and twisting and twisting. I try to reach for my dresser and that doesn't help either, just makes me want to cry. So, I'm out of commission today!!!
Not to mention that the wonderful germs seem to have passed from Jasmine to me, so I'm not feeling that hot!!! It's going to be a looooonnnnng sunday!!!

Last night I watched "Must love Dogs". Ummm, I don't know whether I liked it or not, I mean it was a cute movie, but kinda BLAH?

I have one load of laundry to put away and I just won't be able to do it. So, I'm leaving it for tomorrow, hopefully this sciatica pain will be gone by then.
With Curt working swing shift, he doesn't get up until about 11:30am so I have to wait until he's awake to watch the kids and then maybe I can go soak in a hot bath and see if that helps a bit. You know, it's amazing how the muscles are all connected, who would have thought that the sciatica pain would affect me stretching my arms to reach for something? How weird is that?

LOL kids are so funny. Nicholas and Jasmine were in the bathroom looking for a diaper for him, they pulled out 2 different ones and were trying to pick out the one he liked best.
So, he picks one and then says "that other one for Jasmine". LOL You should have seen her face, she was NOT impressed. "HEY, I'm almost 7, I don't need diapers!". LOL How funny!!!

Can't believe this weekend is already gone. I just found this pic while I was reorganizing my photo albums. LOVE it. It's always been one of my favorites of the kids.

Thanks to everyone that has come by the blog and wished Jasmine a quick recovery. I've met some truly amazing people through the blogs, so glad I decided to do this. :)

Well I'm out of here, time to go get some more pain killers, this is driving me insane. Nothing like one of those annoying, constant throbbing pains to make you want to slam your head against a wall.

Enjoy your morning, enjoy your coffee and have a GREAT day!!! By the way, HUGE hug to my family in SA, love you guys and miss you terribly!


  1. I LOVE that picture of the kids! I hope you are up and about soon enough again... my husband is a massage therapist, and I've heard horror stories about your condition. Best of luck to you. PS: I'm TOTALLY with you on hoping for warmer weather. Yesterday it was 55 degrees -- complete heaven. Today? We have blizzard warnings, expecting 9". Only in MN! Emily

  2. Oh I know that pain all too well. I got it badly when I was pregnant. HUGS to you!!

  3. Thank you Emily and Mel. It seems to be a little better today but it still hurts to walk around, it's that pressure you put on your feet to walk, boy it always amazes me how much it hurts.
    Hugs to you both :)


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