Thursday, October 12, 2006

HA!!! You've got to be kidding me!!!

As usual, the Slow Cooking Post is just below!!!

When I say that things happen when hubby is gone, I am not joking or trying to be cute, I mean things HAPPEN!!! This morning is a perfect example. As I do every other morning, when I get up I head straight into the kitchen to start my coffee, see I need that boost of energy or I'm terribly cranky. I'm sure it's all psychosomatic, but that's neither here nor there LOL

But going back to my story.....I go to get water and *drum roll*.......there's no WATER!!! Well I should say there's hardly any water, just a trickle coming in. Then I hear this "Arghhhhh" and realize it actually came from me!!!!

Know what I did??? Cause there's no way I'm NOT getting my coffee. I sat there for 20 minutes (stop laughing) until I had enough water for my coffee. LOL
A desperate woman does desperate things!!!

Of course here shortly we'll be brushing teeth and getting ready for school with a drop of water, but I'm sure we will m
anage. *Edit: The water is back on, seems there was a broken pipe or something in the neighborhood*

So now, you all wanted to know what those green things were??? Let's just say that for a while I've been giving him snacks and never saw the empty containers. It's those individual Pringles packs. Ahhh what a wonderful child I have!!! :)
Oh and upon closer inspection, he had been using them to store things too, they each had their own treasure, let's see I found: Crayons, marbles, two cookies, a small action figure and a piece of apple *eeeewwww*

Kids are very creative actually, they will come up with amazing things out of just an empty box, a roll of toilet paper or some crayons. Real McGuyver's they are!!!
Just this morning I found a wonderful painting on my bathroom wall, Nicholas decided to add some color I guess, even HE'S getting sick of the egg shell color that is so happily provided by the Air Force.

When I asked him why he did that, he calmly replied "I'm just making it all pretty". Well there ya have it, I think my son will become an Interior Decorator. In the meantime I'm heading into the bathroom with my trusted Magic right back!!!
THERE mission accomplished, Mr Clean took care of the dirty wall, much to Nicholas' chagrin.

The kids are missing daddy and usually that means acting out. They're just not listening very well, and to say that they're testing my patience would certainly be an understatement. We go through this everytime hubby goes somewhere, I think a routine is what gets them through it. Just this morning Jasmine said to me "wow mommy it's thursday already". I hadn't even realized it, time really has flown by. Thank the Lord for that!!!

A couple of you had asked what TDY means, it just means Temporary Duty. PCS would mean Permanent Change of Station (that's when you get orders to another base), you know when you become a military wife there are so many abbreviations and sayings thrown your way, it's hard to keep up with them all...but I think all military spouses know those two well :)

You know the one thing I enjoy while hubby is gone??? I actually loose weight!!! Now that's not to say that I like him being TDY or deployed, but seriously, it's the only time I actually loose weight. I remember back in 2001 right after 9/11 when hubby got deployed, just the stress of him being gone, worrying about him and being alone with a 2 year old, I lost 25 pounds LOL

So far this TDY I've lost 3 so I figure by the time he gets back maybe I'll be lucky and have lost at least 6 pounds hopefully 10???? Then again I can't trust my scale, she's a traitor and loves torturing me. The next time I get on it and it tells me that I'm 125 lbs and then starting blinking ERROR ERROR, that's IT, she's GONE!!!

Anyway I better get going, I'm going to jump in the shower and then start some laundry. Oh don't forget to check out the Slow Cooking Thursday feature just below, go on and check out the great recipes being shared :)

Have a blessed day,


For dinner we're having Hotdogs and Chips, kids pick. Let me tell you, they're LOVING these meals LOL


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Barb said...

I got such a clear mental image of you standing there, waiting 20 minutes for enough water to make a pot of coffee, I'm laughing my head off. You soooo would do that. We all know about you and your coffee!

So that's what the little green things are. Very, very clever little man.

Donnetta said...

Ok, so here's the blessing in the kids being creative and all "McGuyver'ish"... think of all the money you can save on toys!!(But then we probably make up for it in the products needed to clean up the mess.)

Oh well, I tried. :-)

Susanne said...

Other than the coffee event, which I totally relate to BTW, the thing that jumped out is 125lbs. Woman your a slip of a thing if you're anywhere near that number!

uuu said...

Ok - I LOVE that you waited 20 minutes for water for coffee!!!!!!!!! That is a woman in LOVE with her coffee!!! :) Thanks for the image and laughter!
As for the wall decor, BTDT, but for ALL of you out there, if it is previously wiped with a baby wipe before you use the Mr. Clean magic eraser (thanks to my Picaso trying to clean up his own mess) apparently it sets the stain AND only paint will cover it up!!! LOL!

Hang in there --- I'm still praying you through this!! :)

mom of 2 said...

Oh, no water would be one of the worst things to happen! Glad to hear it didn't last long!

That's awesome about the losing weight...maybe I should get my hubby to go on a trip! lol

Hope you are having a great day!

Michelle said...

Things always do have a way of happening when the hubby is TDY or deployed! Glad the water is back on now though!

Who knew pringles cups could have so many different uses?! LOl

Miss Notesy said...

OMgoodness, you made me laugh!

I love ER and missed it last week. Now that John S. has joined in I can't figure out who to drool over more. Him or Luka...

Michelle said...

how funny!!! Michelle

Christina said...

Last year I got up and discovered the electric was off, not the water, but same thing when it comes to coffee. I had to wake up my hubby just so I could run to the shopette for my morning cup. There were others there doing the same thing. I'm glad you got yours though without having to leave the house to get it.

I am sick of the eggshell color too. I guess all services get a big discount on this paint color.

I would of never guessed pringles containers, but what a good idea.

Good luck with your weight loss and I hope the rest of the TDY goes quickly.

rena said...

The visual of you waiting for your coffee water conjures up a lesson on patience. I know how much you love your morning cuppa!

Kelli said...

My sister got me hooked on a morning cup of coffee and I would be doing the same thing you did..drip..drip..drip!
I'm so glad your water is back on now!


BlondeBrony said...

Boy, 20 minutes. You are patient. Glad the pipe got fixed.

Your son sounds very creative.

Courtney said...

I can not begin to name all the things that have went wrong since Matt left. Lost water plenty of times & actually one day this week. Hang in there. It's already friday now!