Friday, September 08, 2006

Friday already????

I'm telling you, someone is messing with father time. I could have sworn it was just monday, then again it could be that I'm always running out of hours in the day.

I got up this morning and sat down to do my blog, well that didn't last long because the time it took me to think of what to type, the kids were up and I had to get them dressed and ready for school, you know, the usual morning routine thing.

I got back home just as my friend Veronica had hung up, trying to call me. Let me get something clear, I'm NOT a phone person. I'm the type who actually squeals in delight when I can't find a phone number. Now before you go say something mean, just know that it's not like that with everyone. Family and close friends are an entirely different story all together.

Anyway, I called Veronica back and we talked for 103 minutes, yes people, this phoneaphobic talked for 103 minutes without even realizing it. I love talking to Veronica, we are able to talk about anything and everything, I miss having her just across the she's all the way in DC and I'm still in potato land....but hey, if anything it will get me more comfortable with phones LOL

Thank you all for the great comments about my struggles with Jasmine. I'm glad I'm not the only one going through's just that at times you get that feeling of "boy I really must stink as a mother", like you're the only one in the universe struggling with certain things. As if!!!

Couple things going on in blogdom today. Heather, Veronica's friend and someone I had met a couple times, really sweet girl, had just moved to Alaska in July, turns out she started a blog too, so if you get a chance go on over to "My Little Kangaroonies" and say hi. While you're at it, go say hi to Veronica too, they just moved to DC from our base and it's been a big change for everyone.

Yesterday while blogging, well, while out on my blog drive, I came across a blog belonging to Susan Godfrey and her family. After spending one hour visiting, and wiping the tears from my eyes, I was shocked and in awe of the strength this lady has.

Susan is pregnant, and in June their baby was diagnosed with Potter's Syndrome, which means the baby is born with no kidneys and therefore only able to survive for a few hours after birth. They have decided to carry the baby to term.

There is a prayer chain being set up here, to pray for Susan and her family. If you have a moment, please say a prayer for them, you can read more about it at her blog.

I wish I had more time to sit and chat, but my dogs are going bananas. B A N A N A S!!!!
This is what happens when one of them is in Heat, the whole house is turned upside down, I'm not sure, but I'm still convinced that two female dogs should NOT be caught in compromising positions doing things that are not normal for TWO FEMALE DOGS. That's all I'm saying!!!

I have to tell you real quick that the day my MIL arrived, she was sitting on the couch, and the next thing I know I have two dogs trying to get it ON, right up against her. I think my heart stopped and I remember doing some sort of a matrix move, you know, the slow motion jump in the air towards the dogs, trying to intervene. It was very weird, but extremely funny now that I think about it LOL

Anyway, I have dogs up to no good, a son trying to build a fort in the living room and my dryer just beeped letting me know that NOW I HAVE TO PUT THE LAUNDRY AWAY.....great!!!

Hope you're all having a wonderful friday :)


We had Steak Lo Mein for dinner, it was pretty good, so go check out the recipe at the food blog if you wish :)
For tonight I'm making Arroz A Valenciana, it's a portuguese rice dish, with chicken, smoked sausage, peas etc. Very good, will post the recipe later.


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  1. Hi Sandra! I am an online friend of Becky and found your blog from hers. I was so touched by the story of the baby, and read through her blog too. I enjoy reading your blog. Have a great weekend.

  2. Sandra, Thanks for letting us know to include their family in our prayers and I am happy to do that. I had never heard of Potter's syndrome that is just devastating. My heart goes out to them.

    Your MIL and the dogs and the picture of you between them...too funny! :)

  3. Oh my goodness! Can dogs be g*y??? That's a seriously funny story. LOL!!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. My FIL's dogs used to do that, but they were boys...icky!!!

    Your day sounds like mine...the usual stuff!

  5. Sandra, my days have all been mixed up this week too! It doens't feel like Friday at all. I'm glad it is though!
    Sounds like you might have to separate your two dogs for awhile! LOL

  6. Ok I'm still laughing about the dogs HAHAHAHAHA

  7. I will be praying for Susan. I am glad they are going to carry the baby through. Michelle

  8. I wish we lived closer! i think we'd get along great! Anyway...I love talking on the phone...I can't begin to understand your phone really boggles my mind!!LOL.
    Whoa, glad you saved your MIL from the horney dogs!! heehee. Have a great day!

    flipflop mamma

  9. Last post I read last night was about Susan's baby. Fell asleep praying. If I ever thought there was a hard moment in my life, reading this - I was wrong.

  10. I don't really like talking on the phone that much either! I'm more of a face to face kind of person! I like being able to see other peoples faces so that I can read them better!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. How sad. I just read her blog. What an amazingly strong woman

  12. Reading her post broke my heart. I truly can't begin to imagine how painful this is for them. To know your baby is going to die in your arms shortly after birth? I'm not sure I'm that strong, Sandra. So so sad.

  13. THanks for the link to Susan's blog - I left a msg for prayer for her and I will definitely keep them in my prayers as they are going through this very difficult time.

    Love the new look w/your blog (yet again!) You are so creative!


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