Saturday, September 02, 2006

ONLY ME!!!!!!!

So yesterday morning, I get ready and leave the house to head to the commissary for groceries. I walk outside, reach down to open the car door and see a leaf, a big green leaf on my door. I reach out and try to grab it, and it moves. Yes, it freaking moves!!!
I think I jumped 3 feet back and screamed my head off. I see thi
s leaf (or what I think is a leaf), turn towards me and just stare. No, I'm not joking and I'm not high or drunk....I don't do drugs or drink at all LOL
I certainly haven't lost my mind either.
What is the first thing that crosses my mind???

It wasn't, "
run away", "call for help" or "get the heck outta there", it was "QUICK GO GRAB THE CAMERA SO YOU CAN BLOG ABOUT IT". How sad LOL But I did, I ran back inside to grab my camera and got a shot of it, wanna see it??? You ready??? Well meet my friend, and then I'll tell you the rest of the story.

Anyway, I got the picture and then drove to the commissary, and all the time I'm thinking that with the wind and the driving, this grasshopper would be long gone. WRONG!!!

I get to the store, totally forget about it, then go get my groceries. I come out and the lady that has my bags let's out this scream and says "WHAT IS THAT?!?!?"....wouldn't you believe it, the darn grasshopper went all the way to the store with me???

The lady tried to push it off the car, and it wouldn't budge, so I brought it back home with me. Only with me would I find a grasshopper that decided to live on my car. It IS beautiful though isn't it??? I'm so amazed at how much it resembles a leaf. Just reminds me of yet another beauty from God.

Here in about an hour, I'm heading back to Walmart to get some prepaid phones. Hubby and I don't use cellphones, the only reason we want one is just for emergencies, or in case I'm out and the school needs to get ahold of me. I just can't justify paying a monthly fee for something I'm not going to use, and quite frankly, I still don't see the reason for bells and whistles and cameras on phones. BUT, that's neither here nor there!!!

After walmart we're making a stop at the thrift store in town. Have I ever told you how much my hubby likes shopping??? I struck gold when I married this guy, he is as bad as I am. We could stay in the store for hours and then leave just because the kids are getting bored or tired or whatever. I can't wait to see what we find at the thrift store :)

Youknow, I didn't get to visit anyone yesterday, I was running around and by the time we got back home it was 7pm, then it was time for bath and bed for the kids. I laid down in bed and then realized that somehow, somewhere, during the day, I had pulled a muscle in my neck and back. I don't know what it is, but for years now, every few months, I'll be doing something normal, like mopping, or sweeping, cleaning, shopping etc...and suddenly pull a muscle, to the point where I am in such pain that I can't reach for anything, I can't turn my neck and I can't sit up in bed. Not exactly a wonderful thing when you have little kids, huh???

Well I better get going. I'm going to leave you with some food for thought. I was reading my "31 Days Toward Intimacy with God" book this morning, and the chapter was called "Listen...Listen to Me", it talks about how we can listen to God, and how we can start listening today.

I'm guilty of that, I usually talk about just me and what I'm feeling and what I want, I don't think I even give thought to God's desires and thoughts, what he wants for ME. I've really had to stop and think today about how I can change all that, and not make my prayers and my conversations with the Lord, just one sided. You all understand don't you??? We go into prayer with a list of things, an agenda of what we want to get out of it, and I admit that I rarely give him a chance to respond, I just assume that He wants what is best for me, and if I think it's a Rolls Royce, then for sure He has to be on the same page right??? WRONG!!!
I have to pay attention and give Him a chance to talk back, that's something I'm definitely going to start working on.

So I leave you with this:

Add a half hour to your time with the Lord today - and dedicate it to quieting your heart and listening for His voice. If the weather allows it, go for a walk and ask Him to walk with you and speak to you.

"Listen, listen to me, and eat what is good, and your soul will delight in the richest of fares" Isaiah 55:2


  1. I really like that end note to your blog entry today ~ about taking a walk. That sounds nice ~ I might ask Jeff if he and Lucas would like to do that. It's beautiful outside, and I need some fresh air. Too funny about the insect! It really is amazing how they look like a leaf!

  2. First of all - love your grasshopper story!!!! LOL!

    As for the listening to God - we are all guilty of not doing it. We get caught up in our own agendas and try to take our own paths. Yes, we pray, but as you said, we assume from time to time that what we want is His will for us too! Thanks for the reminder to slow down and LISTEN to Him!!

    You are such a blessing!

  3. I laughed at you when I read about your big green leaf. For some reason, our front porch and back patio seem to attract hordes of praying mantises. And every time I see one, I almost jump out of my skin. The thing is, I really do think they're cool, or as cool as any BUG can be, but there's just something about them that makes my heart race.

  4. The grasshopper story is a hoot!!

    I hear you on the cell phone thing. My husband insisted I have one for emergencies and the agreement was that I would turn it on when I needed it. He seems to have forgotten the deal, though, because he keeps grumping about why I leave the house and don't turn on my cell phone. That's why -- so people can't track me down. LOL

  5. Okay I've never seen a grasshopper like that! Of course we don't have grasshoppers in my neck of the woods....although we do occassionally run into
    Wish I was coming with you thrift store shopping. Can't wait to hear about your finds. Have a super weekend. Laura

  6. Linked to your blog from the 5 minutesformom blog.
    Love the grasshopper story....
    just have to tell you though...
    It's a katydid! You'll hear them outside this time of year. They make a nose that sounds like "katydid."
    :) Off to check out the rest of your blog. :)

  7. Wow I've never seen a grasshopper that resembled a leaf so closely like that! How funny he stayed on the car the whole time!

  8. I'm the same - grab the camera first. That's why I need a smaller camera to carry with me all the time lol

    My hubby loves shopping too. Not always a good thing! Especially if you ask our bankk manager.

  9. Wow! That is an amazing grasshopper! Sounds like he took a liking to ya! ;0)


  10. Hi Sandra,

    Sorry I disappeared. Just got through with the custody evaluation. It was in my favor, but we have to wait to get back into court now. Lovely. Ray is almost back home. My website is back up and running. If you don't mind I am going to start linking people again.

    I hope all is well and thanks for the prayers and listening when I was going through such a difficult time.

    Another Courtney that goes by Faith :-)


  11. The grasshopper really would of freaked me out. I hate things that move when you don't realize they are going to. We have centipedes and roaches here in Hawaii that are on the sidewalk as you are trying to take your daily stroll. Gross.
    Cant' wait to see what you find at the Thrift store.
    I agree with you on the cell phone. I do carry one because I have the 2 teenagers who need to be pikced up at all different times and I use it so the schools can get in touch with me. I said I would never get my kids one but the two older ones have one. I only let them use it for events and things. Like last night my daughter had to volunteer with her youth group and serve food at a fundraiser all day and I made her call me every hour. This is good for me because I like knowing I can get in touch with her every minute. I also will say let me talk to so and so and she will put her youth group leader on or whoever so I can verify where she is going and with whom. This works for us. I do not actually like them and I never chat on mine, It's strictly for emergencies.
    I just wanted to check in because I will be starting the big move on Tuesday. No I am not getting a new house because the new one's aren't finished in our old demolished area, but we are getting a renovated one. I will probably never get a new house, this is just my luck.

  12. I would have screamed bloody murder1 And our dog Katie would have eaten it! LOL!!


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