Friday, October 20, 2006

Alright come on in Ladies and sit with me

You might want to grab a cup of coffee and one of my freshly baked gingersnap cookies, which are fabulous by the way.

Remember how I was telling you yesterday wasn't too cold and there was no ice on my windshield??? Yeah well, that was yesterday, today is a toooootally different story.

So come on inside and sit with me a while, I have pictures to share, some will make you hungry and others will make you want to bring out the sewing machine, I mean, you just HAVE to make these cute tooth fairy pillows for your kids or grand kids, they're so easy and just adorable.

But before I start showing you pictures, I want to say "
HI HONEY, I MISS YOU!!! See hubby reads the blog everyday and he's going to be home tomorrow, a day earlier....YIPPEE!!!

So first thing I want to do is point you in the direction of this great site called Thrifty Mommy and to the fact that I got a mention, I'm thrilled. It's always great when someone mentions me in their blog, makes me feel that at least someone out there is enjoying it :)
So go on over and say hi to Karen, she also talks about 5 Minutes for Mom and Holly's Corner.

Alright now that I got that out of the way, here's the first pictures, and I hope you're hungry, because if you're not, believe me, YOU.WILL.BE!!!!
Remember the Grandma's Gingersnap Cookies recipe that
I shared with you on my food blog yesterday??? Well I made them yesterday afternoon and OH.GOOD.GRAVY....they are soooo good and they're chewy which I just love. So here they are in all their goodness and delicious glory!

Hot out of the oven, just want to jump in and rub my face on them LOL Not really, but I do want to just reach out and grab some.

And then just because I can, and because they weren't sweet enough (I'm bad) I slathered some Vanilla Frosting in between some. How GOOD does that look????

Now go on, head over to Full Bellies and grab the recipe, you can bake them this afternoon with the kids, that's what I did and they had a blast. Since Nicholas is only 3 years old, I let him stir the sugar and Cinnamon together, and he did a great job. Jasmine on the other hand got to mix and stir and shape and roll and all that other fun stuff :)

Yesterday morning I had told you all that I was going to make some Tooth Fairy Pillows, it only took me an hour to make both, and Jasmine's is finished, all that is left on Nicholas is to sew his name on it. But that will be done this morning and it won't take me but a few minutes. You want to see what they look like??

I just love these, they're super easy to make and it's such a cute idea, I'm thinking some pillows are on the way to some little ones in my family :)
If any of you are interested in making them, let me know and I'll point you to the pattern and instructions.

One thing I absolutely love is kids art, and I just have a blast looking at the pictures that Jasmine draws. She is one of those kids that given some paper and crayons, will sit on the kitchen table for hours, just drawing and making "books" and coming up with stories etc. She has a very vivid imagination. So I am going to share with you a picture she made for school, the minute I saw it I just started laughing.

The Teacher gave them a paper with words on, and then they had to come up with their own sentences and draw a picture to match, take a look:

I am just digging hubby's cowboy boots LOL When I started laughing she said to me "you know, those were SO hard to make" LOL

On another sheet of paper they were told to record acts of kindness. Now remember these are second graders so obviously they don't know how to spell that well yet, which I always enjoy reading because they spell as they say the word. Or so I think...take a look at this and see if you find the error: Jasmine had a good laugh with this one and she told me she can't believe she wrote that LOL (and yes I have her permission to post these, so I'm not embarrassing my child unnecessarily)

I also help him when he can not get his "shirt" on. LOL

Well anyway, we always have a good laugh, she's a great sport about it and she doesn't get upset or embarassed, she just laughs it off and asks me how to spell it right. What a sweet girl I have :)

I'm so thrilled that it's friday, you have NO idea. Here I was thinking hubby was going to be home on sunday but then he called yesterday and said it's tomorrow....the kids are thrilled, I'm thrilled, even the dogs are thrilled. Did you know that dogs can see photographs and understand what's on them??? I never knew they could, but yesterday I took this picture of Curt, it's a big one of his, and I put it on my face (yeah the things I do when I'm bored lol), and then walked up to Lola and she freaked out. LOL
She was so excited to see daddy's face, she sniffed at it and that tail was going super fast...guess I learn new things every day.

I've gotta get this house in shape today, got a bunch more laundry to do and mopping and sweeping and all that fun stuff. Well now it's fun, but when I first got married, I really disliked it, I felt like it was a chore, hard work, when I would rather be sitting around doing nothing. Yeah, the days of being spoiled ended when I decided to play "grown up" and get married and become a mom.

Then I slowly started thinking of it as something I like, a way to contribute to the family, to take care of them. The minute my view on it changed, I found that I no longer resented having to do things like dishes, laundry, cooking (well that was never hard for me, I love it) now I just think "what can I do to make this a better home for my family?" and that is when I start sewing or baking, adding more decorations to rooms, or special touches that will make my family WANT to come home at the end of a busy day. It's great!!!

Anyway, I have to get the kids up and ready for school. Thanks for sitting with me today and just listening to me babble on and on :) I did give you coffee and some yummy cookies though, that should count for something LOL

Have a wonderful friday!!!


It's friday which means Pizza Night. The kids and I will be making pizza for dinner, using my Quick and Easy Pizza dough, it's wonderful and so fluffy.


Rachael Ray - *New*- The CW- 12pm

General Hospital - *New* -ABC- 1:00 pm

Ghost Whisperer - *New* - CBS - 7pm

Most Haunted - *New* - Travel Channel - 8pm


Sweeping and Mopping
Cleaning Living Room
Cleaning Downstairs Bathroom
Finishing Nicholas' Tooth Fairy Pillow
Posting Flan Recipe on Food Blog


  1. It sounds to me like you have made your home a pretty special place. I'm so glad hubby is coming home sooner.

    Great pictures, as usual! I love the tooth pillows. My younger daughter had a tooth fairy pillow when she was little and it was so cute! I think she still has it somewhere.

  2. Good morning to you too..What a talent you are with the tooth fairy pillow!!!Do you take orders?
    Will try the cookies..Thanks for sharing Michelle

  3. Sandra -

    I think I'll come in and sit for a while with you today. I am in a funk and have SO much to do, but not the energy to do so!!!!!

    You inspire me with your statement on housework and making your home a place your family looks forward to each night.

    Also - I LOVE the tooth fairy pillows --- how cute are they?!?

  4. morning glory- I'm thrilled he's coming home early :)The pillows are too cute aren't they???

    Michelle - I'm not that good at sewing, I would hate to take orders and then not deliver a good job LOL I am going to post the link to the pattern and directions though, they are SUPER easy to make :)

    Dee - Come on in, I'll keep you company, we can just chat all day long and eat cookies and have coffee LOL
    Glad you like the Tooth Fairy Pillows :)

  5. Yay! Home a day early? That's GREAT!
    Wonderful cookies and crafts! I always love reading your blog - it's so warm, fun and inviting. I always feel like I've come away refreshed by your great attitude. Now mail me some cookies. :)
    Ghost Whisperer! Whoo!

  6. "Welcome home" to your sweet hubby. He must know he's got one of the most talented and creative wifes around. I am always amazed with all you do and keep up with Sandra! :) You are bad, had me just drooling over those cookies. lol

  7. Congratulations on the mention at Thrifty Mommy. You should feel good about that!

    Cute, cute tooth fairy pillows.

    I printed your recipe for gingersnap cookies. They're my personal favorite and I like that these look a little chewier than gingersnaps usually are. And yes, I agreed, bring on the icing! They look wonderful. I'll let you know how mine come out.

    I know you're tickled hubby's coming home. Sure seems like the two weeks flew by, though.

  8. I'm so happy for you guys that your hubby is coming home early...awesome!!!

    I love the tooth pillows and the kids art. I think kids drawings are just the best! A few years ago Emily drew a picture of all of us and taped it on the wall above our bed with WAY too much scotch tape. It's still there years later and I don't think I'll ever bring myself to take it down. I'll have to post a picture of it sometime.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!!

  9. Oh I got such a kick out of Jasmine's kindness sentence! too funny :)

    your cookies look wonderful - especially with the frosting in the middle - I think I can taste them from over here!

  10. LOL to the helpfullness of your daughter. Sweet that she's so easy going about her mistakes.

    How exciting that your hubby gets to come home early!

    Now you've got me craving gingersnaps!! Do you do care packages 'cause if you do I'll gladly mail you my address! ;v)

  11. Oh my the cookies, I can all most smell them and they look so good. As always I get a smile on my face when I read your blog and I can see why they put you on the mommy page. Good job......
    When you have time come and visit my home on my last post.........enjoy your whole family gathering this weekend.

  12. Mmmm... I LOVE ginger snaps. I'm gonna "snap" me that recipe! And the toothfairy pillows are very cute.

    WOOHOO! I'm glad that your hubby's coming home early. Have fun!

  13. I'm so glad to hear that he is coming home a week early. That's great news.

    Thanks for the cookies and milk.

    I wish I got Travel Channel: Most Haunted sounds interesting.

  14. That's sweet that hubby reads your blog. Mine likes to do this too. Let me tell you though everyone is reading it. You are very talented and I always check on yours a few times a day so I don't miss anything.

    Oh Goodie gingersnaps. I can't wait to try these. I absolutely love these. I hate the one's in the box I'd much rather have your homemade one's.

    I don't know how to sew, but I am wanting to buy a machine, one that a beginner like me can use, and then learn. I think these pillows wouldn't be too hard and boy are they cute. Can you point me in the direction of this pattern. Have you been sewing long? I hope it isn't too hard to learn. Just looking at the machines in Walmart intimidates me.

    Jasmine is very smart for 2nd grade. I have a 3rd grader who like her could sit with crayons and paper and art supplies all day, but my 2nd grader Damian is nowhere near writing this good. I think he needs a little extra help. I think the cowboy boots are so cute. She is a very perceptive young lady. My kid draws everyone looking the same except their hair.

    Thanks again for the work you do on my blog. Did you take a course to learn this or are you self taught? You really are very talented.

  15. I'm so happy for you that hubby is coming home and its on a wont be bored.....go buy some pumpkins and let the kids paint them while you and hubby catch up....

  16. Those cookies look so good with that frosting on them! Pillows, too cute. And I'm so glad for you that hubby will be home's hard when they are gone for long.

  17. Love the cookies, love the tooth fariy pillows and love what the little ones did in school. You are a wonderful mother and wife and friend. You are a wom,an after God's own heart my dear sis in Christ.


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