Friday, February 29, 2008


Morning Sunrise from my backyard

"Home is where the Air Force Sends you"

Truer words have never been spoken, you see as a military family you never really get to place your roots down in one particular place, you're more like nomads going around, settling down over here and over there. There's no specific tree in my yard that I can point out to the children and say "when you were 2 years old, you used to.........".

But that's ok, we love our life and we love being in the military. How many people get to visit and live in so many different states, sometimes all over the world without actually having to pay for it? So we think of it as paid vacations, something we'll one day think back on and remember with love.

So after being in this house for 8 months, we're moving tomorrow, to another house on base, just a few streets.

I won't be here to post, I will be busy but I did go by the new house earlier and got some pictures, it all looks so bare right now, but give me a few days and I'll be posting the photos with everything done, our new NEWHOME.

This is the front of the house and you know what those three plants are under my kitchen window? awesome is that?

My kitchen, everything is pretty much the same as this one just that it's facing the other way. Just imagine we took my house now and flipped it.

The guest bathroom, with a skylight


Ohhhhhh Ohhhhh be still my heart! It's a Clothesline EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Excuse my clear excitement over something as trivial as that but I'm sure my older readers KNOW how much I miss mine back in South Africa.

I can already picture my sheets and my tablecloths hanging there in the summer sun.

From the backdoor facing the kitchen and the hallway on the left.

Now remember that ORANGE tree? LOL It seems that overnight it turned into a LEMON tree. No I'm not kidding, I could have sworn it was an orange tree so you must imagine my surprise when I got there today and saw it filled with lemons. HUGE lemons.

Lemonade, Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Cake, Lemon Muffins. Ohhhhh Yum!

Love my Honeysuckle!

So there you go a first look at my new home, there will be more to follow in the next few days, and just to show you how big the lemons really are, here's a picture of Nicholas with the one he picked.

I have to laugh that thing is almost as big as his head

What did we do with our first lemon??? Well it's really hot here today so when the temperature heats up, one of our favorites things is a glass or in this case a McDonald's cup *snicker* with ice, coke and a slice of lemon. Oh heaven!

I'll be back tonight with two new recipes for you.

Our dinner which is Mom's Firehouse Chili, it's been simmering in the crockpot all day and it smells divine.......and for dessert? Are you ready for this????

Apple Dumplings baked in MOUNTAIN DEW! My hips are rejoicing, my thighs are clapping along and my poor waist is crying because it's worked so hard exercising and now it knows what fate awaits it. But it's ok, the next few days I'll work out all the excess Apple Dumplings while pulling and hauling a house around.


  1. The house looks so nice and I love a clothesline too. When I read you had a lemon tree I started thinking about what you could do with it, then saw you already had! I saw the apple dumpling recipe too and figured you would be loving it - I do too!
    Hope the move goes well!

  2. It is a nice house. I love all the plants. That lemon is amazing.Good luck unpacking.
    Have a good weekend.

  3. Oh my Gosh, that is one big lemon, you could make a whole pie with that one, & honeysuckle smells so sweet, lucky you!!!
    Did you get the apple dumpling recipe from pioneer woman cooks?? Let me know that turns out it sounded great...Happy unpacking!!

  4. What a beautiful new home Sandra! I am happy for you! And you're right - the military life is one adventure after another. Never boring! :)

    Enjoy the mammoth lemons!!


  5. Your new home is going to be so lovely. You have such a positive attitude about the many adjustments in your life, and I would certainly imagine that your children will grow up with a spirit of adventure.

    The sunrise is fabulous!!

  6. Your new place looks nice! Good luck with the move...that lemon is huge! And I bet y'all will enjoy those.
    We've made those apple dumplings and they are so awesome!

  7. Your house looks great! :) I think once you are moved in and have it all decorated you should take pics again...LOL. I would love to see it be YOUR place! :)

  8. oh..and i forgot to add...i LOVE my clothesline! i love to hang clothes out!!!!!! Congrats that you have one now!!! WOOT! :)

  9. I hope all goes well with your move dear friend!

    And so excited about the clothesline, I really don't know how people manage without one! :) Nothing like the fresh smell of outdoors dried bedding.

    As for the lemons! Wow. Huge. I love honeysuckle too, it has a beautiful scent.

    Your house looks great, I'll miss your daily posts while you move in so be sure to make sure the computer is the first thing installed!!

    Hugs and love

    Sarah x

  10. Recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks, right? Someone else sent me that. :-)

  11. I like the "looks Marvoulis simply marvoulis"(stolen from saturday night sketch by Billy Crystal)
    getting back to reality,being nomads is whay the military life has always been likr for military families.

  12. Okay how funny is God. While I am over here wishing you luck on your move down the street, who do you think gets a letter from housing with 120 days notice to move? Me that's who! So in the next few months I will be in another house.

    The yard you are getting is so big and the tree, how awesome is that. We have a tree kind of like it but even weirder. First all the stuff on it was green, like limes, then they turned yellow, like lemons and finally orange. They seem to be tangerines, but are not as sweet as I like.

    The floor plan in your house is nice an spacious. I hope your move goes smoothly and I can't wait to see the inside pictures. How are the neighbors? Do you know? I hope nice. Good luck. I will pray for you and your family to have an easy move.

  13. The house looks great. I totally understand the clothesline- I've got one too and I love it!
    That lemon is huge!!!!
    Homemade lemon meringue pie sounds great!

  14. You know ... I don't even own a dryer. Haven't for about 8 years ! Crazy stuff but we just don't need one ! I hang everything !! And I love it. Didn't think I would when I first moved here 10 years ago but I do !

    I loved reading about your military "non-roots". You know, I am a Navy Brat. I was born in Spain, moved to Italy when I was 4, moved to Maryland in grade 1, moved back to Spain in grade 4, moved to Canada in grade 7, moved back to Spain in grade 9, moved to Japan 1/2 way through grade 12, moved to Colorado a couple days before I turned 21. Lived there til I got married at 24 and moved to Australia !!! WOULDN'T TRADE IT FOR ANYTHING !! And you know ... I never felt like I didn't have roots. My roots were my family. Still are ... it's just transfered from my parents and siblings to my husband and kids. And I love that !!

  15. omg, i love lemons, and you have them in your backyard the size of a small pumpkin lol. wow, i have been cutting and freezing lemons for my water to help me drink it easier. oh ya, it helps. so if Mike and I were to get down there on the bike we would still be able to find you easy enough only if you are not in S.A. that is haha. Good luck with your move can't wait to see the after pictures.

  16. oh yes i forgot, love love love my clothesline too so can understand your excitement thats for sure.

  17. Good Morning Sandra,
    Well you are probable not able to read this as you are in the process of moving. Such a beautiful Sunrise you have posted. I am always in awe at the beautiful sky and Sunrises and Sunsets there in Arizona. I've never had to live the life of Military, but I have an Uncle that has. It will be something you can look back on years later and to see all of the countries you have been too and seen. A "BIG THANK YOU" to your hubby for what he is doing for us in the Military. I have great Respect for Military Men and Women. Your new home looks very nice. I can't wait to see pictures of it when you have it all fixed up. We are going to be moving later this week and weekend as well. We are moving to a house just right behind where we live now. It is still owned by the same Landlord, but just in better shape. I am really looking forward to getting into that house. I dread the move, but it will be worth it in the end tho. I used to hang some of my clothes out on the line years ago, but I don't anymore. I'm too lazy I guess you could say. LOL. Ohmygosh, I thought that was an Orange Tree as well. I guess looks can be deceiving huh? LOL. I do love lemons and I might just pop in for some fresh squeezed lemonaide. My mouth is watering now for some. LOL. That is a BIG Lemon that Nicholas has. Your Honeysuckle is beautiful as well and I have always loves to smell it. Take care my friend and have a great day. May God Bless You and Yours. I will probably be able to post on Monday and Tuesday and visit as well, but I'm not sure after that just yet.

    Love & Hugs,
    Karen H.

  18. Now that's a lemon!

    I love looking at your photos of the base. We miss that base so much. We had the exact same floorplan when we lived there and I totally loved my house on Apache. :-)

  19. Ohhh, I am salivating over the thought of fresh squeezed lemonaide - sunshine in a glass!
    Praying your move goes well,

  20. Thanks for stopping by my's taken me awhile to return the visit!

    Your recipes sound yummy!

    I can't imagine moving! I hope that we are here for quite awhile!

    Good luck!

  21. Wow.. a Lemon Tree and a Clothesline.. In HOUSING?? I'm truely envious! My Grandparents had a lemon tree that had huge lemons like that.. I remember them as being almost sweet! I can't wait for all of the wonderful Lemony Recipes!!!
    Enjoy your new home!

  22. I'm thrilled your in the new house..and I love the lay out. And girlfriend I'm so jealous you have a lemon tree...not fare.....lemon bars....dont even tell me when you make them....I dont want to know....

  23. Love the pics of your new home! Can't wait to see how you decorate!

  24. ENjoy that lemon tree! And oh, how I miss my clothes line! I keep asking dh to put one up for me here.....but have lived here for almost 4 years, and still no clothesline :(

    I will be praying for you as you move.....again!


  25. Your new home looks wonderful, so spacious and bright! I can't believe the size of that lemon...LOL Next to chocolate, lemon is my favorite flavor so I'm drooling. :0)


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