Thursday, September 28, 2006

Good Morning everyone.....

Well come on in I have some hot coffee and some Crepes with Cream Cheese and Strawberries. I can't really taste them at all, but I'm sure you'll be able to enjoy them :)

I'm still sick, of course, I'm now at
the Can't Smell-Can't Taste phase, the most frustrating for me, I might as well be eating cardboard for all the taste I'm getting out of food.

I did go to the doctor and it seems it's just a really bad cold with a bit of a sinus infection going on. The sinus has always been my problem, and when I get sick you couldn't fit a
needle through my least that's what it feels like to me. Is there anything worse than not being able to breathe??? I didn't think so!!!

I told you yesterday that I picked up that comforter set and curtains for Jasmine's room. I got most of it up already and she loves it. I think her room looks so girly....the next step is getting rid of the bunk bed and buying two small beds. I had to wait for her to agree, but I think she's finally ready to get rid of the bunk beds.

Excuse Nicholas in the picture, any chance he gets to go in big sister's room, he does. He is constantly amazed at her toys and her girly stuff. He has a special affinity for Barbies, which started worrying my hubby until he found that Nicholas kept stashing them in his room, but all their clothes were gone....they were completely naked. LOL

So last night I decided to go ahead and make the meatballs that I had planned. I go and open the ground beef package and yet AGAIN, this horrible stench. What is going on???
Guess I'm making a nice call to the Base Commissary today, this is the third package of ground beef that this has happened to.
But, I made a quick Spaghetti Sauce using leftover chourico and some bacon. It was REALLY good.

By the time I had my bath and got into bed, I was pooped. Seriously, this thing of playing house and being an adult is really hard at times. I love being a mom and wife and taking care of the house, don't get me wrong, BUT when I'm sick I want MY mommy. I want to be tucked into bed and brought soup and tea, I want to lay there and not be bugged, not hear kids screaming at each other, not worry about whether I got that last load of laundry in the dryer, not worry about what my family is going to eat for dinner if I don't fix it.

It's the one thing about being military, that really upsets me. You don't have family nearby, I truly envy my brothers living close to home, when they need something there's always someone there to help, to watch their kids for them, or help them through a hard time. I don't have that, I've learnt to be independent and to take care of myself. I've gone through things that no one should have to go through, and I did it alone, no one there with a shoulder to cry on or to take over. You know I could be bitter, but I'm not, it's made me who I am today......BUT, I do sometimes wish I could just go lay down and not worry about anything!!!! *Sigh* I can dream can't I???

So anyway, this morning I wake up, my nose is all red from blowing it and I see THIS. WHAT THE HECK?!?!?!

Oh come ON, you have got to be kidding me. It's a huge cold sore, just in time for the family pictures on Saturday. I have to admit that God has a sense of humor, nothing like this to make me freak out. I started thinking of how I can cover it up, what I can use to make it just go away.

Then I realize that for some reason, when I have some important picture coming up, I get these. Two days before my wedding day, I got a cold sore, but this time it went from the corner of my mouth, and halfway up my face.

Yeah nothing like THAT to make me a beautiful bride LOL
I'm just handing this one over to God, and whatever happens happens.

I decided to take it easy today, these past few days have been tough for me, I'm moving at snails pace and still trying to do everyting. I hate asking for help, but I'm sorry, I think it's time I ask hubby and the kids to pitch in for today. I'm going to take some medicine and curl up on the couch with a book, maybe watch some tv. I'm leaving dinner up to them too, and since they've been talking about Burger King's Angus Mushroom Burgers (now I'm craving one), I guess that's what we're having :)

Thank you all for the well wishes, it means a lot to me. :)


Who knows...only time will tell :) Hubby and kids are in charge so it could be Burger King, Taco Bell, Popeye's Chicken, Pizza or a sandwich, maybe soup...I don't know.


Rachael Ray - *new* ABC 12pm

Ugly Betty - *new* ABC 7pm

Grey's Anatomy - *new* ABC 8pm
ER - *new* NBC 9pm


ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TODAY.....that's a first for me :)


  1. LOL. I got a cold sore right before my wedding too, but magically it disappeared just in time. I hate that you're sick. Hope you're feeling up and at it again, although it's nice to know that you get to rest for a little while. I'm so used to seeing the long list of chores you have for the day that I'm surprised you're doing nothing. :O) Take care!

    Love You,

  2. sorry to hear you still aren't feeling better!

  3. Oh dear. You're not only not better, you're worse. I hate being sick and like you, I don't want to be the mom, I want mine! And cold sores are awful. I get them if I stay in the sun too long. Here's a tip. Abreva. It costs a fortune, or at least you think it does when you see the size of the little tube, but it last forever and it really does make them go away sooner and hurt less.

    OK. Do you not watch Survivor? Now I REALLY feel sorry for you. :-)

  4. Hope you feel better! I admire you military wives for putting up with what you need to do.

  5. Sandra, I was looking at how cute you were up close and personal and didn't even notice that ugly little thing until you pointed right at it. lol

    I have walked in your shoes living the first 14 years of our marriage away from family, then when my hubby lost his job we moved to Florida. I have true appreciation but now my daughter is away, and married and I miss her tremendously. It is awful!

  6. I'm still wishing you "get well wishes" every day.

    Jasmine's new room decor is darling!!

  7. I'm already hearing of so much crud running around. The weather is changing here, cold, rainy, so it's bound to hit us soon. Hope you are up and around soon, but enjoy being down for a bit - seems like you never stop!

  8. Sorry to hear that you are not feeling better and you now have a cold sore to add to the list.

    The room looks great.

  9. I'm so sorry your sick. I get these huge cold sores when I get a cold too and I always envy the people who say they never get any.

    What's with the commissary? We once had this happen with milk and just recently their Cheerios had a funny smell and they had to pull them all off the shelf. I have never before heard of this with cereal, but when you opened the box it smelled like water damage, so we were all thinking they got wet on the barge over here and then dried before getting to the store.

    Jasmine's room is adorable. I kind of like the bunk bed look.

    I know what you mean about not having family nearby, but sometimes it's nice when the friend's we meet become just like our family, except of course when they leave. That is just depressing.

    I'll be praying for you to have a fast recovery and to get the cold sore to go away ASAP.

  10. Cold sores are the worst!!! I found a medicine called Abreva that works wonders on them!

    I really hope that you are feeling better soon!! Have a great weekend!

  11. I sure hope you feel better ~ my sister always gets cold sores when she is sick or stressed out.
    Sandra, I know what you are going through, being a military wife at times can be very rough. My brothers and sisters always had my parents right there and I guess I am a bit envious of that...but on the other hand I always enjoyed moving around and living in different parts of the country. But it is hard especially around the holidays.


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