Monday, March 06, 2006

Is something wrong here?

Every morning we go through the same ritual of getting kids ready and taking them to school etc.

Every morning I have to watch other mothers with their hair NOT brushed, wearing pajama's and dropping off their kids.

Jasmine: Why are they wearing their pj's?
Me: I don't know Jasmine, maybe they woke up late.
Jasmine: They wake up late every morning?
Me: I guess so.
Jasmine: Then shouldn't they get up earlier so they can put on clothes and brush their hair like you?
Me: Hmmm well yeah I suppose.
Jasmine: I'm so glad YOU'RE my mommy!

LOL I just have to laugh at that. It's hilarious. But you know I've wondered the same thing myself. I wouldn't dare go out of the house looking like I had JUST stepped out of bed. Am I wrong here? Or is this the norm now? I understand that every minute counts but give me a break!

6am I'm up, come rain or shine, no matter if it's a tuesday or a saturday. And no, before you even think it, it's not because I choose to, it's because I HAVE to. LOL
Believe me, the days of sleeping in are sooooo gone. I long for them, I remember before kids I would go to bed at 11pm and wake up around noon the next day. Ahhhhh, such joy LOL

So last night I'm sitting in bed flipping through the channels and I stop on the Discovery Channel's "Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe". I don't think I've laughed so hard in a long time. Mind you, the stuff he has to do can be really gross, but what cracks me up is the comments he makes during the show. It reminds of stuff that we all would be thinking but he says it out loud. So in one part he is trying to catch an ostrich and you know how dangerous that can be. He is holding on to her for dear life and he says "Please don't kill me" LOL I about died at the way he said that. Seriously, if you want a good laugh, check out the show. Yeah Yeah it's gross and all but just to see him and hear his's a good laugh, let me tell ya!!!

And we're back to raining here in Idaho. When is it going to end? I'm so done with winter, I just want summer back.

I'm about to start mopping my downstairs so I guess I better get off here for now.


  1. You ROCK because you're South AFrican silly! That's why you're better than everyone else!

  2. LOL thanks Valk. I just can't picture walking out the house in my pj's, how fricking embarassing LOL

  3. I am the same way I never leave the house without my makeup. I love the world too much to let them see me that way! LOL!

  4. I wear my pajamas on both Monday and Tuesday mornings when I drop Mattie off at school, because I work until midnight on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday nights!!!
    I sure as heck do not go out to Target or Starbucks in my pajamas!!
    So probably, the people are too lazy to get dressed (90%) or they either work 2nd or 3rd shift.

  5. I'm sorry but I just cannot do that to my kids - drop them off in my pj's!!! Nope. Well I go to work right after dropping them off, so going to work in pj's won;t work either

  6. Courtney, I am the SAME way. It's bad enough that I have to put my family through that every morning, it's not fair to the whole world LOL

    Maggie, I understand if you are working late hours and being tired. I still couldn't do it, I would be too embarassed LOL

    Mel, I know what you mean. LOL can you imagine showing up at work in pj's?


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