Sunday, September 10, 2006

Come right on in everyone.......

I have some coffee and some German Chocolate Cake for you, I'm sure that will entice you to sit for a bit and visit. I hope!!! PLEASE, don't run away because the template has changed again....I'm having NO luck with my computer, I keep getting the blue screen of death, and when I finally fix the errors and get back into the computer, most of my stuff is not accessible. I was trying to change a color on the template I had yesterday and the computer thing I know, it's all gone AGAIN!!!

So here we are, another template, and I'm leaving this one as plain as it is, I've already backed it up on disk, so if it messes up again I can reinstall it and not have to worry about changing too much stuff. Welcome, to the PLAIN Diary of a SAHM, bet you never thought you would see the day huh??? LOL

It's a beautiful Sunday morning, clear skies and 63 degrees, it really does feel wonderful outside.

Well, last night we pulled out the telescopes and were able to get some good sightings of the moon and some of it's craters. My camera wasn't cooperating very well, I did get some shots but they're not that great. BUT, I figured you all would want to see it anyway, so here you go....

Even though the moon ones are a little blurry, you can see the craters and THAT is one of my favorite things to look at. Isn't it amazing??? I've always been interested in space, so to be able to see these marvels with my own eyes is incredible.

I was sitting at breakfast thinking about my favorite things to do, and one popped into my mind. It's camping, yes, a lot of people go camping during the summer, bu
t unfortunately we didn't get to this year.

Back in South Africa we did a lot of it, maybe not a LOT, because my dad is the type that hates paper plates and cups, so it got a little annoying having to take REAL dishes and silverware for him...some camping THAT was LOL......but certainly a few times which became ingrained in my mind. When I think of being out in nature and roughing it out, I instantly go to the Kruger National Park.

I've mentioned it before and I think I shared some stories of our family trips to the Park, but for me one of my favorites was camping right next to the fence. You are literally separated from Lions and Elephants, by this metal fence. Nothing like hearing a roar, waking up an
d staring at big bright eyes across the fence. Scary yes, but thrilling nonetheless.

When you find yourself that close to nature, you can't help but thank God for the beauty he has bestowed upon us, it's just stunning, look at that sunset!
One thing that I enjoy doing with the kids, is going to the South African National Parks website and enjoying their live webcam, it's the closest to the animals we're going to get, so I'm sharing the link with you all, your kids might enjoy it too.

I don't have much planned for today, want to finish the laundry and put it away, make a quick run through the living room, my little tornadoes (Jazzy and Nic) have been hard at work. They make sure that whatever they do, is done to the best of their ability, now while that may be something I really want them to use in the real world, I'm not sure I want it to THAT extent.

Reminds me of one time that I asked Jasmine (who was 3 years old), what she was doing, and she innocently replied "I'm concentrating" and I asked "concentrating on what", to which she quickly replied "I'm concentrating on making a mess". WEll honey, I appreciate that LOL

So anyway, I'm going to clean up a little and then probably try to wrestle the TV away from the kids, I miss just lazying around on the weekends, being able to enjoy whatever comes on.

I leave you with a picture of Lola....she's just so adorable and we always catch her napping or relaxing, in the weirdest places. How about a soccer ball pillow that she dragged into the kitchen to lay by me while I fixed dinner???


I have an Onion and Potato soup in the works. It's a soup that I remember eating while growing up, my greatgrandmother would make it quite often, so would grandma and my stepmom too. Brings back wonderful memories. You can go check out my food blog later for the recipe, and in the meantime go see the one I posted for Pizza Loaf....Jasmine fixed dinner last night :)


The Path to 9/11 - 7pm (my time) on ABC
Flip this House - A&E
60 Minutes - CBS


Making Soup
Finishing Laundry


  1. Girl, you post the coolest pictures. I love all of them in these last few posts. And I like the new template. Sooo autumn-y -- is that a word? Anyway, I like it!

  2. I love all the pics you have posted and my daughter has enjoyed them as well. She is huge astronomy addict - inherited from Shawn's dad.

    I like your new template - wish I was smart enough to figure out some of the stuff to do to customize mine the way I'd like it. Maybe one day .. when I take the time to learn!! LOL!

  3. sorry to hear you're having so much trouble with your computer and thus your template! How frustrating!

    I think it's so neat and cool that you all have your own telescopes! You got some great photos! Last year one of our MOPS speakers was this guy who is into astrophotography and he talked aobut that and showed us some of his pictures - amazing!

  4. Your new blog look is getting me even more excited about the leaves changing...and the weather cooling off as well. I'm looking forward to Thanksgiving, even though Hubby won't be here to share it with me. It will be one of my last ones in the states for a while. Did you see my comment last week about me needing help with my blog? I didn't know if you got my email so I left you a comment on here instead and didn't know if you saw that either. Let me know either way. I will talk to you later.

    Have a good night.

  5. Sandra, I am so sorry your computer crashed. However, you sure bounce back quick! *smile* I mean wow, it would take me a week cause even though I tease and say our tools are pink around here, when it comes to motherboards and hard drives I have to lean on my boys for help.

    Your blog looks great! Not plain jane like at all. hehe You are an excellent hostess, I always feel right at home. Loved the song too!

  6. That's a good song, but who the heck is Franky J?? Anyway...I love your space pictures!! I don't think your blog looks plain!! I think it's pretty...Well, have a great day!

  7. Love the photos.

    Camping in South Africa was amazing. It is a whole different kind of beautiful.

    I keep saying I'm going to change my templete, but then I never know how to get started or what to do.

  8. Hey, we read the blog for your writing and not the template :) Love the moon.

  9. "plain" or not, when I visit your post I feel like I'm sitting at your kitchen table or on the phone with you. Onion and Potato soup - thank you for telling me what to make. And a cake for my husband. That's how we'll "celebrate" 9/11. When my brother died (suicide) a few years back I decided then to celebrate the day rather than mourn. Do something positive, reach out, so soup and cake for us. As usual, thanks Sandra. Youre just the best!

    PS Thanks to you I left my daughter with two big pots of soup, and a freezer full of food to help them through the next week of new parenting. She didnt get much sleep last night so I know she will appreciate it. I appreciate your help.


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