Tuesday, September 12, 2006

I'm having a fat day

You know the days where you wake up in the morning, go into the closet to find something to wear, and then suddenly all your pants don't fit????

"Someone's been in my closet", I'm sure while I was sleeping, some mean little elf came in and switched my clothes with some MUCH smaller sizes. That's the only explanation I can think of....either that, or I'm putting on weight.

Neither one of those explanations brings me any comfort, actually. So, I'm wearing a t-shirt and sweatpants today, I feel frumpy, and now I'm thinking, after my post yesterday, is this some lesson from God??? I was talking about the ladies dropping their kids off at school, wearing pj's and robes etc........and He knows that I don't even like wearing sweatpants in public. I'm too good for that! HA!!!!

Just kidding, no but really, I like looking nice, or trying to at least, and I've never been comfortable wearing baggy sweatpants outside.....guess I'm going to have to set those feelings aside today.

It's fine though, I'm having a blah day anyway, my stomach hurts and my voice is all croaky. Yep, bring on the Fall Cold, and since I love my family so much, I make it a point, year after year, to be the first one getting it. Aren't I just the nicest??? :)

BTW, a couple of you mentioned that you emailed me and I didn't reply, that means I didn't get it. I don't know what is going on with my email, when we switched to DSL a couple months ago, my email account started acting weird and lately with all these computer errors I'm getting, it's just even worse. SO, with that said, if you don't hear from me, it means I didn't get anything....sorry :(

But moving on, want to see the first signs of fall outside my front door??? I took these two pictures of the big tree we have outside, how beautiful is that?

I'm so eager for the cooler temperatures to arrive. It brings with it the anticipation of soups, bowls full of wonderful stew, homemade bread, pumpkin pie, etc etc. I'm going to stop right there because it's making me hungry just thinking about it.

In a few minutes I will have the guy from Housing Maintenance here to fix my dishwasher. It's at the point where I open it up and the dishes are dirty. The top spinning thingamabob keeps falling off, so the dishes on the top shelf don't get washed....and then the bottom tray where you load the stuff, is rusting, so now for the past week, everytime I pull out a dinner plate, it's not only dirty but it's also getting a very nice rusty ring around the edges. Just makes you want to eat off of it doesn't it??? BLEH!!!

Later today, I have to run to the BX too. Last week I thought (stop me next time I think please), "HEY, I need new silverware, I seem to have tons of mismatched ones".
So I run out and do what every smart woman does when looking for that special silverware set. I buy the cheapest I can find, because, well, because I'm cheap??? I don't know!!!! *bangs head on desk*
WHY????? WHY and WHAT possessed me to do that????

I come home all proud of myself and dying to get the new silverware out. I wash them and everything seems fine. When I try to offer a spoon to Jaz she says "I don't want it, it's dirty". HUH??? I just washed them....so I see this,

Do you see it??? You see the rust?? I just BOUGHT those. But I have to say, I learnt my lesson, no more buying cheap stuff just to save a buck, because in the end I'm going to spend more money trying to replace them. *sigh*

Well the maintenance guy is here, and I'm off. I'll leave you with my plans for today, nothing exciting at all though, sorry to shock you. LOL

Have a wonderful day ladies, God Bless,


Fried Chicken, Mashed Potatoes and Corn. Nothing for dessert, still have left over cake and chocolate mousse.


General Hospital *New*
House *New*
America's Most Haunted Town *Netflix DVD)


Cleaning Carpets
Running to store
Returning library books


  1. Can you return the silverware? That's pretty nasty! And ew, broken dishwasher! I hope the repairman gets there soon so you don' have to spend all day waiting!
    I love fall food, too!

  2. I got some awesome siverware from Costco this spring...better than the stuff I had that was always bending!!

    I'm loving your new look!!

  3. How do you stay so motivated at going everyday...sometimes I have a hard time just doing one load of laundry.....
    I feel lazy......

  4. You had me giggling throughout your whole post. I have one of those elfs in my closet too. hehe!

    Yeah, silverware is one of those things you don't want to chinx on. Buy 18/10 it is the best, very heavy, and will last forever! I am a bargain shopper too! :)

    Your blog decor looks pretty...still tweaking it a bit humm :)

  5. I am totally with you. I am having a fat day today to and it's not even "that time" and so I'm not bloated...what's UP with this?

  6. Oh my goodness... You won't even believe it!! That same little elf was in my closet last night also!! He's almost like the tooth fairy or Santa Claus... He can get to more than one house per night spanning the miles.


  7. Thankyouthankyouthankyou for putting "New" next to House. I wouldn't have watched it tonight and then I'd have been really upset because it's one of my favorite shows. I have spent so little time watching TV since I started blogging, I didn't even know Survivor starts this week. Thank goodness Bev clued me in.

    That silverware? I'd take it right back and get a refund. No matter how cheap it was, it shouldn't do that this soon. Sorry you're getting sick. Seems like everyone comes down with a cold when the seasons start changing.

    And I understand about those pants. You have no idea how afraid I am to go into my closet and get out my jeans for cooler weather. They fit when I put them away last spring but oh my, I'm a little worried.

  8. LOL...it's so hard to contain a laugh or giggle when I read your posts. You are so dang funny! I would return the silverware too; that is unacceptable. I'm having one of those days too. I woke up and felt not my usual shape, so I threw on some stretchy gauchos and a tee and didn't even bother with trying out the jeans. BTW, I LOVE your new blog!!!! So purty!!!

    Have a wonderful night! Or day, depending on when you read this. :o)

  9. You are absolutely charming. When all else fails I can hop on over to your site and realize I am not the only mom out there that feels the same way you happen to feel. Except I will wear sweatpants out of the house. In order to go to the gym, I must wear them out of the house. That or make my kids suffer through the daycare for an additional twenty minutes to get undressed to change back into nice clothing. HEHEHE

    You are probably about to begin that lovely monthly cycle. I doubt you gained any weight. You feel blah, you have a cold, and nothing fits today. No worries. Smile :-)

  10. I guess "fat days" will rank up there with "bad hair days"...what if you are having both! Ugh

    Yup, know whatchamean about cheap cutlery...I bought a set one Christmas 'cause we had a housefull...never again.

    Well, nice visiting today as usual..enjoy your Wednesday.

    Rena (3forward2back)

  11. Oh we all have those baggy pants day. I need to go shopping for clothes BADLY so. Think I'll do that on Saturday -although I'd love to do it during the week rather, as it is so much quieter then

  12. It's so funny you mentioned sweatpants because after having 7 kids I am kind of used to them. The only problem is here in Hawaii 90% of the woman look great in short shorts and swimsutis so sweatpants are kind of out of place. I have never actually car pooled my kids in PJs though. I don't think I would feel comfortable doing this.
    Good luck with your dishwasher.

  13. I wish you were my mommy so I'd have a spotless house, ironed laundry and homemade meals every night!! Girl, I don't know how you do it!!!


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