Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm not judgemental....really....

I try hard not to judge others, because honestly, I wouldn't like being judged myself. I don't think it's our place to do that, am I right???

But sitting in my car this morning, waiting for the bell to ring so Jasmine could go in, we were both sitting there wondering why some women would allow themselves to be seen in public, a certain way.

I'm not conceited and I definitely don't think I'm pretty or sexy or anything, but I do like to make myself presentable, at least.

You know there's something wrong when a 7 year old turns her nose down at some things. Just in the 10 minutes we were there, we saw a lady wearing a robe, one with her hair sticking out in all directions while rubbing her eyes, one in pj's and slippers, one with a t-shirt and shorts SO short that Jasmine asked me why she was only wearing a shirt and underwear.

I don't know these ladies, and I'm sure they have excuses for the way they looked, but come on, shouldn't you get up a little earlier so that you can at LEAST brush your hair or throw on some sweatpants??? That's all I'm saying to that!!!

I'm not even going to point out that my template is YET again different. I
got up this morning and low and behold, everything was gone....I don't know if it's my computer or the beta blogger or what it is, but I'm going to be working on my computer today and making sure everything is fixed, hopefully this is the last time you see a change, at least until Christmas.

Last night I sat up and watched 9/11, the documentary that was on CBS, and hence my post earlier this morning, honoring the firefighters.

It was the first time that I had gotten a look INSIDE the events, what it was like to be in tower 1, when the second one came tumbling down. What it was like to be standing there and then hearing the rumbling sound, looking up and seeing the second tower quickly falling to the ground, people running, screaming and then darkness, dust and quiet. THAT is what got to me the most, the deafening silence.

If you didn't get a chance to watch it last night, I suggest you do when you get a chance, it's just extraordinary and gives you an insight into the last moments for the victims of 9/11. I know I'll NEVER be the same since that day.

My MIL starts chemotherapy today, so if you get a chance just say a little prayer that she does well with it and most importantly that the chemotherapy is able to shrink down the cancer. I'm still feeling a calm about the whole situation, and I'm thankful to God that I am.

The peace of God . . . will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. —Philippians 4:7
You know that when we keep our minds on God, God will keep our mind's at peace. He's done that for me through this and through so many ups and downs.

I'm having a bit of a struggle in my marriage right now. The stubbornness in me seems to peak when I have a disagreement with my husband, and instead of letting it go, I seem to want to yell and complain and whine about it all, even to the point of deliberately picking a fight with him just to get the LAST WORD.

This weekend was no different, we were at each other's throats, but by Sunday morning, I woke up and before getting out of bed, I called out to God...asking Him to guide me through this day, to set mouth guards on my lips and to help me do and say what is right. Within a few minutes I started thinking about all the wonderful things my husband does for me and for us as a family, I thought about the times he takes the kids to the park, takes out the trash without me nagging, offers to help me clean the house and watches the kids every night for about an hour, so that I can take my shower, lay in bed and read or watch a little bit of TV.

THAT is who I married and THAT is what I need to concentrate on. We all have our bad days and the Lord knows I'm not perfect, by no means. I just need to remember to stay calm and choose my battles, some things are NOT worth fighting about.

Before I head out, I want to point you in the direction of my food blog, I've uploaded the recipe for my soup and I'm also participating in the Menu Plan Monday feature, hosted by Laura at "I'm an Organizing Junkie". Along with my menus for this week, you'll also find the recipe for tonight's dinner "Tortellini Alfredo". Enjoy :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful Monday, God bless!!!


Tortellini Alfredo, Garlic Bread and a Salad. For dessert I'm making Chocolate Mousse.


General Hospital *New*
Montel Williams (9/11 - Five Years Later) *New*
Everybody Loves Raymond *Repeat*


Sweeping and Mopping
Cleaning House
Fixing Computer


  1. I agree with you on some of the things women wear. Seems they don't respect themselves very much. Michelle

  2. I enjoyed your blog, first time posting. I agree about what some parents wear at drop off. I know it's early, but putting on clothes would be great. Jen

  3. Can I suggest you read something? Love and Respect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs. Our sr. pastor highly recommends it for pre-marital counseling and also those who have been in the thick of it awhile and are hitting bumps. xoxoxo

  4. PS Every time you change your template I think I like it better - just keeps getting prettier.

  5. Love the new template.

    I agree about how some people go out in public. I have never understood women who go out in a head full of plastic curlers. I figure if you are concerned enough to curl your hair for something, shouldn't you be concerned enough to not go out in the curlers???

    Amen to your thoughts on your hubby. Some times it is so easy to concentrate on the things that bug us. Good for you in asking for help to remember his good points.

  6. Your American Eagle brought a lump to my throat ...
    Must be something to do with the moon ... it is now 12h05 am Tuesday morning SA time and I am posting a comment on your blog, Why, cos I can't sleep. I had a major argument with my better half and now I am so mad that I cannot sleep ... he is snoring away withour a care. Reading your post makes me feel normal ;-)

  7. I completely understand what you mean about the way some people dress...or don't dress! yikes!

    Saying a prayer for your MIL as she undergoes chemo treatment. Praying it all goes as well as it can for her and this will get all those bad cancer cells!

  8. The template is pretty, as usual. I've begun to anticipate a new look every week now. Ha ha.

    Obviously those women who wear the awful stuff in the morning don't look in the mirror before they leave the house.

    I'm sorry about the sense of struggle in your marriage. Times like that are not abnormal; we all go through them. The important part is that you recognize it and try to correct it. Your husband sounds like a wonderful man, and from getting acquainted with you through the blogs, you sound like a really great lady, too. So keep on working on what's important.

    Prayers for you both and for your MIL.

  9. I never know what will pop up over here these days but it must have been frustrating to wake up and find everything you'd done gone. I like this one, though.

    All marriages hit bumpy spots. I think it would be weird if a marriage never went through a few rough spots.

    I'll say a prayer for your mil. Chemotherapy is tough.

  10. I am athe same way with my hubby. i get so stubburn and grumpy but i need to focus on all the great things he does - and not just on his mistakes. goodness knows i have a ton of mistakes too!!!

    so sorry you are having template problems. we have been having server problems and so i am soooooo behind on my visiting.

    i wish i had seen that documentary!!

  11. Friend, I appreciate your honesty regarding your marriage. We all have those moments. Continue to keep focused on the positives and know I am praying even now.

    I am also praying for your mom and her chemo. That can be such a long road to travel. Keep us updated.

    And are you serious?!?! Are you saying people were taking their children to school in their PJ's and robes??!?! Unbelievable!! What will we see next? Towels from just getting out the shower maybe,??? I HOPE NOT!!

    I'm sure you're frustrated with your template... but for what it's worth... I think it's beautiful!

  12. I'm always amazed at how much you get into your blogs. I never know where to begin with my comments.

    1) No judgment was made this morning. All you did was express your views and thoughts, which by the way I totally agree with. I feel guilty enough if I leave the house without a quick shower; once I even forgot to put on a bra.

    2)I like that your blog is always changing. I never know what to expect.

    3) It was a very powerful documentary. I agree.

    4) She is in my thoughts and my prayers, as are you.

    5) Thank you for your honesty about your relationship. It is hard at times to stay focused and not yell uncontrollably. I'm glad you were able to refocus your energy. Stay strong. You did the right thing. I have just started a blog called Defining Intimacy ( I'll be updating it weekly with simple ways to keep the relationship going. There is only one post there now, but tomorrow I'll be adding another.

  13. Hi Sandra
    I've been having real trouble with all of my blogpals who have beta blogger. The comments box just isn't popping up for me! sob, sob, sob. So I'm very pleased that I'm actually getting to comment on your blog!lol!

    The ladies in a state of undress you were describing - am I getting confused or were they dropping their children off to school in their pjs? Was there an earthquake or something?

    I really like the new template.

    I shall pray for your MIL and I hope that everything will go well for her.

    I think it's something common to us women that we always want the last word. You obviously love your husband very much and if you keep focussing on the positives then I'm sure everything will come out OK. What couple haven't been through some rough patches?

    plain and simple

    ps. Made those Danish pastries on the other blog - truly yummy!

  14. Hi Mrs. Sandra,

    You are fine. You know here in this area the moms dress up to go to school and drop their children off. I will never forget one woman would look like she spent hours getting ready.

    We have the opposite extreme. I wish some moms would just drop their children off in sweat pants. I am not saying rollers, robes, and hoochie mommy shorts, but sweatpants can be ok especially when you are just dropping them off.

    As far as your marriage goes. You have made it this far. Don't be so hard on him. Most men wouldn't dare dream of helping their spouse for an hour of freedom. You are great and you just remember that.

    You love Philippians. So, just think of the verse "You can do all things through Christ who strengtens you."

  15. Pretty template!
    I agree about the way I see some women dress. I don't get the curlers in the hair thing.
    Sorry you're hitting a bumpy patch in your marriage. I go through this every now and then, and then I have to remember why I fell in love with him, and how he could just give me goosebumps (he still does!) We will be married 21 years this month, its not at all unusual to have those "moments."

  16. Slippers to school huh? Gosh someone needs a new alarm clock LOL

  17. Marriage is HARD work! I NEVER realized that when I was single, I didn't even think that I was the marrying type! It's sad to know that only 50% of marriages work and the numbers are only declining! I know that, for me, pride is the biggest reason for some of our worst fights! Marriage just needs a lot of work and time and giving on both parts! It's really refreshing to see a couple taking that time to make it work! Heaven knows that I make my husband work hard at staying in this with me! LOL! But, I think my hubby makes me work HARDER in this marriage sometimes! LOL!

    I love your blog! I seriously can't get enough of it!


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