Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Tagged Twice!!!

So my wonderful blogging friends Becky and Susanne, tagged me for some fun memes. I hadn't been tagged in forever, guess no one finds me interesting enough LOL Just kidding!!!

Well here we go, Becky's first since she tagged me last week (sorry Beck's but better late than never right?).

And now I tag.....wait don't start running, let me tag you first, you'll enjoy it, I mean you'll enjoy the tag. Ok, so I'm tagging for both memes:

Morning Glory

1) Five Minutes to Yourself. How would you spend them, ideally?

Using the bathroom without a kid audience or without the kids all of a sudden needing to go so bad and making me wait. Frustrating I tell ya LOL

2) Five dollars to spend right now. How would you spend it?

On a book of course, where else would you spend extra money??? Definitely books!!!

3) Five Items In Your House You Could Part With Right Now?

A. The prenatal vitamins that I was supposed to be taking in case I wanted another baby, AIN'T happening!!!

B. The chocolate flavored Coffee Creamer, it's horrible, sorry!!! (christina don't hate me lol)
C. The tons of toys seemingly multiplying through the house.
D. The phone, I really really hate the phone.

E. The bills sitting on the counter....isn't there a bill fairy somewhere???

4) Five Items In My House You Could Absolutely Never Part With?

A. My computer.

B. My bookcases.

C. Our Tv.

D. My kitchen stuff (sorry I can't just name 1, I LOVE cooking)

E. My nasal spray and stuff, thanks to my defective sinus passages.

5) Five Words You Love?

A. Love

B. dagnabit

C. mommy

D. food

E. coffee

And now the wonderful Susanne's tag:

1. Favorite memory of your mother:
My parents divorced when I was two years old, and because my mom couldn't afford to keep me and my three brothers, we stayed with my dad.
Through the years my mom and I haven't really had the best of relationships, we fight like cat and dog and just couldn't be in the same room for too long without some major argument breaking out.
The older I got the more I started understanding what it's like to be a mom, and hence my relationship with her has progressively gotten better. My favorite memory of my mom is when I was turning 5 or 6 years old (can't remember which), and she came to pick me up from my dad's house, she took me out for the day and then bought me this huge pink teddy bear. I kept him all these years and he's still back home in South Africa. Whenever I missed my mom, I would hug the teddy bear and it was like she was there with me. I never forgot that day :)

2. Favorite memory of my dad:
I'm daddy's girl, especially since I'm the only girl in the middle of three boys. Dad was a hard worker, he had 3 kids to raise and that meant working a LOT, which didn't give him much time to spend at home with us.
As we got older, we were involved in the Family Radio Station, putting on concerts and shows etc.....it was a family of talented people, I tell ya.
I think one of my fondest memories is of singing with my dad and then later on in life, after I was married and my hubby had to return to the States first, I was pregnant and scared and having a hard time leaving my family behind. My dad drove me to my first OB appointments and that meant the world to me, the fact that he took time off his busy schedule to drive me to a place that most men dread LOL

3. Favorite memory of your sibling(s):
Oh boy, there are SO many great memories of my brothers. Like I said, I was the only girl but that never made a difference, I didn't get special treatment, I was just one of them and had to fight for what I wanted. At the time I hated it, but now I am so happy that they treated me that way, they turned me into a fighter and I have them to thank for my survivor spirit.
We did a lot of crazy things together, played cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, we played with their cars and they even played with my dolls with me, although it was under the pretense of playing hospitals.
My fondest memories is of me and my brothers back in Portugal, we would build go carts and then since me and my youngest brother were too small to ride our own, my brother Miguel would take me and my brother Paul would take Bruno. It was just so much fun and I treasure those moments :)

4. What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do (though you'd never learned it):
I have to agree with Susanne, I would love to wake up and have a Grand Piano in my living room, walk up to it and just play. Play beautiful music!!! I would even settle for playing a guitar, I think that would be wonderful.

5. Which one of your dreams has come true:
Man why just one??? I can't just stick to one thing, there's so many LOL
Funny though because growing up I would always joke with my family. I have a birthmark on my right arm, right above my elbow, and it looks like an A. So I always joked that it meant that I would one day marry an American and move to America and have little American kids running around. Ummmmmm.....VOILA!!! We just laugh about it now, it's actually freaky that it came true, but I'm so glad it did, I have the best husband and kids ever :)


  1. I got the tags. I'm getting ready to be gone for a week and won't be able to do them until after the 13th, but I promise I'll do them. I won't have access to a computer while I'm gone.

    I enjoyed your answers.

  2. Great answers. My are up.
    Thanks. That was fun.

  3. Lol, loved reading your meme's. I too would love to have a soak in the bath without a small person wanting to join me. Fancy having a prophetic birthmark ;o)

  4. Fun answers! Flavoured coffee creamer is just nasty.

  5. Very sweet,,,,,

  6. ROFL to 5 minutes to yourself! I totally relate! With dayhome of 6 preschoolers I never get bathroom time without someone calling my name or pounding on the door. My kids are 11 - 16 and I still get them talking at me through the door. LOL!

    Your memory of your mom brought tears to my eyes. How sweet about that pink teddy. It's amazing how when you become a mom God can use that to start to heal parental relationships.

    And the dream coming true right down to the "letter". Awesome!

  7. I can so relate to the five minutes in the bathroom without an audience!! HA HA!

  8. I love these. I can't wait to answer the questions and post it. Thanks

  9. I really liked reading about your memories. I am so glad that your dream of marrying an American man, coming to America, and having little American kids running around, came true. How awesome our God is.

  10. WEll, girl, get yourself a guitar! If I can play, you can play!! This was a nice meme, I really enjoyed reading your answers.

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    I see some more friends here HI to you all lol....

  12. Is it still quiet around your corner of the world?

    When I read your post, I called my 3-year old. I wanted to read your post aloud to him, especially the part when Nicholas played quietly in the living room.

    My 3-year old looked at me. I looked at him.

    “Are you making up words again, Daddy?” he asked.

    Then he ran away to play with his action figures—sound effects and all, including saliva spewing within a 1-meter radius.



    Thanks for reading my post on Leche Flan.

  13. GREAT answers! Loved them! What wonderful memories you have to treasure!



  14. This is the first time EVER that I've been tagged! Yeah!

    It's an honor to get my first tag from you, Sandra! And double the tag! Geesh! LOL!

    Hope you had a great day!


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