Friday, October 27, 2006

Cinnamon Coffee Anyone?!?!?!

There's nothing more inspiring than waking up to a beautiful sunrise. Something about the dawning of a new day, the expectations and the eagerness to get out there.

It always reminds me of the beauty surrounding us, that same be
auty which we so often taken for granted and don't even bother to look at. I for one enjoy every single pinecone, brown leaf and beautiful sunrise that comes my way.

So this morning as I went to make my coffee, I decided to sprinkle in some cinnamon with the coffee granules.....let me tell you, it's pretty good. It gives it that zing that makes you go "oooohh, that is good". It's not overpowering, just good coffee with a hint of cinnamon. Hubby loved it!!! Go ahead and give it a try sometime, you'd be surprised how good it is.

I've been enjoying these cooler temperatures, though I must say that it's like being in the winter season already, I don't think we've gotten above 40 degrees the past week and going outside in the morning is sure to feel like a good ol' slap in the face. Boy is it cold, cuts right through you too.

I think winter is upon us faster than we know, I for one welcome it, it means Thanksgiving and Christmas, family get togethers and glorious food. I've been eagerly anticipating Thanksgiving, that turkey is calling my name.

But with all the holidays around the corner, it means that I also need to get my lists started and you know I'm a little weird when it comes to that. I mean, I LOVE making lists, I find it entertaining and powerful in a way, I can control everything around me for that moment that I'm writing it down....but I tend to feel overwhelmed at the same time, if that is even possible, though in my universe ANYTHING.IS.POSSIBLE!!!

So I think I just figured out, well maybe not JUST figured out, but I think it finally hit me that being a mommy is a great thing, but it's also one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. There's good days and then there's crazy, hectic, banshee like days. My kids have this sibling rivalry thing nailed down, really if there was a test on it I'm sure they would pass with flying colors. Just this morning they had it out because apparently Nicholas was copying Jasmine....something about eating the same cereal on a bowl that looked the same as hers and *GASP* he was using a spoon like DARE HE?!?!?!?

Then to end off these crazy days (yes I say days because it's not just a one time thing), there's always the great BATH TIME ADVENTURE.

What is it with kids and bath??? I might as well just get in with them because by the time they're done, I'm looking like a drowned rat, there's water everywhere including the ceiling, which they so proudly point out to me....and then we start the bathroom shuffle...

I have to time it just right, because God Forbid I take one out when the other one is noticing, there's the whole "Me first" and "that's MY towel" and "don't stand next to me" thing. So I calmly get one distracted with bubbles or spraying water or something (at this point who cares if there's more mess right?) and quickly grab one out, and send them on their way to their room.

Oh did I ever tell you about meal times and seating arrangements....because for some reason all of a sudden, NO ONE wants to sit next to anyone. Sometimes I just stare at my kids and wonder if they'll turn out like the guy in Office Space, the grumpy one that sits all alone and constantly complains about someone taking his stapler??
Yeah not exactly what I have in mind for my kiddos, but they're young and I'm sure I can change that.

Nicholas being his chirpy boyish 3 years old, I don't know I say boys are harder to raise than girls, but what do I know right??? Anyway, he's latest favorite thing is back talking when he's in trouble, and not just doing that but asserting his independence while doing it. It goes something like this.

Me - Nicholas I said do NOT climb on the counters

Nicholas - I said YES!!!

Get it??? HE SAID YES, so I'm to shut it and jump to attention. Tell me all you moms of grown boys, does this last for a long time??? Is there a support group for moms of boys, maybe the MOB Support Group (Mom's Of Boys)???

Anyway, it's friday and I'm thrilled, because tomorrow we're heading to the Pumpkin Patch...there's a hayride and a corn maze and who can forget the 50-100 lb pumpkins for $4. So I guess we're getting a few, and then we're coming back home to carve them, can't forget to enter them in the Blog-O-Lantern Contest hosted by Theresa. It started today, and you really NEED to go see hers, it's brilliant.

So with that said, I'm going to take my cup of coffee and refill it, this one is cold and yucky, then I'm heading over to your house for a visit. Oh don't freak out, as long as you have coffee for me I'm happy, I'm easily amused LOL

Have a wonderful friday everyone :)

Last night I fixed Crockpot Stuffed Peppers, they came out SO good. I actually changed the recipe a bit by substituting the ground beef for maple syrup was heavenly.

Tonight for dinner, I'm fixing Ravioli Lasagna, I'll have the recipe up at the food blog later.

Rachael Ray

Recycling household items; do-it-yourself fixes; getting a woman who doesn't like fish to give it a try.
General Hospital
Luke realizes that Laura has no memory of events leading to her breakdown;
Lainey warns Luke not to force Laura's memory;
Laura is confused by how much Lulu has grown;
Sonny, Jason and Sam keep Ric from taking Molly;
Sam vows to make Ric pay;
1 vs 100
One contestant competes for cash against a group of 100 people by answering trivia questions in this game show.
Trading Spouses: Meet your new mom
Part 1 of 2. Moms from Colorado and Massachusetts switch places.

Most Haunted
Mains Hall is visited in Blackpool, UK, for a paranormal investigation.

Put away laundry
Clean living room
Clean downstairs bathroom
Sweep and Mop
Bake Bread


  1. Good Morning Sandra.I love what you wrote about the kids! it's so the template and have a great day. Michelle

  2. You create a MOB support group and I am so in!! :-)

    I am going to have to try the cinnamon in my coffee. Just finished my coffee for this morning but next cup... I'm going to give it a shot. Thanks for the tidbit!

  3. Love cinnamon coffee!

    I love the cool, crisp fall weather! It's my favorite time of year just for it's sights, sounds and smells.

    Yup, boys. Don't let him carry on with it though. And whatever you do don't let him see you giggle over it or look out. Trust me, I know. :vD

  4. So many of your post remeid me of when my girls were little. She did it and she smilled at me. I use to make my girls kiss each other when they were nasty and boy that sure made them stop and think the next

  5. Oh I do the same thing as Sharon...I make the kids kiss and hug each other as an apology when they are fighting and it really works!!! You'd think I was trying to kill I would have to say that so far for me my daughter is so much more emotionally draining on me! Laura

  6. Yep, it's official now. You're the mother of two young kids. My girls were just as awful to each other 30 years ago, so it seems to be a universal thing. They eventually grow out of it. I had a little brother and he was my constant torment! On second thought, maybe they won't grow out of it. Poor Jasmine - she has a little brother too. LOL!

    I'm going to go make some of that coffee right now.

  7. Oh Please start a MOB support group, please, please, please. Or at least point me in the direction of a good one. I have 2 boys and 2 girls. I wouldn't say girls are any easier as they come with ms. thing attitude, but at least I think like a girl. My boys keep me waivering on the uncomfortable edge of insanity. One is 9 and the other is 14 months. Each in their own stage of boyish fun (and not so fun. Enjoy the age of 3 because WATCH OUT Mommy when age 7 hits! "Who is this kid and where are his parents" is a thought that came to mind often that year. And then sadly the truth hit me...I am his parent...LOL

  8. Hey Sandra, I'm Mom to 2 boys. I often ask them "Who's the parent?" they answer appropriately, "Who's the kid?". And it is a proven fact in my house the will argue with me further than they will Dad, even though I take the same approach and remove privleges in the same way. Good luck.

  9. Cinnamon Coffee.....I will have to try this one. Thanks for sharing

  10. Oh Sandra -

    Please, please, please --- if you find a MOB Support Group - let me know!! :) LOL! They are DEFINITELY different than girls - not sure I would agree harder, just different struggles! I would also say it is because we are female and can understand what goes on in the female brain! :)

    YUM! I will have to try some Cinnamon Coffee - sounds YUMMY!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Sandra, the coffee sounds good and so does your food! Yum.
    What fun to hear you write about your kids...I think they will outgrow some of it. Some of us moms are challenged by boys a bit; James Dobson has a good book out called "Bringing up Boys". I wish I had it when mine were little!

  12. I was smiling reading your post today because it sounds so much like my house. Then sibling rivalry is like a said just something they do. Maybe it's to drive us crazy. You will see it won't last forever. My kids drowned me in the bath also. My advise is to get a Bissell flip it or a Hoover floor mate. Believe it or not I got the Bissell to clean my floors with and mostly I use it to suck up all the water after the bath and yes it works great for this. Can you imagine how the housing office would freak if the water leaked out of the ceiling?

    No boys never grow out of their weird behaviors, they just become more focused. Their independance is one thing that is not so easily tamed. I think mostly they just try this stuff out on their moms to see what we will do. I love to watch them grow though because they are wired so differently. Usually the teen years are easier with boys.

    The cinnamon in the coffee sounds good, you know I will have to try this.

  13. I have to tell you, reading this brought back a ton of memories. The sibling rivalry went on for years and years and years. Sorry, but it did. And I remember the drenched bathroom, too.

    Now I remember why I'm so glad my girls are grown. :-)

    I've been so busy the past couple of days, I missed Slow Cooker Thursday. I really hope I can make some time tomorrow to come back over here and check out all the recipes. It's one of my favorites, all these yummy slow cooker recipes.

  14. I agree - being a mother is one of the hardest things to do!

    I don't care for coffee, but I think I'll try sprinkling cinnamon in my tea next time!

  15. Sandra, boys often get bigger than moms, so hold firm. I was glad most of the awful times with our boy were from about 4 to 12, because at 14 he was over 6 foot tall. He knew by then dont even mess with me.

    If you could bottle all the enthusiasm, zest for life, cheerfulness, you could sell it and make a mint. I love coming here - your love for all around you just oozes out of your posts.

  16. I'm sure boys are different than girls, but I am having the EXACT SAME battle with my 3yo daughter. Like you said, it seems as though she thinks that her "yes" overrules my "no". Why hasn't she learned by now that it never will?!? Hang in there.

  17. mmm I love cinnamon coffee.. such a nice treat!

    Has the feel of fall to it too doesn't it?



  18. Hi Sandra, Enjoy your blog. I would suggest as well as the cinnamon add a few drops of almond extract in the grounds. Yum-O

  19. Cinnamon coffee sounds good. I put cinnamon in my homemade hot chocolate. I will have to try it in coffee. Huggers!

  20. re: your post about lists

    hey there, you should visit to archive and share your lists...seems like you might like it!


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