Monday, September 18, 2006

Fall Knitting!!!

Hey everyone, come on in and sit down, I have steaming hot coffee, freshly ground this morning, and I also have Krispi Kreme donuts. Ok if you're on a diet you might want to consider running for the hills, literally, I have a dozen donuts waiting for you all. Please someone eat them, because if you don't, I go into "Food Haze" and eat everything in sight.

It is F R E E Z I N G here today. This weekend our heater was turned on, can you believe that??? Not even October and we've had to turn on the heat and
bundle up good when going outside. It's only 33º right now....BRRRR!!!

As soon as the weather gets cooler, I bring out my knitting needles and go on the prowl for the perfect yarn to start making scarves etc. You know my greatgrandmother once asked me "
why don't you try crochet?"....Ummm, I did, and I just can't get it right.

I'm a crafty person, I usually only need to try something once and then can go from there, but for some reason crochet doesn't agree with me. Oh I can make a huge long chain, just plain chain....but don't ask me to start making intricate designs, or even simple stitches (are they called that in crochet?), I give up.

So I started a scarf for Jasmine yesterday, isn't it amazing how fast knitting goes, within 5 minutes I had quite a bit done already. Can't wait to finish it, she wants me to add either tassles or pom poms, will see which one she wants once it's done....this child changes her mind a LOT.

Before I go on, let me just say that, if I have put on weight this weekend, I'm blaming it on Barb. Yes Barb and her Sloppy Joes. They were SOOOOOO good, I had three. Yeah you heard me, I said T H R E E!!! I did try to sneak in the last one later that night, but hubby beat me to it. Dagnabit!!!
Thank you Barb, I loved them and so did the family, they asked me to make them again soon. If you want to try this great recipe, go look here.

And while we're on the subject of food....go on over to Laura's blog and check out the Menu Plan Monday, there's a lot of great meals being served across the land. Yummy!!!
I am participating as usual, so go see my menus if you wish :)

You all know how much I love books, I am surrounded by them daily and always looking for the next read. I have been wanting to have a place to write down my reviews and thoughts, so it was only a matter of time before I jumped into another blog. Crazy, you say??? Maybe, but with all the books I read, I'm sure I'll have plenty of stuff to post about.
If you want to see it, go visit my Reading Nook, there's nothing there yet, but I'll have my first book posted later today.

I was also thinking that this would be perfect for Katrina's "Fall into Reading", which I'm going to join in, of course. Go on over and read all about it.

It's taken me all morning to write this entry. It's been a slow day, it's cold and dreary, I'm still sick, Nicholas is walking around sniffling and sneezing and hubby is home.
I love my husband, don't get me wrong, but when he's home during the day it throws my schedule off. I honestly don't know what time it is, are we eating now or was I cleaning the house??? No No No, don't let Nicholas start a computer game, it's his nap time. See what I mean??? I'm all confused and will just take me today to get used to the next shift he's going to be working, I'm sure soon things will be fine.

I've got laundry to finish and I need to get my project ready for tomorrow's "Tackle it Tuesday". I actually remembered to grab the camera for the before pictures. I tend to forget and clean everything up and then sit there thinking "oh man, I should have taken pictures". I'm serious, since I've started blogging, everything is a topic for a post. No matter what's going on, I'm sure I can turn it into an entry on the blog.

So it's 11:30 am and that means I need to get lunch started for my little one. You know he's hilarious, he says the funniest things.
Yesterday I was scolding him for something (can't even remember what), and while I was doing it, he turned around, came up behind me and hit my behind then said "Toot, I turned you off you can't talk anymore". LOL What do you say to that huh?!?!?!?

Then while in the bathroom, he called me in there for help, this is what he said "MOMMMMMYYY, I need your help, I need Charmin Ultra" LOL HUH?!?!? How does he even know what brand of toilet paper we use???

But anyway, I better head on out. You all have a wonderful monday and I'll see you back here tomorrow morning, coffee in hand. Oh and I did wipe down the monitor again just in case I spread some cold germs to you. See I care! :)


For dinner I'm fixing Chicken Tetrazzini and a salad. Right now, I have a couple Grilled Cheese Sandwiches cooking, they smell divine :)


Rachael Ray - *New* UPN 12pm (mountain time)

Debut: The perky TV chef and cookbook author welcomes celebrity guests, prepares recipes and offers lifestyle tips in this weekday series. Diane Sawyer is the guest on the opener. (TV show, Advice, Cooking, Talk)
Wife Swap - *New* ABC - 7pm (mountain time)

In the third-season premiere, a former beauty queen who believes in keeping up appearances trades places with an easygoing wife who homeschools her kids and keeps a home cluttered with animals and junk-shop treasures.
Supernanny - *New* ABC - 9pm (mountain time)

Jo tries to instill discipline in a family with two unruly boys, ages 7 and 4, who give their mom fits at her preschool and have their stay-at-home dad hamstrung by their misbehavior.


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  1. Oh, you are a beta-blogger now! haven't knitted in years and hate to tell you this but we are still having temperatures around 80ºF/27ºC, just like in Lisbon, where I was this morning! wanted to share some of my pics with you...have a lovely day!

  2. I can't knit at all - I can't do ANYTHING. My hands are apparently only decorative objects at the ends of my arms. But I CAN eat donuts! Hold on, I'm on my way over!

  3. I love to crochet, and my Mom is the knitter. Over the years she knitted my kids some of the most adorable sweater with lions and tigers and butterflies on the front of them. She is so talented! You sound busy as usual, thanks for the heads up, wish I would have remembered to watch Rachel Ray today. boo hoo!

  4. I love hearing what Nicholas has said next. He's so funny!

    Rats - I missed Rachel Ray today. I have to remember tomorrow because I love her show. We don't take cable TV, so it's nice to have her on regular TV.

  5. You just really inspire me. I'm still sitting here in my pajamas.....yes pj's.......I havent done a whole lot...but that is okay. It will get done. Love reading your blog....

  6. What a hoot...turned you off...too funny!!

    I checked out the sloppy joes and those are the kind I make! I got the recipe from my MIL and they are yummy, but we've always called them gumbo burgers...we love em!!

    Wow...33...I'm ready for some cool weather, but that's too cool for me! I enjoy about enough for a sweatshirt, but you don't need a heavy coat! Y'all try to stay warm!!!!

  7. Krispy Kreme? Stop tempting me! I'm trying to lose this weight! Although, I always did say, it's nice to have a little extra padding for the winter to keep ya warm! He he!

    We had our heaters on too! Without it this house was FREEZING!! Had to get out the warm PJ's for my daughter! My guilty pleasure- I love to cuddle up to a book or take a nap with my warm HAIR DRYER blowing on me! Love it! Gotta be careful though if you fall asleep! LOL

    I wish I could knit! I learned how to crochet once and did a couple of blankets but knitting always seemed hard to me!

    I should pay you to make me some scarves! :) LOL!

  8. I'm kind of laughing because we're exactly opposite. I crochet like crazy and don't knit because I just can't seem to catch the hang of it. I bought a teach yourself to knit book and it's one of my goals for this winter. I love to crochet but I like the was knitted things look smoother.

    Sorry you're all still sick. These change of season colds seem to be the ones that are toughest to get rid of.

    I plan to participate in Katrina's fall reading program too. Need to get busy - I think our posts are due Thursday!

    Yep. Turned the heat on for the first time this morning. Seems like summer was here one day and completely gone the next.

  9. Sandra, again I can't thank you enough for my new blog template.
    I am glad you are starting the book nook, I love reading and read a lot of reviews over at Amazon, but it helps to have someone like you, who I seem to have so much in common with, make book recommendations.
    I am hoping when my hand heals to try chicken tetrazzini, this sounds yummy.
    A big thank you for reminding me of the shows tonight, I watch all the same one's. I can't wait to check Rachael's new show out. I love her and I get her magazine too.
    The scarf is going to be great, the yarn is so pretty. I like the idea of tassels.
    Ok Nicholas turned you off, that had me hysterical. I think my kids would love to turn me off. I am a little grouchy in my cast, so I believe I may be getting on their last nerves. I'll have to watch my patience level or God will have to have a wortd with me. All is better now that I saw my blog, It really brightened my day. Thanks

  10. Kids say the funniest things don't they?! Can't wait to see your scarf when you're done with it - wish I was crafty like that!

  11. OMGosh! He turned you off?? That is hilarious!! What a smart kid!

    I knitted a scarf once, when I was a telemarketer...all the girls would sit at their phones and knit. I can't remember how at all anymore!! You never cease to amaze me..why I was I surprised that you knit in the fall??

  12. What a pretty scarf that's gonna be. It's getting chilly here too. Time to bring out the fall/winter clothes from the attic!

  13. Hi Sandra! Thanks for visiting my blog! I've already planned on participating in your Slow Cooking Thursday but thanks for inviting me!! Your blog is lovely and I'll be back later to visit for longer!

    Take Care!

  14. I'm fighting off a cold, but if I get it full blown, guess I'll blame you. :-) Just Kidding!!

    Hope you all are feeling better soon!

  15. I always bring out the knitting needles when the cooler weather hits too! My sister is visiting me and she is the most amazing knitter. I'm going to post some pictures of her work this week. :0)
    I hope you are feeling all better soon!

  16. Oh knitting. I wonder where my needles ended up in after our move.

    I totaly hear you on how having Hubby home throws the schedule off.

    I missed Supernanny :(
    I am currently watching Wife Swap - Arr

    I hope you feel better soon.

  17. You really are so crafty..and organized. Not me. The scarf looks nice. I'm sure she'll like it.
    Fall has arrived here as well...raining something fierce tonight.
    Have a great Tuesday and hope you get all your list done.


  18. My knitting is out all year, I do little projects, but in the fall I start to tackle the larger projects, usually blankets. Right now I am working on a baby blanket/booties/hat/mitts for a friend due at the end of the year. One of these days I will actually make myself a afgan!

    Glad I stopped today, the Krispi Kreme's would have done me in! *wink*

    aka Mama Jodi's World


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