Tuesday, September 19, 2006

*SIGH* new shifts bring new stresses

When hubby changes shifts, which usually happens every three months, it's stressful to say the least. This is the thing about being a family, what one does affects everyone else, and when he gets thrown into a night shift, we're all running around discombobulated for the first few days.

I'm feeling like the lady in the picture to the left. See that??? Just that I don't have the baby, so picture it without the bottle holding baby. The two kids on the bottom are exactly like Jasmine and Nicholas when they decide to provoke each other. Something that happens at LEAST once a day. Sibling rivalry at it's best!!!

So we're trying to get used to this shift. The worst part of it, is the fact that Jasmine only
sees daddy on the weekends. She gets up for school and he's asleep, when she gets back home he's already gone for the day, and then he gets home around 11pm, she's been asleep for hours. It takes it's toll on her, she misses him, she's cranky, which in turn causes fights with her brother and spats between me and her.

Here in a day or two, we'll all start getting used to this and then he goes to mid shift (graveyard shift) next week. Constant change, that's the military way of life, but you know it's well worth it in the end :)

I'm still sick and woke up with no voice today. Frustrating for me, but the kids think it's wonderful, after all, they can do whatever they wish without the nagging voice of mommy in the background.

I've been trying to get all my laundry caught up, so far it's taken me THREE days. This is what happens when you don't do anything for a week. I started feeling sick last week and really didn't have the energy to do much, other than cook meals and take care of the
kids, that's all I could really manage to do. The laundry suffered, my floors suffered, but at least everyone was fed and happy.

So I stayed up late last night, sorting the laundry, putting away mine and hubby's and today I have to do the kids. I still have all the bed linens to wash and a couple blankets, plus some ironing.

It's raining outside and only 50º, I truly feel as if Fall arrived days earlier, and I'm thrilled of course. So I'm sitting here sipping Hot Autumn Pumpkin Spice Tea. It's quite delicious and makes me crave pumpkin pie, which in turn makes me crave Thanksgiving. Here's the thing, it's always just the four of us, but we still make a HUGE meal, then we spend the rest of the day eating, laughing and talking, playing games and just having fun. I can't wait!!!!

Since I'm not feeling well, I decided to have tea instead of coffee, I put in some honey too, it soothes my throat and hopefully in a few hours I will have my voice back.

Of course to finish it off, I have some ginger cookies on the side. What can I say??? I'm an Autumn kinda gal!

One thing that I really miss about autumn and winter in Portugal, is the Castanhas "roasted chestnuts". Any street you walk down, you're certain to find someone roasting these and then serving them in newspaper funnels. Nothing like it, I tell you. Here's some pictures, they surely bring back wonderful memories for me :)

I was reading my "Day by Day" book this morning, and realized that I had somehow missed the entry for September 17Th I went back to read it and low and behold.....

"The tongue is a small thing but what enormous damage it can do..." James 3:5
It brought to mind Barb's post yesterday , and most importantly, my own issues with my unruly tongue. I've said many times on this blog, that I should buy mouth guards. It's not that I intentionally upset people or say the wrong thing....it's just that sometimes, due to life, or personal circumstances, stressed and worries or even my own inability to think before I speak, I've said things that I couldn't take back, but that in turn really upset someone.

"Unkind words are easily dropped, but we can never take them back again."
How true is that??? Over the years I've learnt to curb my tongue in a way, I think before I speak and I try really hard not to gossip. We all know that we're daily surrounded by it, so and so says this, and that one did that, it's all too easy to fall into the rhythm of it and not even realize that the words were speaking are hurtful and many times untrue. I've been guilty of this many times, but with the Lord's help, I've really taken a hold of my thoughts and tongue. It's not an easy job I tell you, and I'm nowhere near being free of it....but I just keep going and when I do mess up (often I might add), I realize that I'm Human...just like Barb said.

So I leave you this morning with a prayer for the day,

Might my words about another, be ones that are spoken in the spirit of Your loving kindness, Father.


Last night I made Chicken Tetrazzini, it was SO SO good, you really need to try it, so go check out the recipe on my food blog.

Right now I have the wonderful aroma of Mushroom-Beef Stew in my slow cooker. It will be served over hot noodles and for dessert I have Carrot Cake with Easy Cream Cheese Frosting. Both recipes will be up on the food blog this morning :)


Rachael Ray - *New* UPN 12pm (mountain time)

House - *New* NBC - 7pm (mountain time)

Law and Order SVU - *New* NBC- 9pm (mountain time)


Mopping kitchen floor
Updating Food Blog
Updating Book Blog
Knitting Scarf
Resting and hoping to get my voice back


  1. I love to read what you're eating. It's never just "tea" or "coffee". Everything has a name and description and I just drool my way through your blog. I wished I lived beside you and then I would make for supper what you are making for supper and my husband would love me WAY MORE! Plus we watch the same TV shows. You always seem to want to make the most out of your day - I admire that about people. I'm not very good at that.

  2. Anonymous1:25 PM

    I feel your pain! I have no voice. The kids & I all have colds. Noone here can breath. You step into this house & the smell of vapor rub knocks you down. LOL! I want to curl up on the couch watch some General Hospital & eat some chili. Somehow I doubt the kids are gonna allow that:)
    Hoping all of us feel better asap!

  3. I am catching a cold right now, and plan on treating it with lots of hot cider... these things have their consolations! I'll be watching that new House tonight, too!

  4. I'm so sorry you're not feeling well. I hope this goes away soon.

    I'm definitely going to have to try your Mushroom Beef Stew. That sounds yummy and I can just imagine how good it smells.

  5. Sorry you're not feeling well. My daughter has a horrible head cold and I made her hot lemonade. Just boil water and squeeze in fresh lemons. 1 1/2 per 6 cup teapot. Sweeten to taste. With honey would help your throat and fill you up with Vitamin C.

    Shift work is a bummer. Hope things settle real quick for you. The autumn pumpkin tea sounds good!

  6. Me too, once I read Mushroom Barley soup I was a goner, just sounds so yummy for this time of year. Hey, I changed my background and it is like detached from where I write. Any suggestions? Is this normal? :)

  7. Sandy - Thank you :) I try really hard to treasure every day and to live it to the fullest :)

    Court - I hope you and the kids start feeling better soon, I'm just miserable LOL Here's to us all getting over these colds fast...Love ya :)

    Beck - Don't you just love House??? I LOVE that show, so glad the new season is on :)

    morning glory - Oh this weather is driving me insane LOL The Stew smells divine, poor hubby had to leave for work and can only eat it when he gets back home tonight....he was so sad walking out the door LOL

    susanne - Thank you for the tip, I'm going to get my daughter from school and then I'm coming home and having the hot lemonade, it sounds heavenly and I think it may be just what I need :)

    Pamela - Doesn't that sound divine??? :) I don't know why your background is doing that, I'm going to go pick up my daughter from school and when I get back, I'll hope on over to your site and help you ok?? :)

  8. I too have to watch my words, they come out so easily and yet you can't take them back!

    Hot lemon with honey is excellent when you're sick...I had bronchitis while I was pregnant and the Dr. suggested it to sooth my throat. Hope you feel better soon.

    I LOVE House, tonight is my TV night...House and the Law and Orders!!

  9. I love that picture! I'm sorry you're having time right now! I hope things get better soon for you!

    When my Dad was in the Marines, and he had the graveyard shift, my mom always turned it into a special treat! One of us, we'd rotate nights, would get to sleep in our parents big, comfy bed, with mom! I know it sounds so small and silly, but we all looked forward to it! And it kept my mom company I'm sure!

    Enjoy House tonight! I know I will!!

    Take care!

  10. Sorry- I meant- "a difficult time"!

  11. As always, a visit to your place comforts me. Yesterday was rough. I try so hard to remember how our words, just tossed around carelessly, can wound someone and yesterday I really blew it. I prayed for the person I hurt, that she realizes there's comfort in being able to forgive. And I prayed that I am more careful in the future.

    No resolution but that's all I can do. I'll continue to pray.

    Rob has always worked shift work. Now that our children are grown it's easier but honestly, it was really hard when the girls were little. I hated them not seeing their Daddy and he hated it too.

    It's hard but we work around it. Really, it's mostly a matter of attitude and I can tell you have a good one.

    I hope you get better soon. These change of season colds seem to be the hardest of all to get over. I'm getting the whole sinus thing now. Happens every fall and every spring. Surprisingly, I seem to be healthiest in the dead of winter!

    You inspired me with your tea. I'm off to make a cup of my favorite, Celestial Seasonings raspberry zinger, with honey of course, because it really does soothe the throat.

    Always a pleasure to stop in and visit with you.

  12. Oh, I so hope you are feeling better now. I had a sore throat a couple of weeks ago and also lost my voice for a day or two, it was not fun. So hope yours goes away soon and you feel much much better!

    I just love to read your blog, it is like a warm comfy place :) I'm off to check off the mushroom stew recipe and also your book blog... and I wanted to ask - are you liking the Rachael Ray show? I'm on vacation (checking in to some of my fave blogs though!) and haven't had a chance to see it yesterday or today. I will watch it when I get home, but just wondering!

    Feel better and take care :)

  13. sorry to hear about the shift change .... and just when you get used to that new schedule they are on to another one!

  14. Anonymous11:23 PM

    That is rough, you being so sick. Lord, please heal my friend. She could really use Your touch! (or send angels to get her housework done) LOL.

    Roasted chestnuts!! Heh, BC is closer to you than Portugal...and we roast chestnuts here this time of year right up to Christmas!

    I'm like you..love love love fall and winter. I'm a Thanksgiving and Christmas gal all the way. And while you enjoy your pumpkin spice tea, I'll have my Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks! The official start of fall is when they're back on the menu board, which was last week.

    Have a great Wed and hope you're feeling better soon.


  15. oh that is sooooo tough with the schedule change! I imagine Jazmine must really miss her daddy!

    i hope it improves soon - and that you feel better soon! {{{hugs}}}

  16. Sitting here drinking my coffee I feel I'm in your living room. You always make me feel so welcome. Your tea sounds fantastic. Go over to Beck's food blog she has a Pumpkin Log I'm going to make this weekend. I love Pumpkin.
    Have a great day and good luck on the laundry end.

  17. I'm sorry your hubby is on this shift. You know mine does this too and I don't like the graveyard shift at all. There isn't much good to say about it. Poor Jasmine, it must be hard on her not getting to see dad much.

    I watch House too. I thought it was pretty good last night.

    I never had roasted chestnuts but I'd like to try them someday. Boy the pictures looked yummy!


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