Wednesday, October 11, 2006

How many times do you have to mess up

until you learn the lesson??? No really, humor me, how many times??? Once or twice, four times or maybe ten???

See I won't even go on to say how much I love my coffee. I think everyone and their mother already knows, "no coffee and no creamer make sandra something something" (sorry Homer Simpson jumped into my brain for a second).

But anyway, this morning I did it again. It's now the third time, "ALERT THE MEDIA", that I get the coffee machine ready and then turn it on, walk away and forget to place the carafe on it. So now I end up with delicious coffee ALL.OVER.THE.COUNTERS. It's heart breaking!!!
The first time it happened I was so upset that Jasmine said "why don't you just lick it off the counter?". Yeah thanks honey, although I would lie if I didn't say I was tempted. Does that make me weird???

So my blogging friend Courtney, had a great post yesterday about the things she's learnt through her husband's deployment. I have to say that reading her entry was like reading a page from my own journal.

I admit I too take my husband for granted when he's home. Actually there's times that he really gets on my nerves, but then he gets deployed or goes TDY and I'm miserable without him.
It's the little things that you overlook when you're just going day to day, like.....the sound of the door opening when he gets home from work, the kisses that follow, the hugs when he walks by me during the day, and even the little spats over who left the empty box of cookies in the cupboard.

See the enemy has a way of placing doubts in our minds, especially when we're most vulnerable and there's nothing better than a woman alone with the kids, having to do it all, and worrying about her husband's safety. My mind goes into overdrive....I wonder what he's doing??? Did he eat?? WHAT did he eat??? With WHO did he eat??? Better not be a hot blonde around there!!!

It's just ridiculous the things that I think about, but usually only for a few seconds (yeah I can think all that and more in just a few seconds), I can tell when I'm being coaxed into these thoughts and that's when I ask God to wipe them from my mind and help me get through it without going nutty. Another lesson that will most likely repeat itself again next time he deploys.

I've been finding the weirdest things in my house, they're quite hilarious actually considering Nicholas has been the one behind them. I'm going to share two photos with you and you have to tell me whether I'm loosing my mind or my son is just trying to amuse me or himself. LOL

So this first one is sort of like a puzzle/riddle kinda thingamabob. See I hadn't been noticing (sorry I can't be everywhere at once) that Nicholas had been doing this. It's really quite interesting when you realize what they let's see if you can all figure it out. Just take a look at this picture and tell me what is NOT supposed to be there, and then tell me if you know what they are.

Umm now I know I'm no Interior Decorator but even I can see that those green things are not supposed to be there....guess what they are???

And then to top it off, I walk around the corner and find this. LOL I'm sorry but I just can't stop laughing, to think that he did this and the silly dog just sits there. COME ONNNNN....get up or shake it off or something LOL

Doesn't she look happy???? LOL She actually stayed like that while I got my camera and took the picture...wonderful pug :)

So since I'm sharing pictures I couldn't help but to show you this next one, this is the sky this morning, it's just, well, it's just gorgeous....take a look. Jasmine said it looks like a Grill LOL

While we're on the subject of pictures etc....I added my Chicken Curry picture to the recipe post. Go check it out and tell me you're not hungry now...go on I dare you!!! I might just have to come to your house and cook!!! LOL
Hey if Curry is not your thing, then go check out the photo of my Crockpot Beef Stroganoff, now THAT is sure to make you salivate....I'm starving just looking at it.
*SIGH* I miss hubby, not because I'm talking of beef, but because I miss cooking big meals LOL

Today is our turn to provide the snacks for Jasmine's class. A lot of moms send in little bags of chips, granola bars, little donuts etc....just quick and easy stuff that the kids like, but being the homemaker that I am, can't pass up the opportunity to cook. Last month I baked peanut butter cookies and white macadamia nut cookies for the class.
For today, I made Cookies on a Stick. The kids LOVE them and it's a fun snack. But more than that it's EXTREMELY EASY to make.

Wanna see what they look like??? Oh and let me just say that what I love about these is that you can use them at any time of the year, like for Valentine's day you can use heart shaped cookies, for Easter Oval shaped ones decorated like eggs etc....just use your imagination :)

Now tell me which kid won't love eating a cookie like that???

Ok so now for the last photos of this post. This is what happens when daddy is gone and we get bored LOL Jasmine I guess wants to take in her mommy's "papparazzi" footsteps, give her the camera and she just loves taking candid shots. Of course this time I WAS the one in the crosshairs. First the kids wrestle me to the ground, beat me up (not really but hey if it makes them feel strong), and then she takes photos of my messed up hair. SHE said it was to show everyone my new haircut and highlights....I SAY it's just to embarass me, and so because I love my family and all my friends so much, I am not ashamed to post these. Now you look while I go hide my face for a few minutes.

Oh Lordy!!! Anyway, that's me when I'm bored, doesn't that look like so much fun??? NOT!!! LOL Actually it was fun messing around with the kids, just letting your hair down (literally) and saying "to heck with being a mommy right now". You should try it often it helps release stress.

And that is IT, I think I've either put some of your to sleep with all this babbling, or I may just have you in hysterics over my pictures....either way, it's amusement at it's best right???

Well my friends, I have tons of errands to run today, so I better get on with it. Have a great wednesday and Hey, go out and do something fun, but be sure to get pictures. Oh and I really want to know if you can tell what those green things are on the shelf....I'll let you know tomorrow what they are. Of course, I'm sure everyone will get it right, it's not Rock Science like Tara Reid says LOL

Adeus, Adios, Totsiens, Au Revoir, Ciao, Bye Bye!!!


For dinner we're having Bacon, Sausages, Biscuits and Gravy. Favorite kids breakfast and hey we all know how fun it is to have breakfast foods for dinner right??? I do miss cooking big meals though :)


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  1. Now I love me some coffee big time, too, but I don't think the kids have ever suggested for me to lick it off the counter when it spills. LOL! That's just too funny!

    And what a great mom you are getting down and playing on the floor with your kids. That's what memories are made of!

  2. The picture of the dog has me laughing out loud. Aren't kids just the greatest? You never know what they are going to come up with next.

    And the sky... wow... what a picture! Thanks for sharing that with us!

  3. I don't think it makes you weird that you were tempted. Does it make me weird that I was thinking the same thing as your daughter when I read it? LOL!

    I love what you wrote about your husband, and it defintly reminds me that I, too, take my husband just being here, for granted. By the way, what is TDY?

    Ok, I give. What are they? They look like little, green, plastic buckets? The dog, that is HILARIOUS! And te sky picture is amazing!

    I have never had curry, that I know of, but...YUM! Come on over, the kitchen is (somewhat) clean. I don't drink coffee, but I will make you some, and you won't have to lick it off of the counter, I promise! ;)

    The cookies look great, and I am definitly going to make those soon!

    Ok, I have taken up enough room, here. Have a great day!

  4. I love the pictures of you!! They are great!! Nicholas seems to be having fun placing "things" around so decoratively!! LOL...I used to have some of the same thoughts when my husband was deployed, so I understand this all to well! Hope you have a wonderful day my friend!
    Blessings to you and to yours...

  5. I think you got it all wrong. I think your dog is waiting for the coffee.

    The green thing? I love it. I think that is what interior designers call as accidents ... oops, accents.


  6. Love your wonderful sense of humor it tuly is uplifting! So happy about your MIL...very encouraging! Love your cute funny face! :) The dog pic was adorable. I am off to go to the commisary with my Mom!

  7. Good grief! I'm amazed at how much you cover in one post. OK. I even enlarged the photo and can't figure out what those green things are. Please put me out of my misery.

    Your dog is gorgeous. Even with the cup on the head, a beautiful dog. No wonder you adore that dog.

    And I love the photo of you. You look so young it makes me a little sick, but I think they're great photos. :-)

    And yeah, I think it's normal to lick coffee off the counter. I'd do it. I'd shut all the blinds first, but I'd do it. :-)

  8. First of all let me tell you how much I appreciate your prayers for kai'lie. I will keep you all posted. Just knowing I have friends out there like you makes my heart fill with gladness.

    Thanks also for reminding me Sylvia Browne is on. I love her.

    The coffee thing is hysterical. I have done it, but thankfully not recently. I'm not sure how we can forget this sort of thing, but somehow we all do once in awhile.

    Are the green things those Easter egg decorating cups? I am not sure, but they look like these. He is such a smart kiddo.

    I was hysterical with Jasmine's comment on why you don't just lick it up. I know what you mean when you say the thought crossed your mind. I probably would of somehow tried to sweep it into my cup with my hand, but we all know how that would turned out.

    I have been over to your food blog and am making quite a few of your recipes in the next few weeks. I am definitely trying the pizza, the chicken tetrazzini, the fried chicken, the super easy chicken manicotti, the tortellini alfredo, and the strawberry cheesecake pudding pie. Your pictures are awesome and I think you should do a cookbook. My husband salivates over my shoulder every time I am looking at your food blog.

    PS I checked out your hubby's blog. He writes well like you. Very nice. I showed it to my hubby who was impressed.

    Sorry you guys are without hubby for awhile. I know how hard this is. I am gearing up for a tour my husband is supposed to go on in Nov. 1 year in Iraq. This mission is up in the air, but they are in training for it anyway. This will be horrible, but that's the way it goes. Thank God I have all of you out there to hold me up while he's gone. I'll let you all know when and if he goes.

  9. You are so precious! I am glad I am not the only silly person around. LOL about the coffee on the counter. Now don't you know if you don't use the caraffe you put your head under the basket to catch it in your mouth? MUST I come there and show you how? I will you know.
    Yes, the devil does try to discourage and steal our joy. I just tell him to get behind me and bug off! So there!!!!
    Love the dog pic! How funny!! My hubby laughed at it too! You are good for my soul my friend! lots of hugs!

  10. that's sweet Nicholas wants to help you decorate :) But ok what are those green tub things?! The cookies on a stick look really neat - I bet they were a big hit with the class!

  11. Now see, I thought you looked sexy with your hair like that!! LOL!!!

    I don't know about the green things!! What are they??????

  12. What a lovely blog it's a favorite of mine,.I'll have to show my Mum the pug picture...We had two pugs when I was at home.
    It is also nice to see the woman behind the blog...Michelle

  13. Too tiered to say much.
    As always enjoyed the post.
    Great photos.

  14. those cookies are so great - i have got to do those with Jackson!!!

    love all the pics! :)

  15. Are those green things former 'snack holders' sold in grocery stores? You know..filled with a particular edible substance? got me!! And on the coffee/carafe thing...been there, done that...still DO THAT. I think all of our kitchens should have brown marble countertops and dark floors, don't you??
    The cookies look fun!!! The dog has the patience of Job. Have a blessed day!

  16. I really love the look of your blog. And I plan on bookmarking it.


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