Thursday, March 16, 2006

Base Housing!!!!

Quote for the day:

The beautiful words of Ecclesiastes teach us there is "a time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away." There are occasions in life when we must hang on - grip the hand of God tight and struggle fiercely to hold on to His promises. And then at the end of our lives, there is a time to let go of the struggles and simply fall into those everlasting arms of the Father.

You know you've been in the same house for way too long, when you scrub and scrub and mop and mop and things still don't look right. It's not that it's dirty but it just doesn't have that new house look you know? LOL
These are the houses we live in now:

I was driving around the other day and looking at all the new housing they are building on base. We've been told that by next year we should be out of our houses, considering we've been in this one for 8 years, I think it's about time we get a new one. BUT then there's the downside to it. For those in the military, you know how paranoid housing can get. God forbid you spill something on the carpet or there's a crayon mark on a wall. You might as well start saving for a housing fund just to afford paying for all that when you get orders somewhere else.
But doesn't that house look so much more appealing? You wouldn't even think you were on a military base LOL

A friend of ours had to pay almost $1500 just for the carpet when they moved out of base housing. I don't have that kind of money, and who makes these ridiculous prices up? Obviously someone who has NEVER come across a two year old with a juice pouch in his hand. BELIEVE me, that quickly becomes one of those summer sprinklers for the lawn. LOL

So these houses I really like..... I've been in one too and they have carpet AND hardwood floors. DROOL!!!
Not to mention a garage which is nice to have. Well keep dreaming, will definitely post a pic of the house we move into, WHEN we move.

I would love to stay on here all day and just chat, but I have groceries to do and menu's to make and bills to pay and so forth.....besides, my coffee is cold and no longer desirable.

Oh before I go, I'm happy to report that Nicholas and his potty training is going extremely well and even though I cheated and bought more diapers, which I had promised I wouldn't, I keep enforcing the big boy underwear rule and he is stickin with it. YAY!!! He told me diapers are just for Night Night. Good boy!!! LOL


Courtney said...

Those houses are beautiful. Congrats to Nicholas!!! :o)

Karyzma said...

Those houses are really nice. I saw a black and white sketch of the base housing in Japan and they looked so good! Now, how we actually get to live in one of those is the catch. :O)

Valkyrie said...

How do you get the video code to actually play on your page? Help!

Sandra said...

Thanks Court and Mystik :)

Valk, I just paste the code into my posts, make sure you're on the html tab and also make sure that you have the video code that allows for auto play.

Sandra said...

Mystik where are you guys stationed right now?