Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Spare some energy???

Boy what a night!!!
Nicholas decided that he didn't want to sleep, so he spent the whole night in bed with me, tossing and turning, talking, singing and just driving me insane. I think he finally fell asleep around 3:30 am.
So I'm thinking, YAY, I can actually go to sleep now. That didn't work, for some reason now MY body was wide awake and I sat and stared at the ceiling for an eternity, finally falling asleep at 5am. Well that wouldn't have been a problem if it was the weekend, but seeing as by 6am I have to get up, I'm functioning on 1 hour of sleep today. This should be interesting. I am getting really wired though because to make up for the lack of sleep, I've stocked up on coffee. LOL

But anyway, yesterday afternoon I decide to call up the doctors office in Boise to find out if they've mailed off my paperwork. The lady I talk to then informs me that she hasn't mailed anything off because they have NO results for my MMR. Ok, before I start getting ticked off, I explain to her that is not possible because just last week I talked to my PCM on base and they asked for the doctors number in Boise so they could call and fax the results in. Which I know it was done because they called me back to let me know that it was indeed faxed through.

What the heck are these people doing? So now I call back my PCM yesterday afternoon and the lady is just shocked that they would not have the fax and can't believe the hoops I've had to jump through just to get something done. Long story short, I now have to run back to the hospital to pick up the results myself, come home, fax them through to the doctor in Boise YET again and hope they finally mail my paperwork in. I'm just frustrated because it's been months now since I've been trying to get it all done and ready to mail to the INS. I swear I see piles of paperwork in my dreams.

Other than that, the kids are doing great. Jasmine is doing wonderful in school. She was just moved up to 3.4 in her AR books. For those of you who don't know. When they first start first grade they are given a Star Reading test to see how well they read. They start them off on a certain level of books that they can read up to. They then pick a book from that category, bring it home every night, read it and then take a computer test the next day. If they get 80 or 100, they pick a new book and so forth. When Jasmine first started she was at 642!!!
The scales go from 300 to 900. So she was reading at a 6 years and 4 month old level. Within a few months she moved to 740 and now she's at 847. The level 3.4 that she is up to is at a third grade level reading. SO, we are really proud of her and glad she's doing so good.

Nicholas is giving me a HARD time with the potty training. All of a sudden he's decided that he wants nothing to do with underwear and throws a fit until he gets a diaper. I'm so frustrated with him but I know that there's nothing I can do until he's ready to get potty trained. *SIGH* Lord give me patience.

He's latest thing is getting his hair spiked. LOL Every morning I have to do his hair and then he's ready to start the day. Took a pic just to show you all :)

Well I gotta run to the hospital. Wish me luck, hopefully by this afternoon I'll have my paperwork on the way to me.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and posting there.

    Potty training is so tough. I hate it! Hope Nicholas decides soon that the toilet is better than diapers.

  2. Your kids are so cute! Great pictures. I love to read about your fam and I thank ya for the good song today, as well as the nice post on our site. I am SUPER excited to visit Dan and I'll put some pictures up after the big trip... keep the pictures of your family coming!!!

  3. Love those pics of him. I normally stock up on coffee too when I need to make up for lost sleep

  4. Melanie, thanks for dropping by :) I guess there's no easy way out or magic formula LOL GRRR just wish it would get over and done with :)

    Emily, I'm so thrilled for you. Enjoy every minute with Dan, hopefully this will all be done with soon :)

    Mel, I'm so tired this morning, he did the same thing last night, I'm just dying here LOL Need more coffee :)


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