Sunday, October 08, 2006

Cold but pretty morning!!!!

Well come on in everyone, it's kinda chilly outside. We're only at 41 degrees and I actually had to put on a coat when I took the pugs out this morning. BRRRRR!!!
I have hot coffee and well, just good company I guess!!

Hubby just left about 40 minutes ago and we already miss him. Isn't that something???
The kids are already walking around saying "I miss daddy, when is daddy coming home?"
It's just hard for them to understand why daddy has to go somewhere else to work.

Jasmine asked me this morning "but doesn't he work here? Why does he have to go work somewhere else, don't they have people there?" LOL
*Sigh* the magic of military life!!!

So as with any other deployment or TDY, now we start the phone tag game. Making sure my cellphone is with me constantly or making sure I'm home when he is supposed to call.....there's nothing worse than coming home only to hear his voice on the machine. It's the WORST feeling in the world because you don't know when he'll have the chance to call again.

You know when hubby goes somewhere I get into cleaning moods. I guess I first started doing it as a defense mech
anism to get me through the deployments....I felt that if I was cleaning and reorganizing and keeping busy, then the days would go by faster. If I just sit around, I can literally drive myself insane!!!
Guess now you know what I'll be doing a lot of these next few weeks LOL

What is it with kids and couch pillows??? Every time I turn around, they've removed them all and are using them as a trampoline.....or flying off the couch acting like Super Heroes. It's amazing how easily amused kids are, sometimes makes me wonder why we spend thousands of dollars on expensive toys when they're perfectly happy playing with furniture, empty boxes or pots and pans. With Christmas coming up, maybe we should just buy them an old couch to play with??? What do you think, would it work???

I have a ton of projects that I want to either finish or get a start on, and I'm thinking I'll be able to get them done within the next few weeks. I'm telling you, I will just be getting into something and then hubby will be back home, nothing like staying busy to make the time fly.
It's like "A watched kettle never boils", so we'll just look away from the kettle for a minute LOL

I'm about halfway done with Jasmine's Scarf, so I want to finish that up, with the weather being so cold lately she's going to need it soon.
I also have a couple of those little purses that I want to get done and one candlewicking pillow ready to sew and stuff. Just wish I had a room to myself, to use as a craft area for all my stuff. But hopefully one day!!!

I got laundry and ironing to do, a kitchen floor to sweep and mop, apparently the sticky spots on the floor were NOT made by the kids (so they say). Must be a an invisible person leaving a mess around the house, how unfortunate of me!!!

I have my Blog Mobile all warmed up and ready to go, so be forewarned, I'm coming your way for a quick visit. Have a wonderful sunday!!!


Finish laundry
Sweep floors
Mop floors
Change bed linens
Put away laundry


  1. Sandra, sounds like you will certainly be keeping yourself busy! I love that was nice to listen to while I read your post. Have a great day! Laura

  2. I guess I'm being stuboorn but I haven't watched Grey's yet! I'm afraid to be addicted to it.

    (stopping by via Dr. John)

  3. Ok, as clean as you are I can't imagine what you're going to clean while he's gone to keep you busy!! I sure we lived close to each other so you could teach me how to use my sewing machine!!! And you could also teach me how to make scarves and other cool things!!! I think you'e probably the closest to the Proverbs 31 woman that I've ever "known."

  4. I just sat here and watched the video and some of the scenes put that big lump in my throat again.

    As busy as you stay, hubby will be home before you know it. Just reading about all the things you do makes me feel like a slug. :-)

  5. I love Grey's Anatomy. I started watching at the begininng of last season. This seasons shows are just as great as last seasons.

    Our kids are the same way. I am constantly having to tell them to leave the cushions on the couch. The funny thing is, the dog does it too!

    I hope you have a great Sunday!

  6. Not sure if we have that over here, looks good though. Dr John sent me.

  7. everyone raves about that show but i have yet to watch it. sorry you miss hubby. sent here by dr.John

  8. sorry to hear hubby had to leave this morning, but I hope the next few weeks go by quickly for you!

  9. I have the first 2 seasons on DVD; this is my ALL-TIME favorite show... so very cleverly written. Anyway... sorry Hubby's gone. I'll pray for your sanity! LOL!

  10. Never got into Grey's Anatomy, but know of people who love it.

    Here playing six degrees of dr john.

  11. Maybe you can come to my house and help me organize, lol!! I'm sure you'd be busy for days!

    I'm obsessed with Greys Anatomy too. I started watching last year on Halloween Night. It's the best show!!!

    Hope time flies by so you won't miss your hubby too much.

  12. I love that song too!
    Here's hoping the next 2 weeks fly by for both of us. Then I'll be down to about 2 more!! Give or take a few days. (Hopefully take! LOL)

  13. LOL at the whole cushions on the couch. Although, I can't pick them up anymore so hubby and MIL are having a fun time putting them back!

    I clicked on the link for the Grey's songs but my Mac is not installed for that particular plugin. I'm going to see if hubby can fix it.

    BTW - the Blog-O-Lantern is still on. I may not get to do one as creative as last year but we'll see.

    Hang in there while hubby is away and remember I'm not far from from my computer these days.

    Here's to one Grey's addict to another! :)

    I watched four more episodes since last night - looovvvvee it!

  14. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I felt like I'd settled in for a visit with a good friend. Very nice.
    Sprinting through on Dr. John's marathon trail.

  15. He'll be back before you know it!

    I hear you on kids and pillows. I think that's why I don't have many.

    Great song :)

  16. Will try to see if we have a DVD of that here. Seems to be a nice one.
    Just passing by to say hello from Dr. John.

  17. you keep yourself really busy...I think thats a good thing..I use to get in the cleaning mode when hubby worked afternoon turn....I was a white I am one of Dr Johns little people!

  18. Seem that you have a lot to do to keep yourself busy whereas having fun with your kids. I always admire the ability of stay at home mom as there are tons to be accomplished whereas not necessarily noticed by others. By the way, your kids are really lovely.

  19. Sounds like things are going well fo ryou. I know abouththe TDY's when Scott served. They are hard....
    I know you will keep busy.

  20. i'm here via dr. john, but come visit any time while hubby is away and you want to gab with other mothers!

  21. A womens work is never done especially when you have children
    Dr John sent me

  22. I too recently got hooked on Grey's Anatomy. I watched it on and off last year, but by the end of the season I was totally hooked.

    I'm sorry you are missing your hubby. TDY is hard. I know what you mean by keeping the cell phone on and charged. It stinks not knowing when they will be able to call. I am glad to hear you have the projects to keep you occupied at least a little. My kid's don't like when dad is away either, but that is just the way it is I guess. Hard for the little one's to understand though.

    I am loving The Preacher's Daughter and when I saw your comment I clicked on over here and remembered about your book blog. That should give me some new ideas on reading material. Thanks.

  23. Dr. John sent me too!! I feel for you trying to explain to the kids about where Daddy is. I hope you catch all of his calls.

  24. I love that song!!! I can't watch this program, I just daren't! I have too much TV already :) Right now I am marathoning LOST. Yikes! Getting cold here too Sandra :)

  25. I tried Grey's Anatomy, but I'm a die-hard Scrubs fan (which also has a killer soundtrack). I think it's like when people either liked ER or Chicago Hope. I liked Chicago Hope, by the way, because that's the one with Dr. John... isn't it?


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