Friday, September 29, 2006

This cold is kicking my behind!!!

Boy it's been a while since a cold has beat me down so bad. You know how it is, you get a cold and usually you can function, for the most part, as a mom you can't help BUT to continue going. Now THIS cold, this is something else, for the first time today I woke up and felt like doing nothing, I just don't have the energy.

You ever feel like that
??? Like you have to coax your body into moving, "you know if you just get up and go do this, I promise I'll give you a big candy bar later". That was me this morning....trying to convince myself to get up off the couch and start the laundry. I know I know, I could leave it, but that's what I've done and now I have a ton that needs to be washed, and really, I like having the choice of clean clothes everyday, don't you???

Today was Picture Day at Jasmine's School. She insisted on picking what to wear and how she wanted her hair....guess my little girl is growing up, I just can't believe she's almost 8 years old.

I look at her at times and wonder where the time has gone, she looks so grown up, so mature and independent. I was just telling Curt yesterday that the whole idea of my kids growing up, scares the living daylights out of me.

It's funny how our thoughts and perspectives change the minute we have children. I always joke about how I've become a hypochondriac. Before I got married, I would have a headache or feel really lousy, and it didn't bother me at all....I didn't even question the thought of it being anything more than a cold or stress.
Then I got married and it shifted a bit, I would be a little more worried about it, after all I now had a husband.

I was NOT prepared however for the feelings that would arise in me, after giving birth. Every little symptom has me frantically searching for the it really just a cold??? What if I'm really sick, what if this is something serious, what would happen to my children, I couldn't put them through that. And so on....morbid isn't it??? It's actually crazy if you think about it.

It's like watching tv, or reading the news, I can sob at things that never used to upset me.
Watching the Barbara Walters interview with Terri Irwin (Steve Irwin's widow), I bawled through it all, and I don't mean just a little tear, I was just crying my eyes out. I found it extremely sad and seeing her so distraught just broke my heart, but the minute the kids pictures came up and they showed Bindi Sue's speech at his memorial, that was it for me.

But it also helps me realize just how God feels about us, about His children and the pain and heartache we go through. What's worse is that I know that I am the one bringing them on myself at times which in turn causes Him pain too. How sad, nothing like that to make me rethink my actions.

Anyway, enough about sad things, I have a haircut appointment at 1pm. I was going to cancel it but they are full for a couple of weeks and I've already been waiting for a while. I'm not doing anything drastic, I want to keep my length but just layer it. I have the thickest hair and there's no way that I can wear it one length, it's really heavy. You know what kind of haircut I want??? Like Kelly Monaco, if only I could find a good picture to show the hairdresser...oh well, maybe I'll be lucky and get one that watches General Hospital. LOL

Wish me luck though, I have the family pictures tomorrow, if they mess it up I'm in trouble!!!

I'm extremely blessed to have such a wonderful husband. I was running a fever yesterday, and even though he had just gone to bed at 9am (remember he works night shift), he got up at 2pm to go pick up Jasmine. He insisted that I stay home and take care of myself, while he took Nicholas and then picked up dinner on the way home too. How great of a guy is he huh???

I managed to take a bath while he was gone, it felt good to just relax and not worry about quickly washing up or trying to keep the kids out of the bathroom with their questions:

  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why are you taking a bath?
  3. Can I give you my ducky?
  4. Can I take a bath with you?
  5. But why can't I go in too?
  6. I need a drink, I need a snack!

I have to keep reminding them that daddy is just downstairs and to go ask him for stuff. Even when he's home they still come to me for everything...amazing isn't it? LOL

But anyway, I took my bath and then had dinner and went to bed. That's how miserable I felt. 5:30pm and I'm tucked into bed, slipping in and out of sleep!!!

I think I slept for two hours and then woke up at 7pm, just in time for the new show "Ugly Betty". I LOVED it, what a sweet sweet show, I really enjoyed it. Can't wait for next week :)
And since Barb mentioned it, and said she felt sorry for me for not watching survivor LOL, I went back and forth between the two. I don't know what it is, I just can't get into survivor, I find it extremely boring....but that's just my opinion. *Ducks from stones*

Anyway, I better get going, have a couple things to do before heading to my appointment. Hope you are all enjoying your Friday, and oh, here you go, some French Vanilla Coffee to take with you....nothing to eat though, sorry, I was too lazy and sick to do it :)

God Bless,


For dinner I'm fixing Portuguese Steak with Onions or better known to us portuguese people as "Bifes de Cebolada". I'm serving them with Portuguese Fried Potatoes, the recipes will be up on the food blog later.


Rachael Ray - *new* ABC 12pm

Ghost Whisperer - *new* CBS 7pm

Most Haunted - Travel Channel 8pm
Exploring three reportedly haunted sites in the city of Derby.
Most Haunted - *new* Travel Channel 9pm


Making Budget and Grocery List
Getting Hair Cut


  1. Hope you feel better fast! This one's really hung on hasn't it? Good for your hubby for stepping up. LOL! I always have to remind my kids that there is another parent in the house. It's so automatic to always just go to mom! Your daughter looks adorable!

  2. Your girly is so cute.

    I started to watch that ugly betty and in the first 10 minutes they had already said like 5 words that I didn't really want to have to explain to my kids - and they turned and looked at me like "what"?, so I bagged it.

    Maybe I'll watch it online... i'm already hooked on too many shows though... so who knows.

    I do hope you feel better and everything goes well with the haircut.

  3. I do wish that cold would let go of you! Take care of yourself! Your daughter looks adorable! She is so pretty. Try to have a good day my dear friend.

  4. Jasmine is so, so cute. That's a frameable picture!

    What a sweety your husband was for doing all those things for you. It's time for that cold to take a hike. I sure hope you have a pleasant weekend.

  5. Sorry you feel so crummy. Sounds like you got a real whopper of a cold. By the way, I stopped updating on Survivor on Fridays. I'm still watching it, but it doesnt have the zip it used to. A little sad. Maybe that means my pick will actually win this time??? Hope you recover quick quick.

  6. I wasn't going to watch Ugly Betty. I even commented that I wouldn't on someone's Thursday Thirteen. I didn't agree with the plot line. I felt it only added to stereotypes and negativity. However, there was nothing else on and so I watched it. I may have judged to soon. But I still don't agree with the title.

    Hurry up and feel better.

    Love the photo of your daughter.

  7. Hope you feel better soon :) It just isn't fair when moms get colds!!!

  8. Hope you get the hair cut that you want. For sure nothing worse then a bad hair cut....I enjoy your blog and hope you are feeling much better real soon. Have a good weekend, rest and drink a lot of liquid.

  9. Oh, I hope your cold gets better soon & I can't wait to see your hair. I'm sure it will be pretty:)

  10. Oh my, you still have that cold? You poor girl!!

    You're daughter looks so cute dressed up, love the boots!

    My timers on my DVR are screwey so i didn't get to see Ugly Betty, Darn! I didn't know the Travel channe had a Haunted show! I love all things paranormal. How did i let this show slip by? Im slacking!

  11. sorry this cold is still hanging around! :( Hope you feel better soon and I hope the family pics go well!

    I don't watch survivor either, so you're not the only one!


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