Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Best Part of Waking up..........

is DEFINITELY coffee in my cup. So it's 7:16am and I've been up with Nicholas since 6:30am, I don't know maybe he doesn't realize it's the weekend???? Shouldn't we be in bed still, isn't this the day we get to sleep in???

My kids have always had their hours switched. When they were babies, they would sleep all day and then be wide eyed all night they try to sleep in during the week and then wake up at the crack of dawn, or in this case, not even the dawn was up yet. *

It's just me and the kiddos today. Curt got weekend duty so he left for work at 6:30am and will be there all day. The kids and I will be getting groceries this morning and then making a run to the library later. Please wish me luck with the groceries, I get real antsy when I have to take them.

It's been wonderful weather, it's cooler, there's been rain and you can smell Fall in the air. We're at 44ยบ right now, I have to say though, it feels a little weird having to throw on coats already, I'm not used to doing that until Halloween night. Seriously, the summer will be great and then through
Septemberit's still nice, then comes Trick or Treating. We step outside the door and it's raining, freezing cold and that's it......we are in the middle of winter somehow.
Guess it arrived a little earlier this year :)

I need to finish my menus for the next two weeks so that I can get my grocery list ready. I tried doing groceries every week, but that wasn't working, there was always something I forgot, and the endless trips back to the store only helped to blow the budget out of the water. Now I do them every two weeks, which is payday for us military people. Following the menus and sticking to the two week plan, has considerably lowered our budget. I'm still spending between $200-$250, pretty much the same for the past 5 years. Neat huh???

I've got tons to do today, couple errands to run and I want to get some more fall decorations around the house. The kids will be going to daddy's work for about an hour, they're beyond excited, they keep asking me if it's time to go already. I think it's a great way for them to see what daddy does, maybe get a little more feel for the hard work involved.

So I'm heading out, going to make a quick "
Morning Drive" by your blogs. Before I leave though, I want to point you all in the direction of some neat things going on in blodgom world....even some new blogs I found on my drive the other day.

If nothing else today, you need to go on over to Bev at Blessed Beyond Measure. She has a wonderful post on prayer, named "By prayer and petition". It's just another wonderful idea by a wonderful lady.

A Place called Home, is a blog I found just the other day. Loved reading through all the posts that Susan had to share, and you should check out the pictures of her house too, she has tons of great ideas.

Chris from All that Blog got hurt while skating, ended up shattering her wrist. Go on over and give her some love :)

Kiddley!!! I don't know how I ever survived without this place. "Everyday ideas for you and your kids", it says. It's full of great things to do or make with your kids, we've enjoyed looking through them and plan on using a LOT of their ideas.

The Markmiller 5, love this blog. Unfortunately yesterday their house was broken into, go on over and read the post. Thank God, no one was hurt and not much was taken. It's still a shock though!!!

And last, if you haven't yet read the birth story, head on over to Susan Godfrey's blog. But remember to take some Kleenex she shares the story and pictures of her beautiful baby Gabriel. I couldn't get past the first photo without tears running down my face.

Reading that entry brought back a lot of emotions and memories for me. The circumstances aren't the same, I miscarried twice at an early stage of my pregnancy, but seeing that little boy just tore at my heart. I know my two angels are in heaven waiting for me, and I know that they are happily walking with the Lord, but it still breaks my heart to this day.

I don't think there's a worse thing in this life, than loosing a child, no matter how old or young they were. That bond that you create the minute you find out your pregnant, is unbroken. You learn to live with it, not get over it, I mean it's been 5 years for me, but I think about it every day, and when things like what happened to Susan come up, I am
RIGHT there again. Funny how our mind works isn't it????

Something that happened so many years ago can quickly become something that is happening all over again.

So live for today, enjoy every minute you have with your kids, and praise the Lord for blessing you with healthy babies, it truly is a blessing and a miracle
every timeone is born. :)

Have a wonderful
Saturday God Bless,


  1. Hi Sandra,
    Thank you for stopping by and visiting me!! You left me the kindest comments..:) I have enjoyed your blog as well, for a time, its llike a breathe of fresh air when I visit. Sounds like you have a busy day ahead...enjoy your weekend!!
    Blessings to you and yours...

  2. I'm right there with you on the best part of waking up being the coffee! I'm on my way to the kitchen to get some more. I'm not ready for this cold weather we're having. I'm supposed to have a group of people over for dinner tonight which was supposed to be casual, outside. Hmmmm.....maybe not outside after all. Hope your Saturday is a great one.

  3. I was up early this morning too. Good luck at the grocery store. Send some of that cool weather to me. It is supposed to be 95 today! That just isn't right! LOL
    I'm glad you discovered Susan's blog. She is just wonderful!

  4. Oh man I cried my eyes out to the point of a headache when I saw Susan's pics - so did my hubby actually. Very sad.

    It's starting get crisp here too. Gonna have to rotate the seasonal clothes pretty soon here. I HATE doing that for 4 kids!!!!

  5. Wow... thanks for all the GREAT links! My kids are on reversal mode as well. Wrestle them out of bed on school mornings, and then this morning... Saturday... up with the sun. What's up with that?? *yawn...*

  6. Sandra, thanks for the sweet comment. I am thankful too that no one was hurt. I am also humbled by reading Susan's blog. What an amazing family. What a heartache.

  7. Susan's blog moved me to tears too. I first visited just before she went in to give birth. The photos she posted broke my heart but they warmed my soul too.

    I'm very impressed you're not spending any more now than you were five years ago for groceries. That's not easy to do these days.

    I decided rather than do your two new memes late I'll just jump in this coming week. I plan to switch some I'm doing now for your new ones.

    Enjoy that drive in the blogmobile!

  8. LOL...wait till your kids are 17! They sleep all day and all night then! Too funny...there is no funnier site than Gruntman staggering out of bed 10 minutes before we leave for school...still wrapped in his "blankey"...unshaven, sideburns are even mussed, hair this way and that, and eyes half he manages to pull down those A's is beyond me.

    Your comments about your two angels in heaven moved are so right. Though I've not lost a child, I can only imagine the pain you felt..I'm sorry you had to experience that.

    Do you ever visit Lala at insighttolalasworld? She has an amazing story to tell to mother's who's children are waiting for them in heaven. She is honoured to tell it to anyone who asks. wink wink nudge's very faith and heart building.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend


  9. Thanks for mentioning me, I could definately use some love. It sounds silly, but it gets a little depressing when I realize I can't do everything, like even hang a curtain with one hand. I did post on the advantages, which there are some, but by the end of the day I am exhausted. Your blog is such a pick up for me. I enjoy it so much. I hope the grocery store went well. I think I will check out a few other blogs you linked to.

  10. Thank you for sharing Susan Godfrey's story ... It brought tears to my eyes; made me realise that we have so much to be grateful for and need stories like hers to remind us to stop complainnig and live life the way God planned it.

    Hope you grocery shopping went well.

  11. I can't go to the commissary every week's about every 2 wks for me too...I just hate running to the store for every little thing LOL

  12. Hello Sandra, thank you for stopping by and saying hello. It is nice to see who visit ones blog. I am having fun checking out yours. My DH has worked the gravenight shift for 15 years. So my heart goes out to your family. Clarice


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