Saturday, September 09, 2006

Stars, Planets and Moons!!!

I was thinking about all that I did this summer and all that didn't get done. I think the biggest one for me was using our telescopes. We're avid star gazers and each have our own telescopes and accessories etc. Something we LOVE and want to get more into, is Astrophotography. It's not an easy task, I mean I can grab my camera and just shoot a picture of the night sky, but chances are I won't see anything.

I've researched astrophotography sites, we've bought the different filters and the LPI camera, and last year we started snapping pictures. I would then load them on my computer and take them to Photoshop to clean them up, fix them etc. I don't alter any of the pictures, all I do is brighten them and remove noise etc, so that we see what the real effect. We got some really good ones, at least for amateur astrophotographers that we are. LOL

Here are my favorites:

The Night Sky, look at all those gorgeous colors.

Saturn, you can actually see half of it's rings, this is by far one of my favorites.

Jupiter surrounded by nebulae and beautiful stars

Another shot of Jupiter, showing 4 of it's moons

Here's one of the moon, still my favorite thing to photograph

And last but not least, the sun, you can even see a sun spot on the right

Knowing that soon it will be too cold to venture out with telescopes in tow, we've decided that today we're going to enjoy the sky and maybe grab some more neat photos. The kids are excited and so are we, it's a family event for us, believe me, even the little ones have their own telescopes. Obviously nothing expensive or major, but at least they don't fight over whose turn it is.

Within the next two weeks, we're also planning a weekend trip to the Bruneau Dunes. They have the cutest little cabins for real cheap, and they're situated just a walks away from the Observatory, which is open every friday and saturday night. There's a public program followed by observing through their HUGE 25" Telescope like THIS one. You have to climb stairs to get to top just to be able to view the sky through this enormous telescope, and the views??? Oh man, they're nothing short of stunning.

So anyway, that's what we'll be doing later today, so if we get good shots, I'll definitely be posting them in tomorrow's post.

I have laundry drying right now, and I have to get things ready for dinner too, I'm making a Pizza Loaf and I'll post the recipe later.

Have a wonderful Saturday everyone :)


Pizza Loaf and right now I have the wonderful aroma of German Chocolate Cake baking in the oven.


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  • Finishing Laundry
  • Baking a cake
  • Starting Dinner
  • Getting Telescopes ready for viewing


  1. Sandra, well look at you, you are ready for Fall. You did a little Love it! Love the Fall colors!

    Jupitor and the night sky filled with stars are so interesting. You are really talented with that camera. :)

  2. I had not considered photography! My daughter hopes to be an Astor-physist...I'm a history geek, she's a science geek! I'll show her your site later. Cool pics!

  3. Those are AWESOME pictures!! Cute blog! I like the fall look. Maybe I should change mine soon AGAIN to reflect the season. ;)


  4. Wonderful photos Sandra. Hope this doesn't post twice but blogger hates me!

  5. Oh Sandra I love these. Space & everything about it has always amazed me. I hope you see some neat things so we can too. LOL!

  6. Wonderful photos. What a great thing for all of you to be interested in together. And I'll tell you, Sandra. I never know what I'm going to see when I pop over here but this design is darn cute. I love it!

  7. The pictures are awesome. I always say I am going to get the kids a telescope and now that you have reminded me I am putting it on their Christmas list. I love to look through the telescope. Not that I know what I'm doing, but the stars and planets are so cool. My kids love this kind of thing.

  8. I think that I love the stars because they never let you down. Because if your travel, you're never alone. There is magic, romance and mystery, all locked up waiting to be found.

    My son sits up at night, when he should be asleep, with his telescope trying to look through the window at the stars. I love it. Sometimes I sneak in and join him.

    Can't wait to see the recipe.

    Enjoy the stars.

  9. How many times can you change a blog in one month? Geesh girl!

    Those pics are soo cool! It's like pics you would see in a science book!! I've never seen a planet like that before, it must be so amazing! I just have to take people's words that they're really out there!

  10. I think it is so neat that you all go star watching as a family. The star photos are beautiful! I LOVE the new look of your blog. Your signature bear is too cute!!

  11. Very cool pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Sandy- Thanks so much! I love it! It's even better than I ever could have imagined! I really appreciate my new layout! I was telling Veronica just the other day that I wished I had got to know you better when we were in Idaho! After reading your blog I know we would have had lots in common. I love all your recipes and have every intention of trying a bunch! Thanks again!

    A very Happy

  13. For me the topic of the universe and its mysteries are incredible, I'm always looking for new information, new photos new discoveries that can guide us to the purpose of our creation, which by the way was not made by "God" or a person.


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