Sunday, October 1, 2006

OH Boy, hubby and I are in trouble......

So this whole week we've been telling the kids we're heading to the Pumpkin Farm today. Everyone was excited, I mean, the thought of the hay rides, the corn maze, the 50-100 lb pumpkins and just having a great family day before hubby heads out next week.

Well, I got up this morning and called up the Farm just to get directions, and they told me that they were not opening today, they were supposed to but something came up. WHAT?!?!?!
No, No, you don't understand, I have a 7 year old and a 3 year old who have been waiting for this all week, and yes I even bribed them a couple times to get things done around the house. Well not really a bribe more of a reminder "remember the pumpkin farm on sunday, can you be a good boy for mommy and pick up the toys?".

And now??? What do I tell them??? Well I mean, obviously the truth, but it breaks my heart to think how disappointed they're going to be. I know we won't be able to go this week with everyone's schedules, and then hubby leaves next weekend.....*sigh*

Just my luck that the farm would close!!! I suppose I could try to find some other place for pumpkins nearby, but I doubt it, we're pretty much in the middle of nowhere.

As if having this cold wasn't enough, my mouth has decided to erupt like Mt. Vesuvius. I just woke up to another cold sore on my upper lip. What is going on??? I really should be used to them, I get a few a year, but everytime it happens I'm still all panicky and trying to avoid eye contact with anyone, covering my mouth. Why do I do that???? I mean really, I'm sure other people could care less whether I have a HUGE cold sore on my lip.

I've been feeling really miserable lately, I know that it's due to being sick, but none the less frustrating. For some one who is used to constantly being on the go, it's hard to feel like I just want to lay down. The Lord has been helping me along, I think He's had to carry me a couple of times and yet He remains faithful to me. How amazing is He???

I have come to the realization that women are extremely resilient and stronger than we give us credit for. How many colds and flus have we fought off while doing laundry, working, driving kids around, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning and taking care of equally sick children??? Isn't that something??? We don't just get to lay down in bed and res
t the cold away, and I for one have come to appreciate myself and other women a LOT more.

A couple of you asked about my haircut. It turned out good, I didn't do anything drastic, just went in and got some layers done. I have super heavy hair and I just can't have it all one length. I'm glad it wasn't anything THAT different because it came just in time for the Family Portrait.

We got our pictures taken yesterday. One of the four of us which will be used for our 16x20 portrait, and then we got one of me and hubby, one of Jazzy and one of Nic and then one of the kids together. We'll h
ave them on the 13th of October, and I just can't wait. They're all done in Sepia which I love. Don't worry, I'll post the pictures and will send them off to family too :)

I hadn't realized how much I had done yesterday, until I finally stopped at night. When I pulled off my boots and my feet were aching so bad, that was the sign that maybe I overdid it a bit. So I took my bath and then crashed in bed at 7pm. Daddy gave the kids a bath and then kept them downstairs with him. We try to do this every night, even if I'm not sick.

After dinner and bath, daddy always takes them for an hour or two, they get to spend time with daddy and play together, and mommy gets those two hours to just lay in bed, read, watch tv or even put away laundry without kids grabbing the clothes from the baskets and throwing them around. It works great for everyone :)

So anyway, I didn't find anything interesting on tv, so I popped in my movie "Charlotte Gray". I loved it, it's one of those great war love stories, a must for a chick flick lover. It's based on Sebastian Faulk novel and I for one can't wait to read it :)

Oh and speaking of reading I found this really neat thing while surfing the net for books. It's called the Literature-Map. You type in the name of an author you read, and it brings up a TON of related authors that you would probably enjoy, it's really neat. When I typed in L.M. Montgomery I got names like Jane Austen, Julie Garwood, Charles Dickens and John Grisham.
Go ahead give it a try and see what comes up for you.

And with that I think I better get moving. I actually got to sleep in today, Nicholas and I woke up at 9am....YIPPEE!!! Now THAT is sleeping late LOL


While running around all day, we ended up not eating the steaks in the crockpot. By the time I got home they were so tender and just shredding, so we're having Beef Sandwiches and a potato salad to go with.


Bertie and Elizabeth - Movie

In 1920, Elizabeth Bowes-Lytton accepted a dance from the Duke of York ("Bertie" to his royal friends). Soon, they fell in love, married and had children. But when Bertie's brother, Edward VIII, abdicated, Bertie improbably ascended to the throne of England -- something he never planned on doing -- as George VI. This is the story of the couple's life together as king and queen of England, ruling thoughtfully through eras of peace and world war.


Run to Walmart


  1. I'm sorry that you have an awful cold. :( I do, too. *sigh* Yeah, I'm always the type of person who is running around doing stuff ... so it's hard to not have energy and to just want to veg out. :( Feel better soon!

  2. My you sound busy even when you are ill. What a lovely thing your hubby does for you in the evening, what a wonderful man...must be because he has a wonderful wife ;o) I like the sound of your haircut, I'm growing mine long and it needs layering too because it's thick and wavey and rages out of control.

    Sorry to hear that you are still under the weather though, you poor thing. Honey and lemon drinks - honey has great antiseptic qualities. You need plenty of vitamin C to boost your immune system...I don't really know what I am talking about but it sounds good doesn't it?

    I'm going to visit Literature Map now. Have a good rest and get well! xx

  3. For someone who is sick, you sure keep going. I guess as they say, "Life goes on".

    Sorry that the pumpkin patch was closed. Don't you hate it when that happens.

    Your haircut sounds great.

  4. Sandra I love how you see the good in all. What a drag about the pumpkin disappointing. Laura

  5. How in the world do you just never stop when you're sick? I'm amazed.

    Poor kids, not getting to go to the pumpkin farm! And I'm really looking forward to seeing the pictures!

  6. Sorry you still feel so punk. Hope you are well soon. That is too bad about the pumpkin trip. Dog gone it anyway!

  7. I know the kids are going to be so disappointed. There must be some other exciting thing to do with them to help make it up a little.

    I start using Abreva the minute I know a cold sore is coming and it really cuts down the time it takes to heal. I don't get them as often as I used to but I hate them. It's not just being self conscious abou how they look. They hurt!

    The arrangement you and hubby have for evenings is great. A lot of mommy's don't get any alone time at all so it's really sweet he does that and it's nice he has quality time with the kids, too. Lots of dad's don.t So it sounds like it works out great for all of you.

    Hope you're feeling better. You're right. We don't get to slow down when we're sick. Just have to keep going.

  8. Have you ever tried taking about 50 mg of zinc a can buy it at would help with your cold sores and preventing them..ask your doctor what he thinks....just a suggestion

  9. Oh, too bad about having to disappoint the kids! That is a tough one! And we used to go through the cold sore thing here too until one doctor prescribed my hubby Zovirax (antiviral). Now we put it on as soon as we feel any sign of a cold sore coming such as a bump or sore spot or itchy spot on the lip and it really helps it not to break out big. I've also heard that daubbing it with red wine as soon as you feel it coming helps too!

  10. ah man, too bad about the pumkin patch. Those things are sooo fun! We're going to pick out pumpkins this week...but we're just going to a patch in our town, strickly for buying pumpkins, no real fun stuff. I still love going and picking out pumpkins. But it's been in the 80'2 here, it's supposed to be jacket weather now, not t-shirt weather!!! I love the cool crisp fall air...where'd it go???

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about the pumpkin patch. I hope the kids weren't too sad. This stuff happens to me all the time. I can't stand to disappoint anyone, even when it's not my fault.

    I get cold sores too. They hurt and they don't look too hot, doesn't it seem like they never go away? It takes a few days for them to pop up, but a few weeks for them to heal. I hope your's go away soon. As soon as you thought of having pictures taken is when the sores decided to make an appearance. It's like their psychic.


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