Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Morning Everyone :)

It's been a crazy morning. I thought I had it all under control, I was on a schedule, the kids were getting up with plenty of time to get ready for school and we still made it there about 10 minutes before the bell rang.

What happened this morning??? I couldn't fall asleep last night, it was about 2 am when I finally drifted off to sleep, then the alarm started yelling at me at 5:45am.
I am exhausted, I pretty much dragged myself around, trying to get ready....the kids didn't want to get up either, which meant everyone was being slow, and by the time we walked out the door it was 8:10am.

The first bell rings at 8:20am so we got halfway and heard it ringing.

Me - Run, Run, Run, just take the backpack and go as fast as you can Jasmine.
Jasmine - I don't feel like it, I'm tired, I don't want to run and my backpack is too heavy.
Me - WHAT?!?!? Just go, you're going to be late, look the kids have gone in already....
Jasmine - I said, I'm not going to run, the tardy bell doesn't ring until 8:30am. (Gives me the look)
*Nicholas stops in the middle of the field and refuses to budge*
Nicholas - I'm not going anymore, I want to go back to your home and play my Dora game
Me - *Eye Twitching* Are you KIDDING me?!?!? What is wrong with you both this morning, you're not cooperating at all.
Jasmine - Oh we're just kids!!!!

And there you have it, truer words have never been spoken. WE'RE JUST KIDS!!!
See how wonderful my morning was??? But in the middle of all this chaos, I was stressed beyond belief, exhausted and out of patience, begging God to help me get through it, and then I look outside the window and see this:

Isn't that a beautiful sunrise??? The pictures don't do it justice because it was this bright red which turned the whole sky that beautiful pinkish color. It just reminds me that He is still there and that I'll make it through this day, albeit holding on tight to His hands.

With school now going into it's second week, things are finally starting to settle into the school year routine. It's always hectic the first few days, it's like re-learning how to ride a bike, you sort of forget about it, but once you get back on that bike, it all comes flooding back. Except for me, in the case of a real bike, for some reason the older I get the more scared I am of riding it. How sad is that??? Seriously, hubby asked me to get on my bike, I did and then peddled a few steps and then all of a sudden I had this image of me just plopping to the side. I literally starting yelling "oh no, oh no, how do I stop it without falling over?".

Let's just say, the look on hubby's face was priceless. LOL

So I'm spending the day doing laundry, I'm tackling it all, I would have used it as my "Tackle it Tuesday" post, but it wouldn't be fair, I've used it before. I really couldn't come up with another project, so I guess I'm not playing along this week. But by all means, go on over to Janice and Susan's "5 Minutes for Mom" and check out what others are tackling all over blogland.

BTW, I'm still not able to post in some of your blogs, Barb, Annie, Rena, Lady Laurie and a few others. Turns out that you have your blogs set to not accept anonymous comments, hence my poor fate....I can't post using my blogger account until Beta has sorted itself all out, and I can't post anonymously either, so I'm faced with a dilema....I read your blogs, and want to post a comment and can't, no way around it. So if I used to comment everyday on some blogs, and now I don't, it's not because I'm not reading it, it's because I'm prohibited from doing so, by the Beta Blogger Fairy.....nasty nasty fairy she is!!!

While I was over at 5 Minutes for Mom this morning, I saw a post that really excited me. Heather at My Midlife Moments has teamed up with Janice and Susan to create a new group blog called "Faith Lifts." This is a quote from Heather:

There are many great bible study themed blogs out there, and it is not our desire to replace or over shadow any of them- We firmly believe that Christ is working mightly in the blogging world, and is using all of us! Faith Lifts, however, does want to be a bit different than the rest. Every day we all face struggles, disapointment and hardships. We sometimes feel as if we are traveling this journey alone, but that is where we at Faith Lifts want to help. We want to share His love and grace with you on the days when you need it the most. We also want to be able to just sit back and giggle like old friends from time to time!
Now while I wish I could be a contributor, I just don't have the time for it with the little ones, but I'm definitely going to be visiting the blog every day. I think we could all use some Faith Lifting, we all have our struggles and Heather says it best "We sometimes feel as if we are traveling this journey alone". Boy have I felt that way, numerous times.

The topic being discussed this month is faith. Go on over and read Heather's entry, reflect on your own faith, where you're at in your life, what can you do to change it, and let the stories you read give you the courage you need to get through that hard time.
I know that for me, this couldn't have come at a better time. I've added the Button on my sidebar, there to the left, if you want to help spread the word, just go HERE, pick the button you want and proudly show it off on your blog.

A Group Blog for Christian Moms

Last night I tried a new recipe for Round Steak Stroganoff. It was DELICIOUS and one that hubby and the kids have asked me to make again soon. It's right up there with my Smothered Steak Recipe which was a huge hit at dinner. If you want to take a look remember to check my food blog "Full Bellies, Happy Kids".

I decided that from now on, I'll end all my posts the same way. I will tell you what's cooking at home, what I'm doing that day, what I'm watching or reading, projects etc.

I guess all in an attempt to make you see exactly what my days are like. This is the first time I'm doing it, that's why I'm babbling about it, but from now on it will just be a normal feature.


I have a chicken in the slow cooker, roasting and permeating the air with a wonderful aroma. I also have carrots and potatoes ready to add to it in a few hours. There's a yummy salad to go with it, and for dessert, Fresh Fruit Salad.


ABC - General Hospital
Fox Channel - House (New Season)
Discovery Channel - Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe


Baking for Jasmine's Class tomorrow


  1. I have fun reading your blog... you do a good job of just letting us into your world!

  2. It is tough when you can't sleep and have oodles to do early the next day. Sounds like you got them there on time though. :) I will look into Faith Lifts...sounds wonderful!

  3. OHOHOH! Does the new House start tonight? I had totally forgotten! AHH! I'm so excited!
    Also, I'm coming to your house for supper. Hope you've made plenty!

  4. Oh I'm so excited about the new season of House...seriously my favourite show!!! We have the first two seasons on DVD.


  5. Yum!! Dinner sounds wonderful - what time shall I come over?????? :) LOL! I love the format you use in writing your blog - so nice to see what others do with their day (sorry, I'm nosy like that)! And regarding the fall (school) routines (with the exception of your rough start this morning) aren't they GRAND?!?!

    As for Beta Blogger - I hope they work out all these kinks really soon!!!!!

    One more thing - thanks for your prayers for my DH's family. They are going to need it ..... :)


  6. Dinner sounds fabulous. What time can we come over!
    hee hee

    I am a total House junkie too! I am so excited for the new season!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful sunrise with us.

  7. Your blogger never seizes to amaze me. You ALWAYS have interesting stories for us to read - I always read your blog first; I even have it listed on my bloglines subscriptions. Thank you for a lovely blog and thanks for reminding us of the interesting links out there.

  8. Beautiful sunrise pictures!!

    Mmmmm, can I come to your house for dinner tonight? I'm still trying to get some inspiration for supper and it's after 5:00!!

  9. Your dinner sounds oh so great.......And I agree on the Beta Blogger I cant post on some of my fav's either......loved your sunrise..Scott is on vacation this week and we have been having breakfast on the deck watching the sunrise and having coffee....I love doing this with him.
    have a great week...I'm just checkin in

  10. Our sunrise was beautiful this morning too. I was up at 5:30 AM (ouch... to a non morning person that almost hurt!) and what a beauty!!!

    Sorry the rest of your morning wasn't as "nice". Hoping tomorrow is better!!

    By the way, did I mention I love your new fall banner?! It's great!

  11. Yikes! Sounds like you did have quite the stressful morning! Hope it goes better tomorrow! That was a beautiful sunrise though!

  12. Oh how often do we all forget that they really are "just kids." It certainly bears remembering :)

    Love the sunrise.. so pretty!

    Julie Bo Boolie

  13. Great Blog. I love the part about "just kids". I think we all lose sight of that in moments of chaos.

    Great photos as well. What a nice way to help you refocus your energy.

    I have problems posting on your blog. I can't just choose my blogger name. I actually have to go to Other and reenter it every time. Very Odd!

  14. I can't believe I missed House! Does anyone know if there will be a re-run?

  15. What a beautiful sunrise to brighten your morning!

  16. I went through the same thing with SlowMo, hence..her name:)

    she would be almost missing the bus, but wouldn't run!!! ARrghghghghg~~!!!!

    flipflop mamma


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