Monday, October 9, 2006

Oh Lordy it's going to be a long two weeks......

You know I thought that after being a military wife for 8 1/2 years, that I would be used to hubby going away. I mean seriously, it's only two miserable weeks, I think of Courtney and Charla or Faith, and I have no room to talk, but hey, I miss my honey!!!

The kids have the hardest time, hubby
wasn't even gone an hour and they were both crying and asking to talk to daddy. See, for Jasmine this is nothing new, she's been through it before, but for Nicholas this is pretty much like his first time away from daddy, the other times daddy was gone he was too young to understand anything. He's having a hard time, really hard time, it breaks my heart, but with the Lord's help we'll get through it just fine :)

I want to start this morning by saying a
HUGE thank you to Dr. John from Dr. John's Fortress, he sent so many wonderful bloggers my way and I'm going to spend the morning visiting with them all, and of course my usual blogging friends :)
If you've never been over to visit him, please do so. He and his wife are such amazing people and I LOVE his blog, so if you get a chance today just pop on over and say hi, tell him that I sent you :)

It's a cold and rainy day, sorry I didn't mean to just leave you standing out there while I b
labbed about other stuff.....come on in, I have hot coffee and cinnamon rolls hot out of the oven. Mmmmmm....nothing like one drenched with icing. I'm so bad!!!

Know what I'm going to miss??? Cooking!!! Yeah you heard me, you all know how much I love being in the kitchen, but really, with the husband gone it's just me and the kids and there's no reason for me to make elaborate dinners. They hard
ly eat anything and I'm not going to gobble down a meal for 4 or 6. thanks!!! Though my thighs and behind get excited just at the thought!!!

Speaking of cooking, remember to go by Laura's blog today, she hosts her Menu Plan Monday and you're sure to find tons of great blogs participating, and if you make your own menus why not share them with us???

Also don't forget Theresa's Blog-O-Lantern contest coming up the week before Halloween, and then on the 1st of November I'm going to host Holiday Traditions, where you share your own traditions or if you're just wanting to start your own, I'm sure you can get tons of great ideas from everyone else. *Hint Hint*.....(please participate and help me spread the word)

I think it will be great to see what everyone does, what their family traditions are, new traditions that they've just started and even different heritage traditions. I can't wait!!!

We're getting ready for Jasmine's Halloween Class Party, but this year it's been changed to just a Fall Party because one of the kids doesn't celebrate Halloween. Jasmine of course wanted to know WHY??? Why doesn't he??? Doesn't he want to dress up???? Doesn't he like candy??? Isn't he going to feel sad when all the other kids go trick or treating????

This is the thing, for us Halloween is just about dressing up and trick or treating, that's IT. We don't go into details as to why or how, it's just a day to have fun. Now I'm not saying that everyone else who tells their kids what it's really about, is wrong. Far be it from me to say that, I don't judge what others do. But I'm just saying, for us, we try not to get into the whole background of it, far as I'm concerned, my kids don't need to know, if they ask, I'll tell them, but until they do, we'll just leave it at that.

How do you all deal with the Halloween issue??? Do you tell your kids everything about it or just let them think it's about dressing up and candy??? Do you celebrate Halloween or not???
I'm just interested in what everyone else does....curious ol' me at it again!!!

Anyway, I'm a DITZ!!! There I said it....I swear sometimes I wonder my brain goes. When hubby is not here I lock all the doors. Living on base is safe safer than living off base!!!
We don't have to lock our homes and cars, unless of course you have your purse with money just sitting on the passenger seat.....that would be asking for a bit much wouldn't it???

As I was saying....when hubby goes anywhere I lock all the doors. Even though we have the fire station right behind our house, and tons of neighbors around, cop cars driving by all the time....just makes me feel safer. So I leave this morning to go take Jasmine to school, I get back home and TADA!!! The doors are all locked!!! LOL
Then I realize that my house key doesn't work on the front door (don't ask why, I don't know). It works on the kitchen door, so I try that one, but the doorknob is loose, so it takes a while to get it in and then it opens the door....but now I can't get the keys out LOL

I'll have to go jiggle it a little more!!! If not, I'm sure Housing Maintenance can come by and fix it. *sigh* See what I mean about things happening when hubby leaves....but unfortunately this time it was my own stupidity at play!!!

I'm sorry am I babbling and boring you guys??? I seem to just go on and on at times, don't mind me. If you've actually read all the way through here, then WOW, you're fighting sleep or you do find what I have to say interesting....I'm hoping it's the last one.

Well I better get on out of here, my Blog Mobile is warmed up and I'm heading out for a little visit to your blogs. Hope you have hot coffee for me, it's coooooold outside!!!

God Bless,


As I stated above, this week's menus are going to be all about the kids and what they like. I am actually looking forward to eating breakfast for dinner, or cereal for dinner....the kids are thrilled too.

Tonight though I'm making some Chicken and Dumplings, been meaning to make it and haven't had a chance. Can't wait!!! :)


Rachael Ray - *New*- The CW- 12pm

General Hospital - *New* -ABC- 1pm

Wife Swap - *New* - ABC - 7pm

The Bachelor Rome - *New* - ABC - 8pm


Putting Away Laundry
Knitting Jasmine's Scarf
Cleaning up Computer Files, Backing up Photos etc
Cleaning bedrooms
Cleaning downstairs bathroom

And to finish this post.....I saw this over at Flipflopmamma this morning, as well as on a few other blogs, thought I would play along LOL Funny how they couldn't come up with a celebrity to match my "caught in the headlights" deer look LOL

Enjoy LOL


  1. You never cease to give me a giggle!!! You having locked the door and all --- LOL!! I can see myself in a situation (yup - I am a ditz too) like that!!!

    As for your question about Halloween - we do the same as you, enjoy for the fun, no discussion of the origination. Now - my oldest is 11, almost 12 and we have recently explained to her the history of the holiday and the difference between the history and the way as well as why we celebrate it. I consider it a fun KIDS day!! :) (plus, I enjoy a few pieces of candy too)

    YUM - on the Chicken and Dumplins - we were to have that when we went out of town, so I will have to cycle that back into the menu again!!!

  2. did you go over and check out my celebrity look-a-likes???

    My husband told SloMo last year that Halloween was a pagan holiday, and even though some people have tried to christianize it, it's still started out pagan, and he doesn't like it. He doesn't forbid her from trick or treating, although he'd prefer she didn't...and I still really enjoy passing out candy to the little cuties. SlowMo said last year that she wasn't going to participate in it anymore, but she's only 10 and she caved quickly once a friends family asked her to go trick or treating with them! We didn't mind, she's little. Most of my friends do a Harvest party, and we dress the kids up as nice things, no ugly or scary gouls allowed. LOL.

    Well, there's our take :)

  3. Hey, hang in there with Hubby's TDY.
    As for Halloween, we do the dress up. My MIL likes to decorate it. This year my 7 YO wants to be the Grim Reaper. Since my kids go to Catholic schools, they are told more about the Christinazation of the holiday - that it was the night before All Saints day, all hallowed eve where we pray for the souls of those who have died. As they get older, if they are to wear costumes in school, they are to dress up as their favorite saint.

  4. I feel your pain with the hubby gone - we're a military famliy too. W'eve gotten spoiled the last few years with mostly late nights and little TDY. That's changing with this assignment. I'll keep praying you make it through this TDY sane (one TDY at a time!)

  5. We have been round and round over this crazy holiday for the last 10 years and we've come full circle - we let the kids be kids and just have fun! For 1 or 2 years we didn't let them dress up or go trick-or-treating - it was sad!

  6. This is my first time here, my heart goes out to you. I was in tears reading you write about the hubs. :( I would miss my love desperately!

    Nice to meet you girl,
    Kdubs :)

  7. First of all...I LOVE this song you have it!!! Hang in there and try to keep busy and you're hubby will home before you know it!!! I so admire and respect military wives and families...thank you for all you do!!

    As for me a ditz because I don't know the real meaning behind it! As far as I know it's about dressing up and getting candy! If it does have some other meaning it doesn't mean anything to us except for innocent fun and trick-or-treating!! Our school doesn't do a Halloween party...we do a winter party, Valentine party and end of the year party. We can't call it a Christmas party in case some people don't celebrate Christmas. I think a Halloween party would be fun!!

  8. I hope the kids feel better as the day goes on. Maybe they will hear from daddy soon.

    I will check out Dr. John's Fortress in a minute.

    I don't cook much either when hubby is gone because no one here will enjoy it. They would rather eat pizza, hot dogs, nuggets, etc.

    The Halloween thing has really gotten to be a big deal. Like you I don't get into it. I just like to enjoy it, but I guess at Jasmine's age, these differences really become part of her thinking.

    Stuff always happens here too when hubby is gone. Like my broken wrist for instance. Murphy's Law.

    I will watch Wife Swap and The Bachelor too. I love reality tv. especially love stuff like The Bachelor. My hubby thinks it's funny.

  9. Bummer about your husband being gone. I hope the little one does better as the time goes on. :)

  10. Your blog is cool.
    I know how you feel about the AF hubby. Mine just left for a nine day TDY and even though it's nothing like the 7 months I've done before I'm still DEPRESSED! LOL At least you know you're not alone.

  11. Who could ever get bored by your "babbling"..are you kidding!! Love reading about your days.
    So sorry to hear that hubby is gone for 2.5 weeks...I pray that it will fly by fast for you.
    Enjoy your evening

  12. Awww you are too sweet. Honey you have every right to complain about him being away. A day, a week, a month, a year, or almost two are alone and pulling all the weight. I am right here for you. :-) You made me smile thinking of me. Now I need to go update don't I? HEHEHE

    :-) Faith

  13. Sorry to hear that you won't be doing as much cooking.
    Thanks for all the tips on the great blogs.

    Love you look a likes. Hubby wouldn't let me post my photo :(

  14. Do you have time to do all that

    Mighty fine blog
    so here's wishing you
    a mighty fine dat
    from Dr John & I

  15. My heart goes out to you and your little ones with hubby being away. Will be praying for you Sandra!

    As for Halloween, no we don't celebrate it at Blythe Towers because...well I could write a book on it, lol. So I won't go on.

    Love the celebrity face-match thing. I wonder who it'd come up with for me, lol. Probably something awful like Anne Robinson (scary woman off British TV).

    :o) xxxxxxx

  16. This is my second visit since Dr. John showed the way. Man, you are one busy woman. I wish I had half as much oomph and organization going on as you do.

    I think you're handling Halloween the right way. My kids are 14 and 20, but that's what we did with it. It was just for fun. We didn't tell them it was about anything else and they didn't think it was. 'Course we had to deal with it later when our church at the time had a pretty anti-Halloween campaign going on.

    I did the face scan using a really old picture (only one I could come up with spur of the moment) and the only match it found for me was Stacy Ferguson. Who's that? Geez, I'm getting old.

  17. Wow! What a hot mama! You got some gorgeous celebrity look-a-likes! I had fun doing this a little while ago! It's interesting to see who you end up looking like!

  18. *Sniff* I'm sorry about the husband being away! I loved your military wives picture with that beautiful thought! Your family is in our prayers! Lots of HUGS!!

    Mmm! Cinnamon Rolls! Do you have a recipe? I really suck at making them! It's the high altitude I think!

  19. You have a great blog here. I took advantage of it to rest and catch my breath from running Dr. John's latest marathon.

  20. Sandra, first, I wanted to just mention what a nice job you and Rebecca did on Michelle's blog. Kayla's eyes are so beautiful aren't they!

    Curious, is your Holiday Traditions a one day thing on Nov 1st? Sounds like a lot of fun! :)

    Halloween was always just sweet and innocent for our kids to go trick or treating, dress up and get some candy. :)

  21. I think the whole Halloween debate is really interesting. We celebrate it -- it's a fun, favorite holiday. But also I guess as a Catholic, I have a different view of the holiday than some people who are different kinds of Christian. There is a really great article here ( on a Catholic take on the holiday. Also, I just want to say that I really enjoy reading your blog -- I found it via Lisanne's site and I look forward to reading it daily!


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