Tuesday, February 26, 2008

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Finally got word on the move!

February 26, 2008 - Luke AFB

After waiting around for a week or so, Housing called Curt at work yesterday and asked him why he wasn't moving....YESTERDAY! All I have to say to that is *bwhahahahahahahahahahaha*

Oh come on, really, yesterday?!?!?! So they forget to call us to tell us to pick up the paperwork and the house key, then just call and want us to move THAT day. Alrighty then, let me get right on that. LOL

So anyway, our move is now scheduled for Friday, so I'll be away at least for the weekend and Monday, I should be back on Tuesday, if everything goes according to plan. But I've learnt that things sometimes don't quite work the way you want them to, so I'm not sweating the small stuff and I've allowed myself room for mistakes and unexpected things.

Today I'm going to be packing, taking down pictures and shelves and whatnot.....anything that is NOT a necessity for our daily life is coming down. Curt has the whole of next week off for the move, so we're going to take the opportunity to go and get my social security taken care of, then drive on over to get the kids passports taken care of too.

Not too much time left now....... before we know it May will be here and I'll be packed and heading to the airport on the way to South Africa. Please continue praying that we're able to get everything done on time and make this trip possible....it's been way too long since I've seen my family, almost 10 years.

We had one of the most beautiful sunsets last night. I don't think I'll ever get used to the Arizona skies, every single day there's something new, something standing out and making us aware of the beauty that is the Lord's work. He knows that I am not thrilled to be here, if I had my wish I would still be back in beautiful Idaho, but He also knows that I'm trying my best to adapt and to embrace our new home for the next 2 or 3 years and I think being aware of the beauty around me makes it so much easier to deal. I find that after I've witnessed yet another gorgeous sunset, I smile, I take a deep breath and say "I can do this, it's not that bad" It really isn't!

So grab your cup of coffee and be prepared for some stunning sunset pictures....the progression from late afternoon to dark skies is amazing.

You all know that I LOVE television and love watching all the different shows but there are some out there that make me sick to my stomach and I refuse to watch.

One of them is that disgusting new show called "Moment of Truth", it's appalling to say the least, the lengths some people will go to for some money. I watched the very first episode and didn't even make it through the whole thing, I got about halfway and turned it off, but yesterday while I was watching Little People, Big World (which I LOVE LOVE LOVE), I was surfing through the channels during a commercial and caught a piece of it. Some woman who sat there in front of her husband and admitted that she should be married to her ex boyfriend and then admitted that she had sexual relations with other people during her marriage.....I mean REALLY.....gross, gross, gross.

But as I was saying some shows I do love, like the one I mentioned above about the Roloff Family and Jon and Kate plus Eight, about the couple who have twin 6 year old girls and sextuplet 3 year olds. I enjoyed watching the one last night where they took an airplane trip to Utah. LOL
Curt had just gotten into bed and he watched about 5 minutes of the airplane ride and turned to me and said "Oh heck no......there is NO way I could do that" LOL

I'm going to get on the packing wagon right now, I have so much to do and so little time.

But I won't leave you without anything to do, I'll give you some ideas on what is being talked about in Blog Land right now.

If you go on over to Brandy's site, she has put up a link to the webpage for Erin, the 14 year old little girl that is still so very sick, please continue to keep her in your prayers.

If you're hungry and craving some Winter Breads to go with this nasty cold snowy weather some of you are getting....go visit Kelli, she has Banana Bread and Orange Spice Loaf with Marmalade Butter....*drool*

Katy has a great post on Proverbs - A guide to successful living in Christ, and the theme today is about marriage and not straying. She would love your thoughts on it :)

Speaking of great posts that make you think, the sweet Sarah had a great one yesterday, I have had to reread the article again because there's so much in there. Go on over and take a look.....there's some great discussion going on in the comments section.

If you're hungry (I know I always am LOL), the wonderful Barb posted a great beef stew recipe which I'm going to try this coming week, AFTER the move.


  1. I'm so glad you are getting to move this week. How exciting is that?
    And your pictures are just beautiful.

  2. Good luck with all the packing and moving! We'll miss you the few days you are off line!

    I know that show you are talking about, and it just looks far too painful to watch. What is the POINT?

    I too love the Roloff's and Jon and Kate! I love Mrs. Roloff! She's such a cool woman -- she's someone I'd like as a friend.


  3. You've got to be kidding me!!!

    Good luck Sandra!

  4. Sounds typical to me. :P

    Good luck with your move!

    Don't forget to come back ASAP so we all know how it went! :)

  5. Good luck with the move - you're so organized that I know it will go well!!! The sunset was awesome.

  6. I like little people, big world too. Can't wait for the season premier next week.
    I watched Jon and Kate last night. What a nightmare that must have been when they re-routed them to Boise.
    I would have been crying too!

  7. Talk about a paperwork messup. LOL But at least you have a plan now.

    I caught that episode last night. I've been thinking all morning, what on earth is our world coming to, that we'd find something like this entertaining. It seemed very fitting to me that she lost the whole deal because they asked her if she thought she was a good person and she said, hello...yes.

    Uhmmmm. I don't think so.

    That show is absolutely disgusting.

  8. I'm glad that you have a date to move - I hate the waiting! Isn't it great the way the military takes care of us... a week of leave to move, paying you to move yourself etc. I know I appreciate it! Have fun - I hope your new home is beautiful in every way!


  9. A real moving date! Goood!

    And those are spectacular photos. So wise of you to make this time go by more smoothly, by noticing all the beauty you can, of present surroundings. But then, we knew you were a smart gal.


  10. A sweet post with a touch of melancholy. Hang in there Sandra. I hope the move goes well. I am so glad you are going to see your family - brave lady to do without them for so long! I wish I were there; I am an excellent packer and I would love to be able to help you. I'll carry your burdens with prayer instead! Jennifer

  11. um yeah ok .that' not alot of time to move again!!!soon you'll be in Joberg and showing the kids where Mum lived...*could you say hi to the cousins for me??? mine that is.* hugs that everything goes smoothly..

  12. Those pictures are beautiful .Good Luck with moving, I cant imagine moving- we have been here too many years !

  13. I sincerely hope your move goes smoothly this weekend.

    Those are absolutely stunning sunset photos, Sandra! What a feast for the eyes.

  14. I can't believe they expected you to move *yesterday*, Sandra! LOL We will miss you for the next few days!

  15. Those are beautiful sunset pics Sandra!!! I love them! :)

    Good luck with the move. I hope everything goes really smoothly for you and that you enjoy your new house!

    Thank you for including a link to me proverbs study! That is sooo nice of you! :) have a great Wednesday!


  16. Good luck with your move, Sandra. Nothing like very little notice, huh? At least you won't have to worry about things for much longer! I love Little People, too. Watch it when I can. I think the new season starts next week and the dad gets a ticket for drunk driving!


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