Monday, October 16, 2006

Oh Blissful Morning and Blissful Rain....

I stepped out this morning and could smell the rain, is there anything better??? It's misty but with a clear blue sky, and the sun shining down creates the most stunning effect. Yes, it's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods.

I did have some problems trying to drive though. It's so cold that my brakes squeal, so if you hear a squealing car coming your way, don't be scared, it's just little ol' me. It's a "sight" I tell you, squealing brakes and fogged up windows....pathetic, though by the time I got back home from dropping off Jasmine, the brakes no longer squealed and the windows were again transparent. Hey, better late than never right???

I'm so happy that it's monday, weekends just drive me nuts, well, only when hubby is gone. We ended up calling each other a couple times yesterday because we were both bored out of our minds LOL
Gotta love cellphones!!!

I've been thinking about changing my layout again, and don't go running away or shaking your head at me, I just get bored easily and like changing things. Would you really stop visiting me if I changed the look yet again??? I'm not saying it's going to happen today or this week, but I'm jus
t warning you for the expected change, just so you don't think you stepped into a different blog. I like you all, that's why I tell you ahead of time, see I'm actually quite a nice person LOL

So this morning Jasmine hauled off a big trash bag with stuffed animals. It's always something trying to get rid of any kind of toy in this house. You would be amazed how many "my favorite toys" there are....and the funny thing is that they don't even play with them or know they exist until the possibility of getting rid of them arrives, the excuses they come up with are just ridiculous. I kept putting in stuffed toys which "magically" (according to Nicholas) kept disappearing. Listen kiddo, I wasn't born yesterday, and that blues clues sticking out behind your back is not hanging in mid air.

But we managed to finally get a few collected for the school. I hope they are able to collect alot to send to Iraq, I think it's wonderful that the troops are trying to bring a little bit of happiness to the kids over there. God Bless our Troops, men made of steel during battle but soft wonderful hearts the rest of the time!!

If you take a look on my right sidebar, I've added a new section called "What's for Dinner?", that's where I'll have my menus posted every week, you can also find them at Full Bellies, Happy Kids under my Menu Plan Monday post.

While you're there, be sure to check out my "Roupa Velha" recipe, it's the one that is used for leftover meat or chicken etc....I just uploaded some pictures from the one I made last night. The kids LOVED it and both had that is something for kids who usually pick at their food.

I woke up with a whopper of a headache, think it's just my sinus letting me know what is to know what I always envision when I start feeling the sinus pressure??? That commercial where there's these nasty slimy things having a party inside your nose??? I know, I know, it's gross but that's really what it feels like!!!
So I've taken some Sudafed already and it seems to be subsiding...YAY!!!

I was just thinking that Halloween is only but two weeks away, it just seems that this whole year has gone by at lightning speed, weren't we just out Trick or Treating last week??
So the kids have their costumes all picked out and ready....Nicholas being the boy he is always goes as some sort of SuperHero, last year he was Robin, this year he is Spiderman.
And NO he didn't go out barefoot, this was him trying the costume the day we got it. LOL

Jasmine on the other hand loves the chance to wear big dresses, the more ruffles the better. Last year she was a Southern Belle which I LOVED LOVED. This year she is a Glamour Witch, all because the dress is Black and has red flowers, her favorite color....she doesn't even pay attention to what it's called, it could have been anything really as long as the dress went with it.

You know how a lot of parents will dress up too??? Well hubby wants to dress up again this year, I'm not sure what he's going as, but I'm sure that I'll be the Stressed Out Mommy of Two, it's a great costume you don't even have to spend money on it, just wear the jeans with the torn knee and the baggy t-shirt and DON'T brush your hair, it's that easy!!!

And while we're talking about Halloween, don't forget Theresa's Blog-O-Lantern Contest coming up next week, you can find the rules here. My kids are all excited about it!!!

Oh I know you're probably tired of all the pictures on this entry, but hey I have only 3 more to share with you, you can handle it can't you??? I'll throw in a cappucino, really I will, I just took out my Cappucine Machine and got it all ready to make myself one, so I'll throw one in for you if you just stick around for a few more minutes.

Alright, so last week I went by the Base Thrift Store and I walked out with some beauties for only $5 for everything. Knowing that I love cooking, I'm always on the prowl....well, maybe not prowl per say, that makes me sound animalish.....let's say on the "look out" for cooking and serving dishes, so when I saw these I just knew I had to get them and at that price you really can't say no. Want to see them and then let me know what you think???

The first is a Pasta and Pizza Bowl Set, I'm already envisioning Spaghetti and Meatballs or some Fettucine Alfredo, yum:

And these two are glass baking dishes, oven proof of course, the rectangular one will be perfect for my Ravioli Lasagna next week:

Alright, alright, I'm leaving you now because I've babbled long enough and I probably didn't you let you get a word in edge wise, so I'm heading out, but not before I share this last photo of my babies. When hubby goes somewhere, whether it's a two week TDY or a few months Deployment, the kids have this thing where they each pick one of his old t-shirts and then I slather on a ton of daddy's after shave or cologne. That's the t-shirt they wear to bed, and if they get too hot, they take it off and hug it close while they sleep. I just think it's the sweetest thing, and I've done it before too, especially during long deployments, makes you feel like he is right there with you.

Well ladies, have a wonderful manic Monday, I'll see you all back here tomorrow morning :)


For dinner we're having some Pork Roast Sandwiches on Toasted Wheat Bread and some Veggies with Ranch Dipping Sauce. I'm so glad my kids love veggies :)


Rachael Ray - *New*- The CW- 12pm

General Hospital - *New* -ABC- 1:00 pm

Wife Swap - *New* - ABC - 7pm
A wealthy California housewife trades families with a bucolic matriarch living on a farm in Texas.

The Bachelor Rome - *New* - ABC - 8pm

What About Brian - *New* - ABC - 9pm


Putting away laundry *where is that laundry fairy when you need her?*
Sweeping and Mopping Kitchen
Starting Purses for Christmas Gifts


  1. Of course we wouldn't stop reading you if you changed your look again. I love change too usually its with my My hubbie and I usually dress up on Halloween too! So much fun and the kids think its the best thing. This year we are going as a family of pirates. You should see the baby's costume, so adorable. Love your thrift store finds!!! Have a good day and I hope your headache goes away. Laura

  2. I usually go as a stressed out mommy of two, as well!! Hubby is beginning to complain about the lack of creativity and wants me to be something else this year. hmmmmm -- how 'bout Mrs. Hannigan from Annie? :-) I think I could use the same clothes!

  3. I love Young & the Restless.....its my favorite.......I hope you have a great Monday

  4. LOL, we want to go as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth, his wife. BUT, don't think my 3 kids would "get" it. I wore fairy wings and carried a wand last year, and Michael, my engineering husband went as a nerd. Not too much of a stretch!! : )

  5. Go ahead -- change your look. You can't get rid of me that easily!! And I enjoy the pictures you post because it just makes what you write come that much more alive.

    As usual, the kids look adorable!

  6. Is that ravioli lasagna the same recipe that was in the Parents (or Parenting - I can't remember which!) magazine? I just came across that recipe and it sounds yummy and easy to do!

    When Joe was stationed in Korea for that year he would send me a tshirt every few months and I would sleep in it (of course I washed it too!)

  7. I say go for it on the layout change! You're so creative I always love seeing what you come up with!

    Your kids are adorable in their costumes! And time is truly doesn't seem like we did Halloween a whole year ago already!

  8. Roupa Velha sounds Portuguese, doesn't it???
    I love your blog as it is but change is always good.

    Love from Portugal,

  9. Such talent, to be able to change your look like that...and make costumes...and decide what you're having for dinner when you're blogging in the AM...and start in on making Christmas gifts are so organized!! How DO you do it?

    Enjoy your evening...this random, disorganized person is going to see what she can scrounge up for dinner.

  10. I don't know if I've ever told you this, but you truly crack me up! I am a very high energy person generally and I think you would run circles around me. I'm so impressed that you know how to redo your template and do so over and over, and it's always beautiful. I have to tell you the first time I saw it I thought it was your kitchen, was just in awe of it. Then you switched the template to something radically different and I knew you didnt do major remodeling. Only then did I realize you just pick what you like and put it out there. So I'm always looking to see if you've changed recently. I enjoy the daylights out of coming over to visit and see what youre up to, which is always a lot!

  11. I would still be back to visit.
    Love the photos.

    Glad to hear you were able to get rid of some of the toys.
    I'm watching wife swap as I type.

  12. I love this new look! It's so fresh-looking.

    The Meme you tagged me for a couple weeks ago is finally up.

  13. Sandra...the PAGE IS GORGEOUS!! O.K...I'll be 'the little engine that could' in terms that I'm all things 'un-tech' and I'll just gaze here awhile!LOL!!! Forget your posts...I'm starin' at the borders and head picture, woman! As for the post...meant to comment yesterday and then 'life' got a bit busy. Love the photos of the costumes. Baboo loves the candy for this holiday, but the closest we can get to a costume is his Spiderman sweatshirt! Oh well....least he keeps it frugal for us!

    Love the smell of rain myself ;).

    Great SCORE at the base thrift store too!! Yay!!

  14. I love those glass bowls. I cant' believe you got all that for that price! Way to go!

    I wish I had your knowledge and talent for changing up your site! It's fun to come over and see what you've come up with next!

  15. Jasmine's costume is awesome. She looks so pretty. A glamour witch, what imagination.

    I want the pasta and and pizza bowl set. You lucky girl finding these. Now I am going to want to go to my base thrift store. You get some neat stuff at yours.

    I love the idea of the kids getting on daddy's shirts and being slathered in daddy's after shave or cologne. What a great idea.

    I know what you mean by calling each other. Me and my hubby do this too. Last time he was away we talked through an entire half of a football game so we could watch it together. Thank God for cell phone minutes.


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