Thursday, March 30, 2006

I hate my scale!!!

You know if there is one thing that I totally detest, is the bathroom scale. See I'm obsessed with my weight. I've been trying to loose the last 10 lbs from my pregnancies for the past, oh, 7 years? LOL

So yesterday I get on my scale. This is a new one I bought, it measures body fat, water percentage blah blah blah. I thought you know, this is great, although I dont' know why I put myself through this, now not only do I know how much I weigh but I also know how much percentage of fat I have on..................that's a sure way to cheer me up.

Anyway, as I was saying, I get on my scale and it says 126 lbs. YAY YAY YAY I'm all excited and I'm jumping up and down. Forget the fact that I've been eating like a pig lately and have had a slice, or more like a square, of German Chocolate cake EVERYNIGHT!!! But that doesn't matter right?
I'm too excited to think about that, I have this huge grin on my face and then I look down and it says in capital letters ERROR ERROR. Hmmpfh!!!!
I get back on and it says 136 lbs. DAGNABIT!!!! Stupid scale!!! Now do you see why I hate it? Honestly though, I should have known better, I mean, who looses all that weight while eating chocolate cake and having Burger King for lunch? It was that whopper with cheese I tell ya!!! Those fries didn't help either!!! So now I'm annoyed....I'm going to stop don't panic because it won't happen. I always tell myself that and then go into this daze and wake up with a bag of chips on my lap. How did THAT get there?

I do have to force myself to stop eating everything in sight. It's not good for me anyway cause I end up laying in bed at night thinking "wow, my stomach really hurts, wonder why?"

I'm proud to say that I got all my laundry put away, YEP, all 6 baskets. That's so embarassing to admit!!! Before I had kids I always said to myself and to everyone around me "You know, I'm not going to be one of those moms that stay home and yet the laundry doesn't get put away, or there's toys on the living room floor etc".
Well well well, what do you know Miss Sandra, that's exactly what I became.
Don't get me wrong, I DO clean my house and you will always find me involved in some kind of cleaning activity in the house, but there are days that I really don't have the time and energy.

How many times do I have to pick up the toys during the day before thinking "ok this is ridiculous, just let it go". Within 5 minutes they are all back out again.
Don't even try to get rid of them because suddenly every toy that has not been played with or even remembered that existed, becomes "MY FAVORITE TOY".

Me: Ok I'm giving this one away
Jasmine: But that's my favorite toy!
Me: Ok well, what about all the other million ones sitting in the toy boxes? You don't remember this one existed until I pulled it out?
Jasmine: Yes I did, I knew it was there!
Me: Then why don't I ever see you playing with it?
Jasmine: I don't know, but I do play with it.
Me: Jasmine, this one has legs missing.....
Jasmine: So?!?!?! It's hurt, you can't just throw it away!!!

And so it goes on and on. What do I do now? Do I become the mean, cold hearted mom who will toss the poor injured toy out? Or do I become the compassionate mom that nurses the toy back to health? Somebody HELP ME!!!!

This is how our conversations go. Somehow I always end up feeling defeated LOL
Like the one time that she was sitting on the living room floor with a huge mess around her, and this blank look on her face.

Me: Jasmine what are you doing?
Jasmine: Concentrating!
Me: On what?
Jasmine: Concentrating on making a mess!!!

Well at least she's honest! I'll give her that! LOL

And that's it for now, I have a 2 year old who has just stripped down to his underwear, pushed my pillows off and is jumping up and down on my couch and a 6 year old who is playing on the computer yelling "STOP that Nicholas, you're annoying me, I can't concentrate on my game".
Nothing like that to snap you back to off I go to fight mommy/kid wars. Have a great morning my blogger friends, and I'm sure I'll be back with more later.

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  1. I wait until my kids are gone, and then madly thrust things into garbage bags which I put out before they get home.

    They usually don't even notice...


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