Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I've been feeling kinda crummy for the past few days, but I woke up this morning and what do you know???

"Run for the hills", she's got a cold. *sigh*. Actually, I WANT to run away. Is there anything worse than a sick mommy???
And why does it seem that the minute I'm sick with something, anything, the kids really act out???

I would love to get ahold of the "Kid Memo", something that has bypassed all parents. Oh I'm sure it's chock full of interesting things like:

#1 When your parent has a headache, proceed to run around the house emitting high pitched shrieks.

#2 When it's dinner time, turn your nose up at the food while saying "I don't want it, it's yucky", it will make your mommy feel wonderful.

#3 When in a car while mommy or daddy or driving, fight with your sibling as much as possible, yell at each other, scream, throw a few slaps, anything goes.

Now I can't say for sure, but I'm betting that those are in there. My personal favorite is the one about the telephone. If you want your kids to just appear out of nowhere, pick up the phone and pretend to talk. It always works in my house!!!

We have some sort of cold front moving into the area, and there's actually supposed to
be snow on the mountains..... The mountains that are not that far from here. I can tell it's going to be a cold cold winter.

I have my coffee pot full and ready for the day, I'm trying to stay awake. It's not that I went to bed late, but for some reason the past week has been exhausting. Oh I'm sure me coming down with this cold has had a lot to do with it, but nevertheless, it's frustrating to lay down, close your eyes, only to have the alarm ring 5 minutes later. That's what it feels like at least.

So I have hot coffee, lots of it, and some Chocolate Muffins warm out of the oven. Anyone want to come join me???
We'll just relax on the couch, coffee in hand, and chick flicks on the tv. My kind of day!!!

Last night my hubby and kids were being all cute, and I turned real quick and snapped a pic. It came out blurry, I know I know, you would think that by now I would be an expert at taking pics, but oh well........anyway, this is the pic and though it's blurry, I just LOVE it. Had to share, I'm sure the family wants to see.

So here in two weeks, Curt goes back to midshift. It's the horrible horrible shift that I really don't like. He goes in at night and gets home in the morning. The problem isn't the time he's at work, after all, we're sleeping. The thing is, he gets home and has to go to bed, so now becomes the struggle. How do you keep a 3 year old and two active pugs, quiet during the day????

My MIL started her chemotherapy on monday, she's doing good but feeling really tired and worn out. I know it's a normal symptom of the chemo. Thank you all for the prayers and thoughts, I really do appreciate it.

You know I've been blessed to have such a wonderful MIL. Before I got married I would hear the horror stories, seemed that everyone I talked to had a problem with theirs, I think it instilled a fear in me. LOL
But I'm lucky, she's such an amazing lady, so strong and so courageous, truly a blessing.

Oh before I forget, see my blogroll on the left there??? I read all of those blogs, every morning, regardless of whether you have a new post or not, I check in every day. Unfortunately though, there's still some of you that have your blogs set to not accept anonymous comments, which means.....*drum roll* I CAN'T COMENT!!!
It's really frustrating, I want so badly to say hi, or comment on your posts and blogger won't cooperate. Just remember that I'm reading even if you haven't heard from me in a while.

Well my head is pounding and I have to start a load of dishes, yes they came and fixed it so now it actually washes the dirty stuff off. I'm thrilled, I've been using up dishes just so I can wash them and see the results LOL

I got a couple of things to do around the house, and then I need to head to the commissary and the Airman's Attic. You all help yourselves to some coffee and a muffin, and go ahead and stay a while, I don't mind at all, just as long as you close the door on your way out.

BTW, you might want to wipe your monitors after reading this, I wouldn't want my cold to transmit over to anyone else.


Shrimp Jambalaya with Salad, homemade beer bread and Iced Tea.


General Hospital *New*
Montel Williams *New*


WIC check at commissary
Airman's Attic
Mopping kitchen floor
Resting to get over cold


  1. Oh, I hope you get to feeling better soon!!! Being sick and still having to continue on with your day is the worst! It seems like us moms don't get to just lay around and do nothing when we are sick! Try to get some rest!!

  2. Awww...I'm sorry you are sick. Try to get some rest!
    The "Kid Memo" sounds very familiar and the phone this is so true!
    Don't work too hard today!

  3. Sandra,
    Hope you feel better, and *try* to get some rest, but don't you know Mommies aren't supposed to get sick ~ !

  4. Yum, that coffee and muffin sounds good, and I'd like nothing better than to watch "chick tv" or "chick flicks" all day - hope you get plenty of rest and get to feeling better soon. Go away cold, go away!

    Take care, and feel better :)

  5. Coffee and hot muffins sound great! I really, really hope your cold doesn't last too long.

  6. Do get feeling better. Just a hint, keep Zicam on hand. If you take it the minute you feel a cold coming on, it will be a very mild, short cold if at all. it really works1 i use it. God bless and feel better soon. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. It's so hard to be a mom and be sick at the same time. Let's hope it doesn't run through the family. I love the photo. Cute family and cute dogs! And I hope you get better soon.

  8. Love your blog, it is fun to read even when you do not feel good..Try a little R&R and relax, they say a cold last 7 days.
    Come and visit........

  9. I'm sorry to hear you are feeling horrible. I absolutely love the kid memeo you wrote. I know exactly what you mean.
    Sorry to hear also that your bubby is going back to mids. You know mine does that too and it is the worst becasue like you I have a 3 year old. I hope someone comments on how to keep them quiet because mine still thinks that when daddy goes to bed in the day it is like you said on memo #1, just replace headache with sleep.
    Nice picture of your family. You guys are a real nice looking bunch. I love looking at the pictures that you and other bloggers share, it makes it seem like we all live right around the block from one another.
    Coffee and muffins, lucky girl, I would love to join you.
    I hope you feel better tomorrow.

  10. I feel for you on the cold - I've got one coming in too!

    Even though the pic came out blurry I think it looks great - like it was meant to be that way! :)

  11. Home you feel better soon. Take some time to put your feet up.
    I agree with your memo. I think they must get it as toddlers.
    Love the photo.
    I will keep your MIL in my prayers.

  12. I'm pretty sure mine's set to accept anonymous comments, and I haven't heard from you!!

    anyway, I know the phone thing all too soon as I'm on the phone, SLowmo has something sooooo important to tell me!! Or she want's to sing loudly, or she tries to make the baby laugh, which intails loud noises. Oh yes, I'm sure there's some memo out there about that!!

  13. I loved your pic!! It reminds me of one of those antiquey finished photos, where they blur the outer edges and tone it sepia. It's so pretty. I hope you get to feeling better soon sweetie! My hoarseness is not a hacking cough that just explodes at the most inconvenienced times. I hate it!! Your to do list looks pretty short compared to all the ones I'm used to seeing. Glad to know you're taking it easy for a bit. Try to get some sleep and drink lots of OJ. That works all kinds of magic in my house. LOL. Take care of yourself!

    Much Love,

  14. ugh-- we've got the cold thing going around our house, too! i've been feeling it in my sinuses for days. no fun. the kids don't feel good, so they're crabby. they're crabby, so moma's crabby. moma doesn't feel good, so moma's double crabby. hopefully it's a quicky!

  15. You can say hey to me. At least you should be able too. HEHEHE

    Talk to you soon and I hope you feel better.


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