Sunday, March 26, 2006


Is there such a thing as Sleep once you become a mother??? Because seriously, if there is, I would love someone to point me in that direction.

Do you remember the days of uninterruptable sleep? The ones where you would go to bed and sleep 8 hours, sometimes 12 and not have a worry on your mind, not get kicked in the stomach or punched in the eye by the toddler who climbed into bed with you during the night?
Not wake up from a deep sleep by the screams of a young kid going on and on about the shadow in their room, or the bad dreams they were having?
Or even that wonderful sleep that kept you from waking up for anything, a bomb could go off in the house and you wouldn't even know?

Yep I miss those days. I knew it was all part of being a mom, but I don't think you ever quite grasp the concept until you go night after night without much sleep. You wake up in the morning and you're pretty much ready to just go back to bed, that's how bad it gets, and that's how I feel today and believe me I look it too.

My only salvation????? COFFEE and plenty of it. I've had 2 cups so far and I've actually managed to have them hot, which is another luxury in this house. But then again I don't have to tell you moms out there, I'm sure you understand what I mean.

My day started a bit cruddy as you can tell. But hey, it can only get better right? The kids are being cooperative this morning and there haven't been any fights about the tv, or who eats where or which spot on the couch is mine and yours. I get so annoyed with it now, but then I start thinking about me and my brothers and it was the EXACT same thing. We went as far as writing our names on our chairs, plates, cups etc. The whole COOTIE factor was in play!!!

So I'm watching tv yesterday and I see a commercial for these Washers/Dryers. I scream out at the tv "I WANT, I REALLY WANT". Of course that's just a dream because I can't afford them, but you know it would save me from going to the laundromat to do the comforters which don't fit in my washer right now. AND they have LCD screens and just look cool. I would probably enjoy watching my clothes being washed too. Oh well, one day!!!!

You know I'm not really looking forward to this coming week. The kids are off school until the 3rd but with Jasmine being sick it means we'll be stuck in the house. I feel horrible for her. Anyone have any ideas on fun stuff to do with the kids? If I don't find some fun ideas I think we'll all go nuts!!!

Well I better get off here, time to do my morning blog reading. I love visiting all the blogs and seeing what everyone is up to. I've added all my favorite and MUST READS on my blogroll, so when you get a chance pop on over to one, you won't be disappointed :)


  1. Hey there --
    Laundromat?! Oh no! I feel like I should send you a bag of quarters. I despise the laundromat. When my husband and I first looked for an apt. together, I said, "Our next one HAS to have a washer/dryer in it!" I suppose you don't have much choice, though, so I will send you happy laundry thoughts and hope no one steals your underwear!

  2. Sleep..... What is that again????

  3. Sorry you didn't get much sleep. YOu will again. One day...

  4. LOL I'm so glad that I'm not the only one needing the illusive sleep. :)


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