Thursday, March 23, 2006

Our Home!!!

Ok I know I know, I've been promising to get the photos taken and then something comes up and I totally forget about it. BUT, today I actually took the time to do it and I'm uploading them to the Opera Album. You can find it under my links.

Here are just a few of the pics, probably one of each I would say. NOW, remember, I haven't cleaned my house today AND we live in base housing which pretty much means NO PAINTING the walls and no doing nothing out of the ordinary, which leaves us with these plain and boring eggshell colored walls.
Oh well, one day, one day I will have my own house and will be able to paint, demolish or whatever else comes to mind LOL

Enjoy a peak into our everyday life :)


  1. Wish my house looked like that after "not cleaning"!! lol

  2. I love these. I must agree that my house doesn't like that if it hasn't been cleaned! It looks so homey

  3. Thanks Courtney and Mel.....I try really hard to keep it SEMI cleaned LOL that way it won't get too bad. If I don't it's like a tornado goes through here LOL

  4. cute house! love the kids rooms!!

  5. LOVE your house! It looks like a fantastic home! Nice job!!

  6. Thanks Stacy and Emily :)

    Gotta make the best of it being in military housing, if it were up to me I would paint the walls etc lol


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