Saturday, March 04, 2006

Happy Birthday Sydney!!

I'm starting off this morning by wishing Sydney a very Happy Birthday! She's turning 3 today and we're headed to her birthday party in about 30 minutes. Sydney is soooo funny and she's just adorable. Reminds me a lot of Jasmine with her red hair.

Woke up this morning to a mixture of rain and snow, or actually, both at the same time. Seems like the weather can't make up it's mind. Me I would say "go with the sun", but hey what do I know?

Don't have much at all planned for today, just Sydney's party and then coming home to do laundry and some more cleaning. Did I tell you that I couldn't get a carpet cleaner? Yeah, well I went by the self help a couple of times this past week, and there were none available. Seems that they have about 12 of them but only 3 actually working.....hmmmm that is wonderful for a base of what? I'm guessing 2000 people if not more! *sigh* Not impressed!!! LOL

These are the days that I want to just sit around and do nothing, and hopefully that is what I'll do later. Oh I did get the new Sims "Open for Business" expansion. I'm DYING to play it. Yes I am a bit of a computer nerd and I like playing computer games when I have the time. I've been playing The Sims since the game first came out and over the years either for my birthday or christmas or whatever, my wonderful husband has been giving me the expansions. I have ALL of them. YEAH!!! LOL Will let you know if I enjoyed this latest one or not.

Well it's time to get moving, gotta get the kids ready for the party. It's nice that Veronica lives only a few houses down so we just walk there and back, no need to drive off base or anywhere for that matter. Have a great saturday afternoon guys, and I leave you with this song, which has actually become one of my favorites, since watching American Idol. Yes I watch it, don't mock me! LOL

See ya later :)

Watch David Powter - Bad Day.


  1. Our Sydney had her birthday today, too! But she's 8.

  2. I hope you enjoyed the party!

  3. Thanks Sandy,
    Sydney loved her party. She wants you to come over again with the kids. Lets plan it!

  4. Happy Birthday to your Sydney too airforcewife :) Hope she had a GREAT day :)

    Mel, thanks, we had a lot of fun and thanks for stopping by again :)

    Veronica, we had a good time, it was fun and the kids had a blast, will definitely have to plan something :)

  5. Hello hello! What a great read this morning with my coffee. And you are in Idaho? Cool! That is one of the top 3 states that dh and I hope a transfer opportunity comes from in the next year or so. (Then again we've NEVER been offered the states we WANT. LOL).

    LOVE the Bad Day video... I don't watch tv so I don't know the guy or the song... but I love it!

  6. Hello, I love that you put this song on. I went to the site you used, but I can't get mine to show the player. Any ideas? I just used the cut and post thing.

    Love your blogging by the way - you're very open. I'm just starting and have a hard time thinking of something to say!

  7. Hey Merrit, yes we're in Idaho, in Mountain Home. It's pretty deserted around the base LOL but if you just drive even 10 or 15 minutes out in either direction you are met with beautiful scenery.

    Hey C....thanks for dropping by my blog :) For the song I just went to the site and picked the song I wanted, then clicked where it says to generate the code. Copy that and paste it into your HTML part of your posts. Make sure you are clicked on the HTML tab when you're posting and it should show up :)


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