Thursday, October 19, 2006

Thursday is MUST SEE TV!!!!

If you're here just for the Slow Cooking Thursday, the post is just below this one :)

Thursday is my favorite day of the week, just because of all the great shows on, so when it rolls around I'm antsy with anticipation.

See I never used to like ABC, I thought NBC was all that and a bag of chips....then the last year ABC started getting really good, where else can you get General Hospital, Wife Swap, Ugly Betty, Brothers & Sisters, What about Brian, The Nine, Lost and my favorite *dum dum dum duuuuummm* GREY'S ANATOMY???

Oh that's not to say I don't switch to NBC at 9pm, I mean I couldn't just let ER go, it's been a favorite of mine for a long time. I don't think Luka would be happy if I stopped watching LOL
Anyone else like Luka, or is it just me???

So yes I'm a happy girl today!!!
Honey, I miss you, I know you read the blog, so "HURRY UP AND GET HOME" LOL

While driving to school this morning Jasmine asked me, yet again, why is she going to school at night. It's cloudy and dark here, not as cold as it's been the past few days, so this morning I didn't have ice on my windshields, but it's still nippy outside. You know it's a dreary day when it's 9am and you have all the lights on in the house.

One thing I love though is watching the sun trying to peek through the clouds, it always makes the sky look beautiful. I was just thinking the other day that, when I was growing up and up until a few years ago, I never really paid attention to the sky or the clouds or how beautiful the trees look when the leaves start changing colors, I guess I just went about my day without ever giving it a second thought. But I've come to appreciate and really enjoy those little things, if you ever stop and just take a moment to look around you, you'll realize how amazing everything is. Try it, it will give you a totally different perspective on life!!!

It seems that Nicholas and I are coming down with a cold again. I've already started taking some cold medicine for it and I'm feeling a little better, but yesterday, oh boy, it took all out of me just to take Jasmine to school and then go back and get her. Both Nic and I were running a fever, he was crying and clingy because he didn't feel good, and I was exhausted from not sleeping the night before AND running a fever too....we looked pretty pathetic just laying on the couch all day.

But we're feeling a little better today, just don't want to be all sickly and miserable when hubby returns this weekend. Poor guy!!!

While I was at Airman's Attic yesterday I picked up a Bread Machine Cookbook from Fleischmann's Yeast. I've been going through it and my oh my, it's full of great recipes, can't wait to try it this weekend. The first one I'm making is Pumpkin-Nut Bread, mmmmm sounds wonderful. But you know what I'm baking this afternoon??? Grandma's Gingersnap Cookies, it's a recipe I found on a while ago, it was actually a link I picked up from one of my favorite Crafty Blogs, named "Turkey Feathers". Vicki mentioned the cookies and even posted a yummy picture.

It will be perfect for this rainy day, just me and kids in the kitchen, baking and having fun. I've posted the recipe on my food blog, so go HERE to see it, and I'll come back and post pictures once the cookies are done. :)

Since it's cold and I really don't feel like going anywhere, plus I don't want to get any sicker, I thought that I would spend the day making some Tooth Fairy Pillows for the kids. Jasmine has been wanting one for a long time, and they're so easy to make. I'll show you the pictures once they're finished :)

I've really got to get myself in gear soon, it's almost the end of October and it doesn't leave much time for all the Christmas gifts I want to make AND send off in time, especially to South Africa. I just hate leaving everything til' the last minute and then stressing over what should have been done or sent.

Well I better get started on my day, would love to have that pillow finished for Jasmine when she gets home from school :)

Don't forget to check the Slow Cooking Thursday post below, there's some really good recipes being shared today.


For dinner I'm making Sausage Rice with a Salad. It's quick and easy and the kids love it, heck throw sausage (especially hotdogs) in anything and they're thrilled :)
For dessert we'll be having the Gingersnap Cookies.


Rachael Ray - *New*- The CW- 12pm

General Hospital - *New* -ABC- 1:00 pm

Ugly Betty - *New* - ABC - 7pm

Grey's Anatomy - *New* - ABC - 8pm
ER - *New* - NBC - 9pm


Tooth Fairy Pillows
Baking Cookies


  1. You are obviously in a different part of the country than me! It was 88 here yesterday but has cooled off today, of course that means more rain! I watch or tape ER, gotta try Ugly Betty I guess but I think I'm usually watching Survivor then!

  2. Beautiful pic of the tree with the mountains in the background!

    Sorry to hear you're starting to feel sick again. Hubby always takes zinc tablets as soon as he feels any little bit of anything not quite right. You can't take the ones with vitamin c though. Not the same. Anyway, the guy has not been sick in years. Give that a try.

  3. OH no. I'm sorry you're getting sick again. It seems like you just got well.

    But what's even worse is that you don't watch Survivor. :-)

  4. You poor thing getting sick again. Lemon and honey drink, or hot apple juice. Honey has antiseptic qualities. Hope you feel better soon! :o)

  5. Grey's Anatomy has become my all-time favorite show. I could and would easily give up ALL other shows just for that one.


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