Saturday, March 11, 2006

Stupid Stupid Germs!!!

Yesterday it was really cold outside, I don't think it went above 25 degrees, but it was a blue sky and no clouds for the most part. It was a bit of a shock when around 5pm I heard "MOMMY IT'S SNOWING". Oh wonderful, just what I wanted to hear, I mean I've only been hoping for warm weather forever.
So I go to my window and see this:

But anyway, knowing that it had been so cold, I KNEW the kids would have been outside during recess. So Jasmine comes home from school and says to me "mommy I didn't put my gloves on during recess and I was soooooo cold". Oh great, I know what this means. See for any other kid it would mean nothing but unfortunately I knew what was to come.

Later the kids both fall asleep and within 15 minutes Jasmine is awake, crying and complaining that she's freezing, her throat hurts and her tummy hurts. "I don't feel good at all mommy" she says.
I feel her head and low and behold, she's running a fever. See, I told ya!!!
Jasmine is one of those kids that gets sick really easily, and I didn't know it before, but last week Alyssa who is in her group in class, was sick with cough and sore throat etc. That was all it took to get my princess sick!!

So today we're spending our saturday loaded with orange juice, homemade chicken soup and D&ML (daddy and mommy love). It wouldn't be so bad if she was one of those good sick kids, you know the ones that just lay on the couch or bed and sleep or read or something?
Noooooooo, Jasmine is the kind that yells at everyone, constantly complains that she's sick, calls me every 2 seconds for something and tells Nicholas that he is annoying her when he walks over and says "are you ok Jasmine?". Yup, Princess in all her glory!!! LOL

I swear I had to refill my coffee cup 3 times this morning to actually have it hot. That's how clingy she was. But it's all part of being a mommy right, and we can do is vent and then put on the mommy smile again and go on our merry way.
Well I'm off to go deal with runny noses. Hope your weekend is not filled with germs like mine is.

It's kinda nice though because all that housework can wait, I now have an excuse to actually take a break from it. Just say it's the kids fault!!! LOL
Better go check my soup.....see ya later :)


  1. Awww! Poor thing. Hope Jasmine feels better real soon. Sick kids is the worst you feel so helpless.

  2. Thanks Courtney :) She's a little better today so I'm hoping she keeps the fever away, otherwise no school tomorrow :)

  3. Poor kiddo and hugs to you too!!


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