Saturday, October 14, 2006

Scary Shows = No Sleep!!!

That's a no brainer for me, or at least you would think so, but nooooooo I decided to use the last of my brain cells yesterday when I sat up late watching scary shows on TV. You would have thought that after the second one and me being terrified, I would have turned it off, but you see it became this weird tug of war kinda thing in my mind.
So this is how my train of thought went:
  • Turn off the TV Sandra these shows are freaking you out.
  • Ok, but if I turn it off then it will be dark in here......what was that?!?!?!?.......did I just see something????
  • Oh never mind it was just Lola walking around the corner.
  • Ok so turn it off now and go to sleep....
  • I can't, if I turn it off it will be dark!!!

See how ridiculous that is??? I'm not afraid to say that I talk to myself sometimes, well not like crazy talk, just once in a while, is that still considered freaky???

But anyway, I finally turned off the TV just before midnight. Then I sat there for 15 minutes willing myself to sleep. Isn't it amazing how your mind starts playing tricks on you when you're scared??? Every shadow on the wall becomes a potential ghost, or every sound is of an's just nutty!!! So, I've decided, NO.MORE.SCARY.SHOWS.UNTIL.HUBBY.COMES.HOME!!!

Thank you all for the wonderful comments on the family portraits, I'm glad you enjoyed them and actually don't think I'm a two headed monster LOL.
To answer some of the questions....

Emily asked what is the secret to getting my kids to look pleasant without making faces.
Jasmine LOVES photos and the minute she sees a camera she starts she's easy, now Nicholas on the other hand is a different thing. He gets bored easily so to get him to cooperate, hubby and I told him that he if smiled nicely and did what the lady said, we would buy him a surprise like a charm LOL

Susanne asked if I made them this color on the computer or if that is how they came. This is what we picked, the choices were Black and White or Sepia, we picked Sepia, which I just LOVE.

Vmac wondered if they charged us a fortune, and I have to say that YES. I paid $211 and I wanted to cry, but having a big family all over, means I need tons of photos to send out, so I had to get a big portrait's definitely hurting my budget this payday though. But you know the Lord will provide and help me stretch the rest for what is needed :)

Laura wondered where I would put the huge family portrait. Well actually I put it up on the wall just above the couch, between two shelves that I have. Now I just have to fill the rest of the wall with other pictures, without making it cluttered. If I had a fireplace I would have most likely put it above it. I mean this is a HUGE portrait!!!

My sciatica is all but gone today, thank goodness, though it did hurt quite bad after I finally lay down last night. Took some Motrin and it helped a lot. Thank you all for the well wishes :)

After having a bad day with the kids on Thursday, yesterday morning we made a deal. I said that I didn't want to hear one yell or one scream all day long, only quiet voices were allowed. The kids of course thought it was a game so they were more than happy to play along, and it turns out we had a wonderful day. No fighting, lots of hugs and kisses and a stress free mommy. I think hubby was happy to hear me smiling and not crying LOL

I also managed to get groceries with Nicholas WITHOUT me running around or yelling like psycho inside the store. It was a first for me, usually he takes off running around the corner and I'm the nutty mom running behind him yelling not to take another step, which in toddler language means "Run Run as fast as you can, you can't catch me I'm the Toddler Man".

But he behaved and he even helped me with the groceries, so I'm a very happy mommy right now. This morning they're a bit hyper though, while I type this they are running from the kitchen to the living room, laughing out loud and just being goofballs.....makes me smile though, I remember those days.

We're going to keep busy today, trying to make the weekend go by fast. Ask any military wife and they'll all tell you that the worst days are the weekend. During the week we have schools and appointments and errands to run, and the days just fly by....but come Saturday it's just boring, we often end up looking at the walls or staring at each other thinking "oh man I'm so bored". That's usually when the time just drags on by....frustrating I tell you!!!

Anyway, I have housecleaning and yard cleaning to do, and kids to chase. Oh I'm sharing this little video with you. Bella, the pug that we adopted a couple of months ago, is just the sweetest little thing. She does neat tricks and all but the one thing that we love is how she tries to talk back to us. This is Jasmine yesterday morning, watch how Bella reacts to her. Sorry it's so dark, I (being the wonderful ditz that I am) forgot to turn on a light...DUH!!!

Enjoy your weekend everyone :)


Right now I have a pork roast in my slow cooker. Since it's just me and the kids, the roast will be enough to make dinner for the next 3 nights. Tonight we're having some roast with mashed potatoes and green beans.
Tomorrow night, I will use some of the left overs to make a portuguese dish we call "Roupa Velha" or Old Clothes (don't be discouraged by the name LOL).
The following night we're having Pork Roast Sandwiches served on toasted bread. How much better can it get, 1 meal turns into 3, perfect :)

Little People - *New*- TLC- 9pm

Little People - *New* -TLC- 9:30pm


House Cleaning
Collecting stuffed toys for Jasmine's school
Updating Book Blog


  1. What a cute video. You can so tell that little dog is trying to talk to her. I have one that does that. All the time.

    And your pork roast sounds wonderful. Of course, your dinners always do.

    I can't believe you watched scary movies. I won't even read a scary book when I'm home alone! I'm a big wuss. Apparently, you are too.


  2. I scare easily too if I watch a scary movie at night - especially if I'm alone -- scared to the point of tears sometimes! Yikes. Sorry.

    So I'm glad you had a better day with the kids. Trust me I KNOW how that is - except DOUBLE that! When hubby goes out of town with his uncle and the kids and I stay behind... AAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!

    Have a great weekend.

  3. Ahhh Sandra you look beautiful in your pictures and your family looks so lovely together, what great photos!

    Lol, don't watch scary films, it's tempting but just don't do it...and you know there'll be lots of them coming up with Halloween just round the corner. Watch Anne of Green Gables or something warming and lovely like Pride and Prejudice :o)Then you'll sleep like a baby.

    Loves ya xxx

  4. That’s why I don’t watch scary movies. I think the only scary movie I’ve watched is Scooby-Doo’s Halloween party.

    My 3-year old son, however, doesn’t mind the scary stuff.

    “What do you do if you see a ghost?” I once asked him.

    Without hesitation, he said, “You shout Waaaah! Then I call Mommy.”



    By the way, those are great family pictures.

  5. I'm likely weird, but I not only hate scary movies, but dont understand why people like the sensation of being scared. I cant even watch them with my husband sitting right there. Ever since Wizard of Oz in second grade, just cant handle them. I'm probably just strange. My husband and middle daughter love them!

  6. I cannot watch scary movies. Even if I'm not to scared watching them while it's going on they affect me for sometimes years after. I watched "sixth sense" a couple years ago, thought it was a really well done show, but even now I get greebled out once in a while after I turn out all the lights to go to bed. I'm with Bev, I don't like the feeling of being scared.

    LOL at the picture of the toddler man and psycho mom in grocery store! I think I starred in that scenario a few times, myself!

    I see you watch "Little People...". Tammy from Family Doin's actually knows these guys and she wrote about going to their farm just last week. Here's a link if you want.

  7. You are a hoot! I do the same thing though. I will watch something that scares the bee-jabbers out of me. I know I shouldn't but I do and then I spook at every nosie or imagined movement! LOL! I will never learn! Isn't it normal to talk to yourself? I do it and I talk to the t.v. (weird!) and other inanimate objects when I am frustrated with them! LOL!!!
    The video is a riot! You should see our Katie-Bug when we ask her if she wants to go out. She barks and spins and acts a big fool! love and hugs my friend!


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