Sunday, October 15, 2006

Well good morning, come on in and sit with me!!!

I can't tell you how thrilled I am that it's already Sunday, which means just another week before hubby is home. The kids are counting down the days, and I am too, I just try not to sound as desperate as they do, after all, I'm the mommy I should be the strong one right???

So I talked to hubby yesterday, he had gone to downtown Las Vegas for some Steak and Lobster....HELLO?!?!?! What do you mean Steak and Lobster and how come I'm not there to go along????
After talking to him he did promise me that when he gets back, he's taking us all to Red Lobster, well how can I not be looking forward to that....I can hear those Cheddar Bay Biscuits calling my name. Since I love to cook, about 5 years ago I hunted down the recipe, I just had to make them at home.

I did find it at the great CopyKat Recipes site. Now if you've never been there, you don't know what you're missing. You can find recipes for some of the biggest names in restaurants out there, anything from Olive Garden to Outback, Red Lobster, Cracker Barrel and TGIF. It's just wonderful. I posted the recipe on my food blog for you all. Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits recipe, enjoy!!!

You know I'm one of those people who are shy in person and don't really like big get togethers and social events, it's just not my kind of thing. But once I know you, I do tend to relax and be myself, and to me there's nothing better than sitting around the kitchen table chatting. Reminds me of wonderful afternoons spent with my greatgrandma and grandma, sharing stories and thoughts over a cup of tea and some cookies. I miss that, I miss talking to them, I learnt a LOT from my greatgrandmother and I'm glad I was willing to listen and not throw it away, it's made me into the homemaker, mother and wife that I am today. :)

It's like blogging, I like the feeling of having my family and friends here reading my blog, it's almost like you all sitting around the table or in the living room, just chatting about our day. I guess this is the reason why I'm not one to do posts just about one subject, or posts that are too profound and deep, honestly I wouldn't know where to begin.
But now that you're all here, just sit on down and have some coffee or tea, and I also have some Pumpkin Tartlets that I baked yesterday, they are delicious and really make me look forward to Thanksgiving.

Let's see what has been going on in Blogdom this past week, a couple of interesting posts, but before I go on and share them with you, I have to say that I've noticed a common sense of "realizing you're extremely happy with your life". Is it just me or does that seem to be going around??? I've noticed a lot of people, me included, who have been feeling blessed and absolutely joyful with their family, they husbands and children and their life in general. I can see the Lord's work at hand through blogging can't you???

Anyway, Sarah wants to know what is the emergent church and the purpose driven church, now because I have absolutely no idea, I encourage anyone who does to go on over and tell her.

Laura answered my question as to how to keep a kitchen organized, where things should go, where they shouldn't and how to access all the things you use daily. This lady is just unbelievable when it comes to organizing.

Kelli is holding a contest over this weekend, you're supposed to tell her what you most like about Fall and she has some great prizes up for grabs. Go on over and check it out :)

And lastly if you're hungry for some Squirrel and Liver, I mean aren't we all at some point in time (eeeewwww), go over to Barb's, she posted the recipe because we egged her on and then I wish we hadn't because it's just not my cup of tea, really it's not, but hey if you're into Game Meat, is that what you would consider a Squirrel? I'm not sure, but anyway, go and see it LOL

The kids and I had a great day yesterday, and you know I've realized that if I have a positive outlook on things, they're not so bad. Just wish I would remember that ALL.THE.TIME.
WE didn't do anything exciting or elaborate, but just tried to not think of the fact that hubby is gone and that it's the weekend and we usually get really bored, and the time just flew by.

So we went to the library, you know that's our usual Saturday afternoon outing. The kids picked out a couple of books they like, some of which they've already checked out before but it's their favorites. Like this one book called "I Stink", it's actually quite yucky if you think about it, but every kid I've ever come in contact that has read this book thinks it's hilarious.

Here is their reading list for this week:

I Stink
Sleepy Time Olie
Dora's Chicks
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom
Racer Dogs

and I also picked up two more books for myself, I'm almost done with "Anyone but You" by Jennifer Crusie (loving it), so I needed something else to read. I'm going through one of those Fiction Phases, and even though my Fall Reading Challenge has a bunch of heavier non fiction books listed, I just can't seem to concentrate on those right now, so I'm going for the Historical Romances, Contemporary Funny Romances and the just plain Chick Books. It's doing my soul a world of good.

I have some housecleaning to do and some other projects in mind, so I better get on with those. I hope you're all having a great sunday.

God Bless,


The Pork Roast that we had last night was wonderful, so I'm using the leftovers as a base for today's and tomorrow's dinner. For tonight I'm making "Roupa Velha", it's really good, and I plan on serving it with some rice.
For dessert we have Pumpkin Tartlets that I baked yesterday, topped with some whipped cream and a dusting of cinnamon, they're delicious!!!


7th Heaven - *New*- The CW- 7pm

Desperate Housewives - *New* -ABC- 8:00 pm
Brothers and Sisters - *New* - ABC - 9pm


Last load of laundry
Putting away laundry *where is that laundry fairy when you need her?*
House Cleaning
Collecting stuffed toys for Jasmine's school


  1. I always enjoy reading what your up to. I lobe Brothers and Sisters....a great new show. Your pumpkin Tartlets sound great. Hope hubbie comes home soon. Dont be lonely too long.

  2. You know, this two weeks with your husband gone DOES seem to be flying by, doesn't it? And I'd say the very least he can do is promise you Red Lobster after telling you where he was for dinner that night. :-) I've been making their Cheddar Bay Biscuits forever - amazingly easy and as good as the restaurant's.

    OK, I'm glad I read this because now I can prepare myself for the absolute STAMPEDE of visitors falling all over themselves to get my squirrel and liver recipe. Gag.

    No, I don't consider squirrels game meat. I consider them very cute little critters who jump from limb to limb in trees and are better enjoyed uncooked. I still can't believe I even discovered that recipe,much less published it.

    I agree with you. I've noticed a definite sense of peace with ourselves out here in bloggityville. I don't know what's going on but I'm glad it's so obviously contagious.

    New week coming up. Hope yours is wonderful.

  3. As usual, I look forward to reading your blog and am never disappointed. There are so many interesting tidbits in each post.

    I'm so glad the countdown is getting shorter to your husband returning. My nine days away seemed really long to me.

  4. One week down - one to go - yay!! and you've survived so far :)

  5. I'm a brand new-blogger. Just started my blog today. Surfing for other people who read Beverly Lewis books I found your spot.

    I just want to say thank you. Thank you and your family for protecting me and my family. Our military families are so important to the USA.

    May God bless you and keep you in His loving hands.

  6. Those biscuits are wonderful aren't they? I'm not big on seafood but do love a good clam chowder with those biscuits! Fish I do like also.

    Your posts are fun because it is like sitting down and visiting with you.

  7. Those biscuits are to die for and that is coming from a southern girl that grew up in North Carolina. Homemade biscuits I thought no one could beat until Red Lobster added cheese and TADA. Well, I am finally back and posting after enjoying my husband's return from Iraq. Can't wait to read more.

  8. Hi Sandra,
    Hope this week goes by fast for you!! Always love reading your blog, hope you have a great day!

  9. Hey I saw my name! Lol. I found out what the emergent church is all about, it's not worth knowing really...but I couldn't resist a rant ;o) also about missing socks, but then that's a common problem for us SAHMs. Sorry I digress. I loved that you noticed how happy many bloggers are. I feel really happy at the moment, we have our trials but I feel a real peace about things...and my kiddies are just such a giggle.

    Yey that your hubby will be home soon I'm counting the days with you! I can't imagine what it must be like. I suffered when my hubby went to visit his brother in Northern Ireland (RAF) just for a weekend. Prayers are with you.

    Ooo I see a new series of Desperate Housewives is on TV, is it any good. We won't get it over here for a while yet, probably not until new year.
    Hugs n' stuff xx

  10. Such a cute, feel good post Sandra. While Vegas is a blast, I think it is so nice that your hubby is taking you out when he gets back. :)


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