Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's windy, windy, windy here......

It started last night at around 10 pm and at first I thought it was a thunderstorm, the tree branches were smacking up against the windows and you could hear the wind outside....there's something powerful and scary about strong wind isn't there???

I thought it would let up during the night
, but it didn't, this morning it's still very windy, makes me want to crawl back into bed with the kids, wrap them up tight and just go to sleep for the rest of the day, but THAT is in my rose colored dreams, reality is a totally different thing.

So we had the pumpkin decorating night yesterday, I'm so glad the school does this every year, it's just so much fun. They go out to a pumpkin patch and buy dozens of pumpkins, and they also supply decorations and paints and even have a bake sale during the night. It's great seeing parents with their children, just relaxing and laughing and having a good time.

I have pictures to share of the pumpkins we decorated, except for Jasmine's because she entered it for the co
ntest. So here they are, Curt and nicholas both made puppies, a daddy and a baby puppy, they're so cute, though we both agreed that they turned out looking more like little mice but I think that makes them even cuter, what do you think....puppy or mouse???

They even have little legs, I tried to take a photo from the side so you could see better.

And here is mine, I'm not very creative LOL I figured I would go with something simple and quick to make, so I present to you "MRS CLOWN" LOL

And here they are all together

This weekend we're doing the actual pumpkin carving with the pumpkins we get at the Pumpkin Patch. Wow that's a lot of pumpkins in one sentence.

I just can't believe Halloween is less than a week away, time just flies by. For the past two years Curt has missed Trick or Treating, he was either deployed or working 12 hour shifts, but
this year he managed to get the day off so that he could be there with the kids. They miss him and he misses taking them, I am not sure who has more fun, daddy or the kids. :)

So with Christmas quickly approaching, I've decided that I need to start on the homemade gifts and decorations. It will be the first year that I'm making Stockings for us, and I also want to make all the tree decorations. Up until now we've been using the fake christmas trees and while that's all time saving etc, it's become too much of a hassle trying to get it back up, fluffing the branches to make them look normal and realizing that half the fake needles are missing. We've decided that it's ONLY real trees from now on....besides who can resist the pine scent????

I'm excited to get started, and I can't wait to get Barb's patterns and directions. Go and read her Homemade with Love post, this lady ROCKS!!! And if you're looking for some great ornaments she even offered to send them out to those that email her, so go on over and see what she's been up to.

I wish I could write more but my wrist is just not cooperating, I know I need to go back in to see the doctor and then have surgery, but I've honestly been putting it off. It's not that the surgery is anything major, it's the recovery time that is the worst. I will need a cast for two weeks and can't do anything with that wrist and then get a different bracer for another few weeks....having little ones makes it hard for me and of course with no family nearby to help, so yes, I'm putting it off as long as I can, but it's getting to the point where I need to get it done soon. *sigh* decisions, decisions.

Well I'm out of here....I have to run to the post office and the Airman's Attic. Have a great day!!!


For dinner we're having Chicken and Sausage Gumbo!!! If you like spicy food then this one is a MUST TRY, boy it's hot. I will have the recipe for it and for the Fettucine ala Carbonara posted later this afternoon :)


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Post Office
Airman's Attic


  1. I love your new layout & the pumpkins are Great!

  2. Really cute pumpkins! And I love your little blinky Christmas tree.

    I stepped outside and thought I was going to get blown all the way to your house!

  3. Those are cute! Would it look more puppy than mice if the ears were down instead of up?

    Only 8 weeks to Christmas! We've already got oldest daughters gifts bought and hidden. Youngest daughter's birthday is also Christmas day so I best get shopping, eh? :v)

  4. LOVE the pumpkins! Sounds like you all had a WONDERFUL TIME!

    You are so good to make homemade ornaments -- and a REAL tree!! Girl, you are GOOD!!! :) Honestly, I'd love a real tree, but my respect for my husband (severe allergies) keeps me from it!! :)

    Take care of that wrist!!!!!!!!

  5. Those pumpkins are adorable! I got our pumpkins yesterday at WalMart for $3 each...I do love a bargain...and they are huge and will great for carving which we are also going to do this weekend.

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new cute!!

    Take care of your wrist!

  6. Hi Sandra!
    Those pumpkins are the cutest things ever!!! You all did a great job on them!
    I hope your wrist feels better soon.

  7. Oh my goodness, Chicken and Sausage Gumbo sounds so good right now. You are so amazing! Those pumpkins are the most uniquely decorated ones I have ever! Love real trees we did the artificial for years too and now we splurge a little. :) Thanks for the heads up at Barbs! lol

  8. I've come to visit via Barb's blog. She speaks so highly of you. I love your blog - pink being my favorite color.
    I think the pumpkins look like the cutest of mice. Great job.
    I'll be back. I also want to check out your recipes. I am sorely in need of help!

  9. That Gumbo sounds divine! I love the little mouse/puppies and I'm excited to see how great your tree will look! Sarah and I made ornaments one year and I still love them!



  10. I cant wait until you post the recipes....yummy

  11. It's a pumpkin! It's a mouse! It's a reindeer! It's the all-purpose multi-seasonal organic decoration. Use it for Halloween and keep it till Christmas!

  12. such lovely and cute pumpkins! I would say it looks like mouse!

  13. These are just the cutest darn pumpkins! Hope you are having a good week.

  14. the pumpkins came out great! what fun you all had!

  15. Lol, those pumpkins are just the cutest. Sigh Christmas just around the corner...must start getting ready!!

  16. These pumpkins are awesome. You guys are so creative. Your clown is creative. What a cool idea to have this night for decorating the pumpkins.

    I am finally going to get a real Christmas tree too. We also have always used an artificial and every year I say I want a real one, so I am going to do it this year. I can't wait. Like you said the pine scent will make the house smell so awesome.

    I know what you mean about the writst surgery. I had the cast for the first two weeks and now I have the splint. Every day it gets a little better, but boy is it taking long. My surgeon said to me it is a good 3 months from surgery to normal. I have 6 more weeks to go after Nov. 2nd. I can't believe the time it's taking. I do a lot of stuff, but nothint too hard on it. In fact I use the splint quite a bit when it gets tired. I hope you don't take this long to recover, but I think because it is the wrist and it is used so much that recovery time is lengthy. I still can't even nail a nail in the wall to hang a picture. Can you believe this. My advice is to go for it. My writst feels great other then the fact that It can't be used to aggresively. You'll do fine. It is hard with a 3 year old, I had to figure out how to strap mine into his car seat one handed, boy that was fun, but guess what? It can be done. Good luck. Keep us all posted.

  17. I love those pumpkins. So cute. THanks for the reminder -- I need to get busy with my gift making too! What happened to this year already! Yikes!


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