Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Trying to Annoy me????

Ok you know this is so unfair. Yesterday we had a GORGEOUS day, it was 63 degrees and not a cloud in the sky, although at around 2pm we started getting these annoying winds, BUT all in all it was a nice day.

So it's 2:30pm, Curt had just left for work and the kids were sitting around really bored. I looked to my laundry and realized I had 4 baskets of clean clothes to put away. Did I ever tell you how much I detest laundry??? Because I do, I really do!!! I don't mind washing the clothes, let's face it, I just sort and drop in the washer, and it does the rest. The folding is already pushing my patience, but then the actual act of putting it away is enough to make me go running in the opposite direction.
Let's not forget that for some reason, the more laundry I do the more seems to appear? Does it multiply???

Anyway, I know I went totally off track there but now you understand how much I detest it.
So I say to the kids "hey let's go to the park across the street and then when we get back you guys can watch some tv so mommy can put the laundry away?".

YEAH YEAH, those were some excited kids. So we get ready and walk out the door, I go by my friend Veronica's house to ask if her kids want to come with. So now I have two 6 year olds and a 3 and 2 year old. We go to park and they play, everything is great, Scottie (Veronica's son) says that he's ready to go home because it's too windy. I say to the kids "hey, let's go by Burger King for some Icee's". Again I'm met with screams of joy and kids scrambling to reach my car.

I'm holding Sydney and Nicholas and Jasmine and Scottie take off ahead of us, I look down for a second and then hear ear piercing screams, I look up and Jasmine comes running towards me crying. While in a hurry to get to the car, she slips on the sidewalk, falls onto the street side and slams her face and nose on the sidewalk. SIGH.......why do these things only happen when I'm with them?
Thank God she didn't break her nose, she was just scraped up, but we did end up still going for the icee's, she felt that it would make her feel better LOL

So yeah, that was my wonderful afternoon. LOL
Today the weather is NOT great, it's not that it's cold but it's cloudy and we have thunderstorms on the way. Why, why does it do this to me, it's like torture!! It tempts me with warm summery days and then just as quickly pulls it away.
We're supposed to go back to the park this afternoon, so I'm hoping it doesn't start raining again.

Have you noticed how my life is always full of action??? There's always something going on here, it's never boring.
This morning while doing my usual blog visits, I came across a ton of blogs about pugs. You know how much I love my Lola, so what do I do? I create blog for her....see I used to have one back when we first got her and then I couldn't remember the password and username to get back in and now it's lost is cyberspace. If you come across it, please, treat it nicely!!!
But I started a new one "Family Gone Pug". Also, I added a whole new link section to my blog, just with pug blogs, even if you don't have a pug, be sure to check them out, these dogs are so adorable and so funny, I'm sure you'll enjoy visiting them.

Well I have dishes to do and a 2 year old to potty train. YEP, we're back to the big boy underwear, he woke up in the mood for it? Hmmm....let's see how long this lasts, keep your fingers crossed!!!


Courtney said...

Weather hear exactly the same not cold but dreary. Can't mother nature pull this together if not I'd be glad to help her! Oh, tell Jasmine I know how she feels my nose hurts too! LOL!!!

Sandra said...

LOL Courtney, I hope your nose starts feeling better soon :)
I think we need to show mother nature a thing or two, this is just ridiculous LOL

airforcewife said...

Blech! Laundry!

I have proposed to my children that they just don't wear clothes. My 3 year old son thought it was a great idea. My daughters... not so much.

Sandra said...

LOL airforcewife.....Yep I would be so happy if we would walk around naked. But then there's the whole "against the law" thing and whatever....SIGH....LOL