Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Johari Window

Lately I've been wondering how I can become a better person. By that I mean that there are a lot of things about me and the way I portray myself, that I would like to change. I think the main thing is definitely in the way I deal with my kids at times, because let's face it, we all try to be the best moms we can be but there are those days that the patience flies right out of the window and we end up being too strict, or yelling too much or whatever.

So I came across this online, it's called a Johari Window. The idea is to help you see how others see you by allowing them to pick up to six adjectives to go into your “window”.

Will you contribute to my Johari Window? Obviously if you don't know me it's hard to pick out adjectives that describe the kind of person I am, but for those that are friends or family, I would REALLY appreciate the input. And don't worry I won't get mad at whatever you pick to describe me LOL
Just thought it would be fun to see how my own perception of myself differs from everyone else's.

Now onto something else. Know what really annoys me? I don't know if some of you are familiar with this service online called Freecycle. Basically it's a site you sign up to, then you pick the Country, State and City where you live and people will post on there stuff that they are wanting to get rid of, or you can post things that you want to get rid of. That's all great, but what bugs me is when you see messages like this:

  • WANTED: A Car
  • WANTED: Goats
  • WANTED: Pinecones
Ok and that's just 3 of the weird requests I've come across. Come on now, everyone wants a car, I WANT a car. LOL Goats, pinecones.....hmmmm almost afraid to ask why.
For the most part though, the freecycle groups are great, there's a lot of great offers on there for items that are in really good condition.

Another thing that drives me nuts, men and doctors. What is it with men and this aversion to going to the doctor? I don't like doctors either but I don't have a choice, if I'm sick I go, if it's that annual OB visit, I just go.
On friday night Curt started complaining that his finger hurt. The top part of his finger looked swollen and really red, sign of infection. So what do I say? "You need to go get that checked out". Of course I'm met with the usual "I don't want to, I don't like doctors, I'm not going, I'm fine". In all 8 years of being married I've learnt to just let it go for fear of driving myself insane.

Needless to say, he didn't go and this morning he woke up at 7:30 am complaining that he couldn't sleep because his finger really hurts. FINALLY after 3 days he decides, you know maybe it really is best that I go see a doctor.
He went and it turns out he has a really bad infection, probably caused by his nail, so now he's on antibiotics. If only he had listened.....oh if only LOL

Well it's time to get ready to pick up Jasmine at school. I have to dodge and hide from the Book Fair or I'll get stuck buying books again, something that we do NOT need, Jasmine and Nicholas both have books coming out their ears. Well I'm off again, see you all tomorrow!!!


  1. I did that Johari Window on my blog a few weeks ago. It's really interesting. Since I don't know you well enough, I can't do it for you though! Sorry :)

  2. No problem Mel :) Just thought it was a really neat thing, almost scary to see what other people will think of you LOL

  3. I don't know alot about you but I know you are a mommy & military wife so I picked some things that I know you have to be in order to be that. That is really neat!

  4. Thank you thank you Court :) I'm so glad you stopped by and thanks for participating in my Johari window :)

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