Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I think someone mistakenly left

a knife in my throat. Or at least that's what it feels like.....something really sharp, slowly twisting .

Of all the symptoms that come with a cold, the sore throat for me is the one that I really can't handle.....maybe because it affects my eating, and you all know how much I love food LOL

We did manage to get some sleep last night, but when hubby works night shifts, Nic wants to sleep with me, and I don't mind, I actually welcome the company.
BUT....are you ready??? BUT, what I DON'T like is that when he is sick he tends to have some bed wetting issues.
So I'm all snuggly and sleepy and I turn over and feel something wet on my leg. I'm still pretty much asleep but this light goes off "UH OH!!", I quickly grab his leg and feel that he is wet, move my hand to his underwear and it's soaking. Dagnabit, it's 3am!!!

I had to drag myself around, in the dark, trying to be as quiet as a mouse so as not to wake Jasmine sleeping in her room.....wash him up, redress him with clean clothes, and then hunt down some new bed linens. All this at that horrible hour of the morning!!!
Oh the things moms have to do!!!

One thing I've noticed with myself, is that, when I'm sick I tend to go into overdrive, it's like when you're exhausted and can't keep your eyes open and then suddenly at 10pm you get that second wind, and you're ready to go another 12 hours. That's what I feel like....I feel miserable and mopy and then suddenly BAM!!! I'm up cleaning and reorganizing, yes I reorganize when I'm sick.

By the time hubby got up in the afternoon, he noticed the change LOL He just laughs and shakes his head, he always tells me "You nesting again?" if!!!

But I worked on the kitchen, trying to get some more fall decorations going etc, and then I realized I was out of bread. Now what does a woman do when that happens??? Go buy some bread you say??? Nah, I just bake my own...see how I get when I'm sick??? I'm in the kitchen at 1pm baking two loaves of bread. I got the recipe from Kelli over at "There's no place like home" and Oh BOY, did that bread turn out good.

Freshly baked and hot out of the oven, slathered with there anything better than that???
So if you want to try some, just go look here for the recipe, and while you're there, check out what Kelli is planning to do soon, it's going to be so much fun for them and I can't wait to see the pictures :)

I had a couple of errands to run this morning, so I decided to stop at the thrift store. I found some fall decorations and also a really cute bed set for Jasmine. It's all girly, pink and flowers and all that cute stuff, it had the comforter and sheets, dust ruffle, panels and valances, and all for just $10. How cool is that??? I've just got done washing them all again, and now I'm going to go fix her room, she's going to be thrilled :)

Unfortunately leaving the house only made me worse. I just can't win can I??? I feel awful right now, running a bit of a temperature, hopefully by dinner time I'll be a little better so I can fix dinner, if not, guess it's take out. You have no idea how I hate doing that, I feel horrible when I have to do that.

Thank you all for the well wishes, seems there's a lot of colds going around, almost everyone I talk to has their family sick with the flu. It's that whole change of season, and here especially we've had 30 degree mornings, and then 70 to 80 degrees afternoons, it's just crazy.

Well I better get going. Gotta see if hubby can pick Jasmine up, if not, guess I'll be heading out shortly. You ladies have a wonderful afternoon,

God Bless,


The plans for dinner were Meatballs and Spaghetti, some homemade garlic bread and a nice salad. The way I'm feeling right now, we might end up having Burger King....Arrrrgghhh!!!


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  1. Oh Sweetie I hope you feel better soon...

    Kudos to you for baking fresh bread.. can you boil up some eggs and just have sliced boiled eggs on fresh toast for supper (I confess we have that here at least once a week)? That way you don't have to feel bad about the takeout but also don't have to work too hard.

    How exciting to get a new bedroom set and WHAT A DEAL! WTG Mom! Even sick you ROCK!



  2. Hoping you feel better soon my dear. I hate sore throats worse than anything. you must get and keep on hand some zicam! It sometimes makes the cold go completely away or makes it just such an insignificant one you will never notice it. Huggers!

  3. Okay I want to visit your thrift store, you always seem to get such good deals!!

    I hope you start feeling better soon..nothing worse because when mom is sick things still need to get done!

    Take care and God bless!!

  4. Back when I used to actually bake bread, my girls would wait anxiously for that first piece of "newborn bread" (that's what they called it) spread with butter and brown sugar. Yummmmmm!

    I really love the sound of your thrift store. You always find the coolest things.

    I had a cold and sore throat in July and August that would not go away, and then I started coughing and it became bronchitis that took two rounds of antibiotic to get rid of. You might want to have the doctor see if that slight fever is the sign of an infection of some kind. Take care of yourself, girl!!

  5. Ok, seriously..yesterday my bloglines said you had no new posts. I thought "wow, thats weird, Sandra usually posts every day." Well, instead of checking, I just believed my old bloglines and went on my merry way. Now it says you have 6 posts. SIX!! Geesh...ok, now I'm going to back in like an hour..LOL!

  6. Mmmm, I am soo making fresh bread tomorrow!! That sounds soo good, and you know what? I've never done it before! I'll let you know how it turns out.

  7. mmmmm - i am anxious to try the bread recipe - might even do it tomorrow, but probably will wait til the weekend and do it with the kids.

    i hope you feel much better soon - and sorry to hear about the wet bed - the joys of motherhood!!!!

    but i agree with morning glory - see a dr. us mommy's don't have sick days and we definitely have to keep going dead or alive!! :)

    take care of yourself, still praying!!

  8. Do you think you might have strep throat? I remember last year I had strep and my throat hurt sooo bad; it hurt to swallow and I was miserable. I hope you feel better soon!

  9. I can't believe all you get done... even when you are sick! You go girl!

    When my son had bed issues, and it was a time in life like it sounds you are going through, I was a complete wimp... I resorted to pull ups to save on my laundry and both of our waking in the night. Pathetic huh?

  10. You need to put your feet up and rest. Let us make you some tea and help you with your chores. Wouldn't that be great if we could?

    Get well soon. Won Ton soup always works for me.

  11. I'm sorry you and Nicholas haven't been feeling good. :(

    I had a weekend once where Snuggle Bug got some type of flu bug that caused blow-out, runny diapers. I ended up sleeping on the floor of his room and changed his diapers, jammies, and the exterior crib pad each time he filled his diaper (several times throughout the night).

    Poor baby. We were both so exhausted that weekend!

    Hope you're feeling better soon!

  12. such a bummer that you are sick! and a double bummer that you've got to deal with the wet sheets in the middle of the night while you're sick!

    i know what you mean about the second wind. when my husband is working nights (right now he's on a 6:30pm-6:30am shift), i find that i can get a lot of good cleaning done at night... the kids are in bed and husband is gone, so there's no one to follow behind me and make messes so there's no one else needing my attention. i really get going, the whole time thinking i need to be in bed but also thinking that it sure feels good to be making visible progress! (of course by the time my husband is up in the afternoon, it's too late, and he doesn't get to see how tidy it was!)

    hope you're feeling better soon! stop by sometime. :)

  13. I hate it when we have soar throats...that is the worse.......I would rather be throwing up I think.....the throat thing gets me I know what you are going through...hang in there..this too will pass......

  14. I think someone needs to come in and take over and put you to bed. I got exhausted just reading this and I feel fine!

    My heart goes out to you. There is nothing worse than feeling sick put also feeling like you have so much to do.

    God Bless your sweet heart!


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