Friday, September 01, 2006

Praise the Lord indeed!!!

Thank you all so very much, for the prayers towards my MIL and her cancer. She had her doctors appointment yesterday and then called us last night.

The cancer has NOT spread and is only in her breast. Thank the Lord!!!! And thank all of YOU, for I know how hard you all prayed too. This is just wonderful news and what we all wanted to hear.

On the 5th she goes in for her implant and then on the 11th she starts her chemotherapy treatment. I wanted to pass those news on to all of you, I feel that you've been going through it with me from the beginning.

I'm cold. Yes you heard me, COLD COLD COLD. It's only 45 degrees, and last night I had to turn off the AC and threw a blanket over my comforter, that's how nippy it was. I better enjoy my walks, I think their days are numbered.

You know I already knew that I had a great kid, but yesterday when I picked up Jasmine from school, she made me so proud again. See in their classroom they have this thing called a Treasure Chest. It has candy, toys etc inside. The teacher rewards them with golden tickets for certain things during the day, and then they use those to pick something out of the Treasure Chest.

Well the night before we had been to the Parent/Teacher Night. Mrs Doner had told the kids that if they could convince both their parents to come, that they would get two tickets to get two things from the Treasure Chest. Needless to say, there were a lot of parents there. LOL
I think only two kids and their parents didn't show up.

One of the kids sits right in front of Jasmine and is one of her friends. Yesterday when it was her turn to get her treasure, she asked him what he would like, and he said he really wanted one of those plastic snakes. So this is what my beautiful daughter did, she got a pixie stick for herself and then used her other ticket to get herfriend his snake. Isn't that just the sweetest thing???

You know I always worry, did I teach her right?
I can control what she does at home, but the minute she steps out the door, it's a
WHOLE NEW ballgame. And then she does things like this, and it's not only yesterday, Jasmine has a full repertoire of doing little things like this, which to me and daddy are HUGE, and I'm sure to her friends they are too.
Just had to share that with you guys, I thought it was so sweet of her :)

Curt is off work today, so this morning he is watching Nicholas so that I can take Jasmine to school and then go to the commissary. Later this afternoon we have to make a trip to Walmart and some other errands to run.

What is it with kids and their growth??? Just answer me that, why can't a good pair of shoes last for at least a year, that's all I'm asking for, not much. All the shoes that they got not even 6 months ago, do NOT fit them. I repeat that, do NOT fit them. And let's not even mention the clothes. I have a problem with Jasmine. She is really thin and tall. I walk into a store and I find a pair of pants that I really like for her, we try them on and they fit one of two ways.

Either they are HUGE on the waist but fit fine everywhere else.....or they fit fine on the waist and then are too short. What's up with that?!?!?! So anyway, we are going clothes shopping this weekend. I'll take any excuse to go shopping.

still have to get my grocery list finished this morning, but I did make the menus, and those will be up on my food blog later today.

It's nice having Curt home, he's going to take Jazzy to school so I don't have to rush to get them all ready, including Nicholas who is a slow poke. Everything in his world is done at turtle speed, seriously, we go on a walk and I get frustrated at him at times, he walks soooooo slow and then stops every minute. But in a way, I wish I could be like him, does that make sense?

Would be nice to have that sense of innocence, the ability to slow down and just worry about the here and now, take my time to really, really see things as they are, the birds in the sky, the trees and even that little bug crawling on the ground.
Things that I'm usually too busy to see.

You know what I think we ALL need from time to time???
To embrace the child in us, to see things through a child's eyes, let everything seem new and exciting, stop worrying about how we look and just worry about how much fun we can have. Kids don't care if they look silly while they're running around in a sprinkler, or trying to dance all discombobulated, they're just loving that minute of that day. What a beautiful thing!!!!

One day very soon, I'm going to do that, I'm going to throw all cares aside and just be silly with my kids. I'll have to wait until hubby leaves though, how embarassing!!! Just kidding, I don't care if he sees me being a goofball.....for one day, I'm going to enjoy every little thing and then maybe journal it, see how it differs from my everyday perspective. That should be fun.

But right now, I'm running out of time, I gotta get the kids up and Jasmine ready for school. Have a great friday ladies, I'll see ya later :)

BTW, look below for my Everyday Post, and check out my food blog later this morning, for my menus and my Five Ingredients Friday :)


  1. Awesome news on your MIL! Yes, praise God!

    Isn't it just the coolest when our kids can do things like that? I know what you mean; it just makes you feel good.

    And my Logan, the youngest sounds just like your Nicholas. I think sometimes you must be talking about my kid!

    Have a great day!

  2. Oh, what great news! I'm so happy for all of you!
    And how sweet is your little girl? You should be very proud.

  3. great to hear about your MIL!!!! Praise the Lord!

    as for your daughter --- that is so adorable - see, we worry way too much and sometimes to see that we have done a good job is better than any compliment anyone could have given us!!!!

    oh to have the attitude of a child and throw caution to the wind and just have FUN!!! we all need to do this more!!!

  4. What wonderful news about your MIL, prayer is such a powerful thing...God is good!!

  5. Praise God for the good news!

    As usual, you had me from the first word to the last. You have such a delightful perspective on your life and I love it. Your daughter is just precious and beautiful!

  6. Praise the Lord, good news to hear about your MIL.

    Love that Jazzy used her ticket to give to a sweet is're doing good Mom!

    Life as seen through the eyes of a child is so refreshing...keeps us young. :)

  7. That is such good news about your MIL and I will continue to pray for her...
    And what a lovely, sweet little girl you have!!

  8. Praising God for the news regarding your MIL!

    It's been cooler here too. Woke up to 64 IN the house this morning. BRRR.... We were only 70 as a high yesterday but are heading towards 80's again today (so they say). We'll see.

    And what a sweet, sweet girl you have! Keep up the great work! And give her a big hug from me! What a very kind and considerate thing to do!

  9. Oh how I wish I was as carefree as our children. Life would be so nive huh?
    Great news with your MIL!! She's still in my prayers.

  10. Great news about your MIL.Will still keep her and your families in our prayers.
    Oh to children again.....

  11. God is so good and I LOVE that wonderful head of red hair on that little doll! Perfect!

  12. That's such good news about your mil. I know the chemo and all that means won't be an easy road, but oh my sweet goodness the cancer's localized. Wonderful news.

    And my daughter, Mandy, a third grade teacher, uses exactly the same thing in her classroom and calls it the very same thing. The Treasure Chest. She spends her own money to keep it stocked with things her little eight year olds will love (lots of teachers spend their own money which I don't thing parents realize) and her kids love it. Very positive approach to all kinds of good perfomance, academically and behaviorally, and it works!

  13. Praise the Lord indeed!!! What awesome news!!!!!! Amen!! Your daughter is so precious and I just love your posts!!!

  14. Wonderful news about your MIL!!!!!
    Thank you for sharing pictures of your kids. They are so cute!!

  15. Glad to hear about your MIL...praise's getting down to 50's here at night and Madiso is at a Bonfire party if that ays anything....our pool is freezing...not sure when we will close it.

  16. First of all Thank the Lord your MIL got good news. I will keep praying with the rest of you guys. I'm sure she will be fine. Keep us posted.
    What a sweetheart your daughter is. That was so nice of her to do that for her friend. I think it is awesome to do that for someone especially at her age. It seems to me she really is getting what your teaching her, you must be so proud. I noticed you called her Jazzy? Is this her nickname? I love it. It's so cute. You know already how much I love her red hair. This picture really shows it off. It's just beautiful. If I could only get this color out of a bottle.
    BTW my 3 year old is a slow poke also. I guess most of them are although I see some who can move at warp speed.


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