Friday, September 08, 2006

September 11......I Remember

I'm not American, most of you know that, but for those that don't....I was not born in this wonderful country, but the events of September 11, 2001, rocked me to the core.

I remember I had just finished eating breakfast. Jasmine was in the living room playing and hubby was asleep upstairs after working midshift.

I don't even know what was on the TV, but the next minute, there were Breaking News Reports and interrupted programs to bring us the news. I vividly remember Jasmine whining because her show was interrupted, and I was in the middle of telling her that it would be just a quick news cast and soon she would have the cartoons back, but something kept me glued to the TV.

The image of the first airplane crashing into the World Trade Center.

I sat in silence and in shock, not knowing what to make of it. Surely something must have happened, a mechanical problem, pilot error, but how??? There's no way he could have missed the tall towers.

Before I could digest everything, the second plane hit and the minute it did, I felt a gut wrenching pain, a lump in my throat and the tears started flowing. It hit me, something big is going on and it affects everyone, but being a military family I also knew what it meant for us.

Even though it's been years there are some moments that replay in my mind, as if in slow motion, a recording that become implated for life.

Those innocent people waving from the windows, looking for any sort of help they could get out of that inferno.

The shocking images of some jumping from the towers.

The towers collapsing, the screams the panic and then the dead silence....

I, much like Shannon, jumped up from the couch racing towards the TV, my arms stretched out as if by some invisible force I could hold the towers up.

I remember the anchors trying to gather information, trying to stay neutral, but some with tears in their eyes, voices cracking and in shock.

I remember feeling imense sadness for all the innocent lives lost, for the pain and grief their families would have to endure.

I remember feeling a tremendous anger at the people who did this, how could they be so vile, so horrible?

I remember our base became a tightly secured place, the base gates were closed, there were ID checks at every building and everywhere imaginable, there was added security, and our guys moved into overdrive. You could feel the tension in the air, the soldiers wanting to just get out there and do what they could, and an immense sense of pride for being able to contribute somehow to this beautiful country.

And finally I remember being extremely proud of my husband as he packed, put on his uniform and was shipped out to defend our country.

September 11.....We will NOT forget!!!

If you want to share your own memory of that day, go on over to Shannon's Blog and add your name to Mr. Linky.


  1. I got chills reading your memories of that day. I can remember exatly where I was on that day too...sitting there unbelieving what was actually happening. To this day I'm still stunned at the amount of lives lost and devastation that happened on that day.

  2. I remember that day so well and all the horror that just kept pouring forth. I'll never forget, and am so grateful to all our military for the role they play in keeping our freedom secure.

  3. Sandra, thanks for your touching's still hard to believe 9/11 happened...may nothing like that ever happen again.

    I'm sorry to contact you like this but didn't know another way...please forgive the intrusion...I want to send you a copy of my next book, Pursued by the Shepherd: Every Woman’s Journey from Lost to Found, when it's released in May. The publisher (Revell) needs names and addresses now, so if you're interested, please let me know, ok?

    Thanks always, Karon

  4. I will forever remember that day and where I was. What a wonderful way to remember that day by sharing our thoughts. Come visit soon at September Morn on the new bata blog.

  5. I'm just letting you know I stopped in... and appreciate your memories.

    It a tie that binds us all...

  6. I still get emotional when I think about that day! I can't imagine what it must have been like to see your dear hubby go after that happened! You are so brave!

    Have you seen the movie- World Trade Center? I haven't yet because I haven't wanted to cry! Just wanted to know if it was worth seeing!


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